Presenting Jim Grant's Greatest Hits (On Money, Banking, Gold And The Fed)

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Jim Grant, whose Grant's Interest Rate Observer has been one the world's most informative premium newsletters since 1983, has long been one of Zero Hedge's favorite commentators, not least due to his convergent ideas on monetary policy and the role of central planning in the world, which as Arthemis Capital presented very vividly last week, is the sole marginal decider of risk in the world's capital markets (and thus the most critical shadow political force the world, or rather its bankers, has ever unleashed upon itself). So while we await any news out of Greece, however non-eventful they may be, and at best will see the placement of one Pap ("G"), with another Pap (the "L", who as we profiled is nothing but yet another puppet of the Federal Reserve), here is a compilation of James Grant's best moments on money, banking, central banking, gold and the Federal Reserve System, courtesy of Gresham's Law. It is no wonder that Ron Paul recently said that he would choose James Grant as Fed Chairman if elected.

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speconomist's picture

He is a genius, but his latest appearance on CNBS where LIESman was interviewing him was not so much interesting.

Mr Lennon Hendrix's picture

Grant, Paul's choice for Fed Chair....

Which begs the question-

I though Paul was going to end the Fed?

Ron Paul- Fed’s Still in QE:

marsdefIAnCe's picture

If God dropped a perfect plan in RP's lap he still wouldn't know how to be prez because he is a philosopher, not a leader.


Most people that don't obsess over monetary matters (even though this is a pretty legitimate thing to do) are made deeply uncomfortable by him because they recognize that his personality isn't suited to the job.  Hell, even RP knows as much.

Mr Lennon Hendrix's picture

Philosophers are leaders.  Philosophers have changed the realm of possibility over and over.  They were the first scientists, they were the first mathmaticians.  So for you to say Paul is a philosopher, that is the greatest compliment you ould give him, and with this compliment, you bet he is a leader.

marsdefIAnCe's picture

I know where you're coming from with that.  I completely agree with most of it and have a tremendous amount of respect for him largely for those reasons.


Nevertheless, reality remains, and while RP's musings on monetary policy are poignant and relevant, this is not the sort of thing that the sheeple can deal with.  Smart people that know about the Rothschild's assassins might perceive boldness in even bringing up the Fed, but the sheeple do not.  They will never elect a leader that does not provide a sense of security, something RP should know and does nothing to address.

Mr Lennon Hendrix's picture

Ron Paul has won countless strawpolls....

We will see.  After all, it is time that tells.

GeneMarchbanks's picture

Here's my suggestion(just in case those straw polls prove unreliable):

Even if Paul loses, pretend that he won. The message is really more important than RP himself. It'd be better with him in position no doubt.

marsdefIAnCe's picture

Ok, so RP wins straw polls.  Maybe even the majority of the interested public supports him.  He does get more donations form the military than all other candidates combined.  Good stuff, I know.


How does any of this inspire confidence?  Let's suppose that God intervenes and all the diebold machines malfunction on the day of the election.  This instills panic in the paid army that controls the balloting process.  In their fear they allow RP to win the popular vote controlling a majority of the electors.  The stars align and the electoral vote is given over to RP.


Then what?  He gets nothing accomplished because the critters in Congress are quietly told their kids go missing if they go along with anything RP says?  Really, what is the end game here?

buyingsterling's picture

The end game comes when every effort to change the system proves hopeless, or the system proves itself to be corrupt to enough people. Supporting Paul brings us closer to the end game. As for his leadership abilities, you should shelve that - if people vote for him it will be because they think he can lead. He's the titular leader of the freedom movement.

marsdefIAnCe's picture

Really?  Someone who poo-poos 9/11 truth?


There are millions of people doing a better job.

jomama's picture

i'm pretty sure he'd re-open that investigation, he's already pretty fringe for a lot of clueless americans, and that would only hurt his chances running on that platform.

traderjoe's picture

RP is controlled opposition. He's been in Congress for almost 40 years.

Has he ever discussed bringing back debt-free money, i.e. United States Notes?

marsdefIAnCe's picture

Gold standard satiates base and perpetuates the myth that elections exist in the united slaves of america.  Rothschild cartel holds 99% of gold.  Enter global currency.  Laugh all the way to the world bank.

zorba THE GREEK's picture

I have no idea what titular means, but I still agree with buying sterling,

even though his initials are BS.

jomama's picture

he won't be elected because if he had a snowball's chance in a supernova, he'd be suicided first.  there is far too much power and money in the balance for the elites to let the little people in on it at this point.

Plata con Carne's picture

As Commander-in-Chief he could accomplish a great deal immediately without Congress in regards to the wars and our militarism. 

earleflorida's picture

a straw here and a straw pulled there,...  leaves a strawman unable to stand 

pain_and_soros's picture

I can't imagine that people would not seriously consider him as a credible alternative to the status quo, given the current & worsening dysfunction in Washington and finally coming to the realization that that dysfunction is actually the creation of Wall St.

