Presenting Mitt Romney's Top Campaign Contributors

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Periodically refreshed without commentary.

Source: OpenSecrets

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And Dr. Paul's top 10:

US Army $78,056
US Navy $56,769
US Air Force $55,405
Google Inc $52,801
Microsoft Corp $47,923
US Postal Service $26,591
Hewlett-Packard $25,318
Lockheed Martin $23,425
Cisco Systems $23,007
Boeing Co $22,434
Verizon Communications $19,944

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OT, but this is absolutely a must read!

The Enemy Expatriation Act

Making the NDAA more powerful, and rendering Obama's signing statement that much more meaningless.

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Thanks for the link, S9!   Do you suppose "engaged in hostitlties against the US" means "he was standing in a building and the gvt crashed an air liner into it, but he rebelled by remaing alive?"   ....just wondering.....

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Now that, is some deep irony Shineola.

For those seeking some more romm-ammo, check this out. Clearly paid for from some deep pockets and really really well done:

Really well done. And a tell on the whole what ruined America and is ruining the world thing.

I think it was the day I found out that Judges had to run for elections at the local/state/county level that the veil really started to drop from my eyes. 

Conflict of Interest IS the juice of the modern political process...



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Thank you, ORI!  You know, I always suspected Mitt was a bit of a shit.  That vid provided me the documented truth, that he's more than a bit.


but....... he's a damn fine Republican.

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Ah, Mr. Juan-Percent!

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Well, it looks like Glenn Beck is starting to mock all the anti-Jew conspiracy bigots who support Ron Paul, which, given the tone and message of Beck's prior Faux show, seems incredibly hypocritical of him.  This last week, he gave a very subtle yet definitive warning to Ron Paul: if he really wants to win the GOP nomination, RP need to distance himself from all the "crazy" conspiracy whackos who ruin his [RP's] image.  To paraphrase Beck, no one wants to support Ron Paul and then, by association, be part of the "crazy camp."  

The "crazy camp?" !!??  That's hilarious because Beck - more than any television personality in history - directly targeted the "crazies" with his Faux show. He was notorious for it!   Every single Glenn Beck show was geared toward the paranoid, gullible, easily duped conspiracy goons....... and now he has the nerve to warn RP not to associate with them? I would guess there are many loyal Glenn Beck fans scratching their heads this weekend.

First, he lures the "crazy" conspiracy goons with stories about Hitler, eugenics, Soros, progressives (great evil at our doorstep!) and death panels.  And now, after his show was cancelled, Beck warns Ron Paul to distance himself from these very same people.  *LOL* Apparently, appealing to the "crazies" is good for gold sales (GoldLine) and hawking books, but it's not so good for winning presidential elections.

Max Fischer, Civis Mundi


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Glen Beck may well be the biggest fool and phony we have seen in our time.  He is a clown and would never watch or listen to that man.

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How do you know he is a clown if you never watch or listen to him?...


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Do you have to eat McDonald's to know ronald is a clown?

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he had one of those hidden tubes in his lapel and could squirt a mist of amonia and oinion juice toward his face so he could cry on Q.  That is sorta like what a clown would do, don't ya think?

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A liberal friend of mine was teasing me about Beck leaving Fox last year. I asked him, what if beck is right? No one else is saying what he is saying and so TPTB will have silenced another town crier.

I'm not saying Beck is/was always right but don't make fun of his ideas. He could be as right about much of it as we are right that a collapse is coming. You too are called crazy.

Rocks, glass house and all that.

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Beck is a media whore and political ambulance chaser, he has no principles which allows him to take opposing sides on the tabloid ready issues of the day. What's amzing is that some people actually listen to him and allow their heads to be used as echo chambers for the Glenn Beck profit enhancement program.

He occassionally is right on the issues (law of averages), but like the rest of the tabloid hate mongers, there is no consitent unifying themes.

Turn him off and he will go away.

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Beck likes gold.  He has my ear.

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You and your butt buddy max can just keep on getting your faux news from MSNBC, and the rest of us will just keep being informed by the likes of intelligent pople like Glenn Beck.

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Having watched them all, I'd say Olbermann, Maher, Hannity and Ed Schultz have to be included in the list of biggest fools as well. To get a true picture we should look at all sides of the issue. Sadly, there is not a lot of that going on these days...