If most Americans are still too apathetic or engrossed in American Idol to understand that their once great country is sliding into an abyss, then perhaps they deserve what they'll then get, but I can't believe that most are actually that dumb.

The only thing I can figure is that the incremental Republicans (& Dems) who are actually participating in the process are being paid or otherwise compensated to cast their votes to ensure Paul's candidacy is marginalized.

Aside from Paul, the entire process has become a farce and a charade




GubmintCheeze's picture

You betcha!  Jim Grant (or Ron Paul) for POTUS! 

RockyRacoon's picture

Has it occurred to anyone why the Republican candidates (so far) are a bunch of clueless noodle-heads?   It is assumed that Obama will lose.  It is, after all, about the economy.   Republicans assume that they will win.  But they also know that there is nothing substantive that can be done about saving the economy.   It will crash.   No self-respecting Republican wants to be at the helm when that happens.   Consequently, we get a crippled and ineffective slate of "candidates".   They aren't even good enough to call them such.   Funny thing is that the slate will prove to be so bad that Obama might just win by default.   Then the Republicans are off the hook altogether.   It's seen as a win-win for them.  The U. S. will collapse under Obama which will put him in the literal cross-hairs of all the weirdos out there.   We should all be very aware of Obama's pick for VP because that person could likely end up governing from the holy Oval Office.

Mr Lennon Hendrix's picture

It's going to be Hill Clinton.

mkkby's picture

You have it exactly backwards.  The elite have decided they want Obama for another 4.  Therefore, they've put up (via funding and media time) the lowest misfits in history to run against him.

People who seek national politics crave power.  They don't care if it's not the best time to be in power.  They need it like a drug.  They would go after Obama's job if enabled by TPTB money, influence and media ownership.

RockyRacoon's picture

Both of you are probably right.   Hillary has been getting some good (for her) mechanized press lately.   Biden the Buffoon is probably out.   As you say, regardless of popularity and ability, it takes money.   And money for the truly capable has probably been withheld.   Thanks to you both for rounding out the argument.

earleflorida's picture

Grant is a good & respected person on all fronts -

___RP's qualifiers[#1] & dis-qualifiers[#2}___

#1 Wants to end the FRB System -Period! 

#2  Wants to end entitlements - end  taxes [favor wealthy(plain and simple)] - massive deregulation  advocate - lifetime politician - *a texan [home of Bush#43/LBJ & **(Perry?),... the latter whose adm. eventuality will bankrupt the country and the former, who put our country on a socialist path]

Analysis: he's not a philosopher but a 'hopium addict', and the apple that doesn't fall far from the tree is an  idiot!  

Confuchius's picture

Eventually bankrupt the country.

Your country is already bankrupt.

What you need to do is to start more pointless wars, as all your wars are pointless.

Where have you been hiding the past 30 years?

topcallingtroll's picture

How is his personality not suited for the job?

Because he is a pacifist and sees no reason for an interventionist foreign policy?

Because he doesnt think government has the solutions and wont advocate for government to "help" the economy or "create" jobs?

What specifically makes him unsuitable?

SilverIsKing's picture

He had a very bad falling out with a TelePrompTer a few years back. You need to have strong relationships with TelePrompTers in order to be POTUS.

jomama's picture

he's pro-life and lots of women don't like that.

Jena's picture

He's pro-life and lots of women do like that.

jomama's picture

not the women i know, meaning my relatives, my co-workers, and most friends in my demographic.  


just sayin'.


* and i did say lots, not all.

Jena's picture

I know you didn't say all, jomama.  The MSM media would have everyone believe that politics is a single issue theme for all women and for a certain sector, I guess it is.  But for others, life is important, and fathers have rights, too.  I understand that it's a complex issue for many.  I also know that coming face to face with a woman who had active pelvic inflammatory disease and a (likely) unrelated history of nine previous abortions because she used it as her primary method of birth control made me more than a tad nauseated.

For pro-choice types, these is no room for discussion.  You're evil if you disagree with them.  Pretty much the same for some pro-lifers.

Jack Napier's picture

In my family the women are against abortion, but for pro-choice, because they remember a time when the only choice was butcher shops that women would go to anyway. Sure Dr. Paul is correct from the standpoint of Roe v. Wade allowing Federal law to overstep its bounds in relation to state law, but this is one example where that's not the most important thing to a lot of people.

Here are my problems with Ron Paul, and as a long time supporter and former donator to his money bombs I am not just some troll out to smear him, but he is controlled opposition and I will not vote for him.

--- He wants to sell all the gold in Ft. Knox even though it's at best a couple percent of the national debt, and it's the only thing that will give our money value when fiat currency fails. (I will give him benefit of the doubt on this one in that maybe he's just trying to prove they don't really have any gold.)
--- He is a member of the Jesuit controlled John Birch Society
--- His wife and his daughters are in the masonic Order of the Eastern Star
--- HR1207 to audit the Federal Reserve was passed with no teeth. There is a 180 day delay clause for data release which means it is an empty audit that gives them ample time to cook the books as needed.

Jena's picture

I ought to have made that "some pro-choice types, there is no room for discussion."

I think you present the dilemma of Roe v Wade repeal exactly, Jack.

weinerdog43's picture

Sorry, it is the jackbooted anti abortion kooks who are at fault here.  If Ron Paul wasn't such a faker, he'd realize that.  A REAL Libertarian knows that the anti abortionists are fascists to the core.  A woman should have the right to have an abortion anytime, anyplace, for any reason until birth.  If she wants to open 'Jane's fetus emporium & deli', then fine.  It is government that is preventing a valid business opportunity. 

James's picture

A man should have the right to shoot wienerdogs for any reason, at any time, at any place until their are no more wienerdogs.

If I want to open "James wienerdog removal service & deli then fine.

It is government that is preventing a valid business opportunity.



James's picture

Some years back a rich abortionists plane crashed in a cemetary in Montana.

The lives of the pilot and the abortionist were lost.

I found solace in the fact that the abortionists planes nosecone came to rest on a memorial statue remembering those aborted children.

Treason Season's picture

IIUC Congressman Paul's position on abortion is it is a state issue not a federal one.

marsdefIAnCe's picture

>Because he is a pacifist and sees no reason for an interventionist foreign policy?


That is a good start.  Most Americans don't agree with this.  Now, it is also true that most of us don't agree with the current form of interventionism, ie, the toppling of regimes without Rothschild central banks.  The vast majority would like to see something more along the lines of what JFK wanted to do in deploying armies of experts to educate the world and increase productive capacity while removing dictators from power.  This is still interventionism even if you don't like the word because of USSA's poor history of it.

>Because he doesnt think government has the solutions and wont advocate for government to "help" the economy or "create" jobs?


Exactly!  The economy is absolutely tanked if we walk away from military control of the world's oil supply for example.  We can probably find a lot of common ground in agreeing that QE-infinity won't help, or that regulations are mostly there to make operating a small business prohibitely expensive, or that the welfare system is geared to creating an underclass for the middle class to fear, or ...


In spite of all these bad forms of government "help" you're headed straight for mass starvation if RP puts his money where his mouth is and stops government intervention in the economy.  Have fun, bro.  I'll be getting the fuck out of dodge.

Treason Season's picture

Please don't feed this troll anymore.

Poor Grogman's picture


You express doubts that many have about RP.

Where you flounder is that the current status quo is unsustainable.
Greater debt within a dying system choked with debt.

RPs solutions will affect a lot of people who depend on the status quo, but really they will all be affected in the end anyhow. If we Just sit back and let the current system self destruct what happens to those people then?

So at the end of the day the decision boils down to

1. RPs plan
2. No plan

Either way prepare accordingly.....

JW n FL's picture



RPs solutions will affect a lot of people who depend on the status quo, but really they will all be affected in the end anyhow.

I hope the hungry, armed masses show up at your house first.

I hope that when you meet God.. You can explain how 7 - 8% of GDP to sustain ALL Social Programs in America was just to much to pay.. whent he rest of the bottom feeders of the World dont pay anything near that much money to help their fellow man, woman or child.

Scratch that.. I dont hope for either one of those things...

I hope that you and your kind get shipped to the jungles of Africa where you can live with your fellow Animals in pure austerity!

and if that doesnt work out.. you traveling to your version of heaven on Earth.. I can promise you when the lights go out and the masses are swarming looking for food.. there will be a small group hunting you sick fucks down like the animals you are.. feel free to quote me!


Confuchius's picture

You are a typical warmongering peasant.

Freddie's picture

People in the USA are too busy obsessing with college ball games and that fat arsed dwarf Kim Kardashian versus being slaves to the Fed and the elites.  I wish Rand Paul was running instead of the dad.

Piranhanoia's picture

Mr. P does not interrupt to make ridiculous gestures or statements and is not an MSM soundbyte.  So he's going to have to figure out how to communicate real soon.  He might consider trying to set up a real debate with the other candidates, for this would be like forcing these wannabe GW's to read a book on live TV,  it just couldn't happen without exposing they are mentally inferior to frogs.

I hope Mr. V goes all in myself. I want someone sick to death of government and their games.


s2man's picture

In the book, Aftershock, about U.S. post bubble-popping, they predict we will continue to elect clowns for another two or three terms before we get someone who is serious.  i.e., after its too late and everything is completely trashed.

Current bubbles deflating: real estate, stocks, private debt and discretionary spending.

The last two to be go: the dollar and U.S. government debt.

Of course, that is just their trajectory for the U.S.  They had no idea, when written, how much Europe was going to help speed things up.

CapitalistRock's picture

So you prefer government based on a cult of personality, huh? That's not worked out too well in history. Obama is only the latest example, but he's certainly not the first.

Backspin's picture

I'll gladly take Ron Paul the non-leader philosopher over any of the crooks and morons we have in there now or any of the crooks and morons currently in the race.