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Oh, Beck talking about others getting rid of their "conspiracy theorists". When is he going to get rid of his reflection on the mirror?

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"I think it was the day I found out that Judges had to run for elections at the local/state/county level that the veil really started to drop from my eyes."

And a damned fine tradition in America for local/state/county judges to be elected and not appointed.

But you wouldn't know about the young boy/girl let slide for a mild indiscretion would you? Or the society he/she sat in judgement over, recognizing the discretion given them to do so and supporting this fair judgement year after year.

Careful ORI.

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Nm, I'd like to agree with you just because but I cannot.

The American Judicial System feeds the American Prison System.

American Prison System is, besides many things, SweatShop America.

Capitalism loves it's slaves.

Ever wondered why you get re-leased from prison?

Re-leased to whom?

It's all in the language. Again, you live in a very very very large prison, all the evidence points to that. UNITED STATES is a corporation, it's all over your books.

Case Closed.


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This, is not a word game here ORI. You shouldn't have gone there.

"Capitalism loves it's slaves."

As opposed to your caste system, where everyone is a "slave" codified in your law, except the upper tier of society?

Tell me about your country and your laws ORI.

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NM, you are firing blanks. Being a very poor communicator. Stay on topic. I take my razor equally, to India too. 

Plus, I spent 12 years in the US, have driven about 1/3rds of it, flown to at least 2/3rds of it, been in the 1 % (top) and the 5% (bottom). I'm speaking from direct experience, not some NatGeo or History channel version of the truth.

Have you ever been to India? Seen this so called caste system bugbear in action? hmmmm?

Does not seem to be the case. I'm afraid your mind is coming across as narrow and your skin extremely thin. 

And by the way, my contry and my laws are what was given to us by the British. The BAR association rules. If you know anything about "Law" as it is practised today, enough said.


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 Which is why NMEWN simply must know the place of residence of all ZH'ers.

I mean,  I've tried before to tell him that

"I know you are but what am I?"

isn't an argument, just evasion. Somehow he doesn't seem to get it. Dull as it is, it's his 'go to' whenever  his hair-trigger jingoism is fired; it goads him into attempting to defend the indefensible.

Just keep in mind ORI that with NMEWN,

"The stars at night, are big and bright!"


Oh regional Indian's picture

*nods*, seeing the pattern GoinF. I am.

And besides, it IS a word game. 

Even good Christians know that First there was the WORD.


nmewn's picture two have fun picking the lint out of each others navels.

Gone fishin...

Oh regional Indian's picture

Weak NM, very very weak. 

Education+Mind-Flex+Ability to Listen = balanced POV


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Yep.... in a baseball metaphor... NM has "lost the hop on the ol' fastball"

Signal to noise is monotonically decreasing in his posts and has been for a while...He still obfuscates with the best of them, he is like a catfish with vaseline on it, but there is no real content coming from him....

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Et tu Brute?

How gratifying to find all my antagonists in one place.

One speaking non-sensical gibbersih covering it with layer upon layer of absolute confirming to me that my dagger has indeed found its mark...and the last revealing his blinding ignorance as only a euro snob can do.

Just WTF does your quote mean Flak?..."lost the hop on the ol' fastball".

I'll toughen up your soft, clean hands with some fishing lessons next ;-)

Flakmeister's picture

It means you are loosing your mojo, you are over the hill... People can see what is coming from you and hit it out of the park....

Sorry, but your premises are old and worn and your logic is twisted....

nmewn's picture

The phrase Flaky, is he lost the pop in his fastball. Not the hop.

Americans have a million of these sayings that cannot be faked or copied because only we know what they mean and what context to use them in.

And you're losing your mojo Flaky...not loosing. How ironic is that? ;-)

But you simply must continue to share your attempts at presenting yourself as anything other than the pompous ass you are.

My dahhhling.

Flakmeister's picture

Another shinng example of the narrowness of your thought and overall ignorance:

Here are a couple of examples found in 10 seconds...

Look, just stick to be an obfuscating anarchist.... leave real thought and discussion to the experts...

nmewn's picture

I read it on the net...ROTFL!!!

A good fast ball makes a "pop" when it hits the catchers mitt. To "lose the pop" (not the hop) refers to the loss of speed & power of a pitcher, usually as he ages, required to get that distinctive pop.

Kinda like you right now.

Next, I will tell you how to properly pick up a catfish so you don't wrap the line around your neck and strangle yourself or sumpin. Hop on over to a restaurant and pay someone else to pick it up, clean & cook it for you.

Not sure you can be trusted not to injure yourself with a table fork though...but I'm willing to risk it ;-)

Flakmeister's picture

Face it, you got pwned....

and true to form, you are trying to wriggle away....

I first heard the expression many years ago in a baseball broadcast, might have been Vin Scully...

You do remind me of "Pigs (3 different ones)", as in, Ha, Ha the Charade you are....

I will bookmark this exchange for future reference.....

Edit: From the "Neyer/James Guide to Pitchers" here is a reference from 1927

He has a fine hop on the fast ball." Source: John J. Ward in Baseball Magazine (February 1927) Quote: "He has not been a strikeout hurler, averaging only three ...

NWEMN (or however the fuck you type it) you are such a fucking clown.... ha, ha, ha, ha...

nmewn's picture

Well just damn Flak.

As much as it pains me to admit, you may be right. I'm finding a "recent" article about Dwight Gooden using a variation on your phrase. So, while not a prominent phrase, it is there.

But unlike you, my ego is not such that it prevents me from saying so. Do put this in the file folder you have improperly spelled...right next to my ode to you ;-)

Flakmeister's picture

I have always admitted my errors in matter of fact....

You do understand the difference between matters of fact and matters of opinion? Do you?

nmewn's picture

Indeed. Did you have a point you're trying to make in this regard?

Silver Bug's picture

Also don't forget how little he pays in taxes!


Pandora Style Beads

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You fail to acknowledge that Appointed Judges are Always POLITICAL appointments.  Ergo, it is always political.

However difficult it may be, there is always a chance of kicking out a lousy judge with the American system.  With the British system you are stuck with crappy judges until they are recalled home by God.

And stop with the Education thing.  It always depends on your ability to comprehend, but most importantly what you are being taught.  Do you think Einstein took a course on the General Theory or that he ignored conventional wisdom ?

With respect,  Kayman

Oh regional Indian's picture

No perfect system Kayman, I agree. That is why we used to look up on high, right? And yes, the British system si equally bad, but both forms serve the same masters in the Temble Bar associations of the City of London. About that there is no doubt.

Also, they are run as Admirality courts in both cases.


One big stinking pile....

and education, I meant to say self-study (how I did my learning)...

With respect in return,


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accredied law degree anb bar required.

Oh regional Indian's picture

EXACTLY. If anyone is interested, just google Bar association. 

As if THEY would leave the legal system alone. Judiciary is a BUSINESS in the whole world where the BAR association has it's tentacles. Rules from the City of London AND own the copyright to Leaglease.

Did you get that? Owns the copyright to leaglease.

Any wonder then that all international contracts are in Leglinglish? 

Darn rabbit hole, just keeps getting deeper and deeper.


UP Forester's picture

Unless you file Pro Se.


Then they'll just say you have no standing.

Oh regional Indian's picture

nice. No Locus Standii because one of their middle-men is not there to make sure the transaction goes as per plan.

Say in there "for whatever reason you choose to represent your "self".

Sure, because in legalese, you are incompetent in the court of law. A child. A WARD of the STATE.



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Interesting discussion folks but you got off of the original point. Judges were (are) elected for the same reason sheriffs are elected. It is so they remain directly accountable to the people. Not a perfect system, but I sure have less faith in whoever would appoint a judge than I do the people...

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Hey ORI, +1 for this great link and here's another (but short) video clip of Mitt Romney in 2007 meeting a dying medical marijuana patient, demonstrating his medical expertise, showing great compassion and attentiveness to answering questions:

Oh regional Indian's picture

Seriously Zero.... the shit show is a really bizarre bazaar.

Check this out too:



All in it together, eh? "Justice".... hah!


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Another great video find. You must have gotten off dialup.

Where's the video of you playing the guitar. I'd like to see it again.

Oh regional Indian's picture

:-) i am indeed basking in blazing broadband now, truth be told! 

As for guitar works... anything that catches one's fance: youtube user name: aadinaadam


Zero Debt's picture

This is the correct link to the video:

"Mitt Romney meets dying medical marijuana patient"