Presenting The Viral Wolfgang Amadeus Papandreou

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Self explanatory.

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Years ago, people respected world leaders.

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Nowdays all we have is "leaders" and songs like this are just what they deserve at best.

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The natives are getting restless.

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europe is a sideshow.

g-pap is a joke, l-pap is a dope.

real action is in middle east — will america and israel tag team iran...

the same hawks who came out for that stupid waste of money in 2003 (remember those weapons of mass destruction??) are making hawkish noises over iran being a "threat"

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G-Pap's a cunt.

But he offered to give his people the vote.  Then he got the rug pulled out from under him by Obama and Merkozy.

So what can you do?

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What do you mean "we," paleface?

Sudden Debt's picture

Every flock of Lemmings has a leader which they will all follow when he decides to run of a cliff.

By "we" he means the rest of the flock.


Critical Path's picture

Years ago.... and today the word "Leader" is used perhaps too loosely?

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Years ago, world leaders deserved respect.

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Like Louis XVI and Marie..Right?

Phil Free's picture

Years ago leaders earned respect.  Today?  Not so much.

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Yeah, we really respected Nixon. Whatch u talkin about Willis?

gmrpeabody's picture

Don't forget Jimmy Carter...

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He's begining to appear as a bit of a profit right about now.

NotApplicable's picture

There's no such thing as a "world leader."

How's that for respect?

Abitdodgie's picture

Why do you people need leaders, I manage just fine governing myself. Get a life you can do it 

Undecided's picture

 Thats because all good one where killed.

Hicham's picture

Nah they have always been making fun of them.

Ruffcut's picture

Yep, stupid people respected world leaders and will continue to do so.

Respect is earned, not inherited or elected into thereof.  Oh, most people think it can be bought. Even a blue light special. Go ahead, buy it, the fed will pay for it.

It is so stoopid,it is silly and is sick. I've shit my pants so many times in the past years, I want brown underwear.

DoChenRollingBearing's picture

Ahh, brown underwear.  That would solve a problem...

zebra's picture

world is changing.

we didn't have iPads before

in a few more years all the dictionary will revise the definition of "Democracy"

Sokhmate's picture

Please petition for adding the word 'democfarcy' to the dic in 2012

css1971's picture

They were even dumber then.

gerryscat's picture

Can we please stop calling them "leaders"? They never were, never will be and never we supposed to be. They are supposed to be our "representatives". They are in fact representatives, just not ours.

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Well now, not here in the USA. Here, the Congress are our representatives, the Courts are our judges, and the President is, in fact, due to Executive Privalege, our leader.


flacon's picture

Department of Justice falls under which of the three wings of the US Government (executive, legislative, or JUDICIAL)? If you said Executive, give yourself one point. 

PY-129-20's picture

And I thought I would see the Vogelfänger - Pa Pa Pa Pa Pa pageno!

Beastmanager's picture

I do not know who is worse, the people or their leaders... Probably they deserve each other.

Hard1's picture

Leaders zorba, world leaders, not world class assholes.   I loved the song...oh yes and Fuck him!!!! hard on the ass!!!!! that's what he deserves, not respect c'mon Zorba.

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Years ago I respected Reagan as a great leader, but his idea of the 'Plung Protection Team' may have been the vehicle that ultimately does in the country he was trying to save. Very ironic if you ask me. the security blanket of having the stock market do well at all costs is a simplistic pagan financial spell that is worthless, yet we'll have our financial witch doctors swear of it's effectiveness of bringing us prosperity. No wonder modern society sought to discredit 'white magic' & 'black magic' and our Christian sensibilities brought us to great scientific knowledge and accomplishments. But our spoiled and corrupted society has us rejecting our monotheistic origins and we have gone back to the slavery of paganism and the occult of worshipping pure numbers and formulas like modern derivatives, as if complication alone was enough to qualify as solidly reasonable science.

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Years ago, people respected world leaders.

True.. When's the last time you heard something truely profound like quotes from 17th and 18th century?  In the 20th Century, those quotes are few and far between.. At least, from world leaders.. The implication is fairly simple..

slaughterer's picture

We owe G-Pap credit: the referendum was a brief shining moment o democracy in this whole slam slut Euro bender.  

101 years and counting's picture

clueless idiot.  it was the excuse for stocks falling because of fallout from MF.  never was going to be a referendum.


gangland's picture

the only thing we owe him is a bullet in the face....after his legs are turned into pulp with a bat.... there i fixed that for ya...

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Somebody got up on the wrong side of the bed this morning...

Lord Welligton's picture

the referendum was a brief shining moment o democracy

What referendum?

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well - the primary dealers beg to differ - they say thank you for the drama and the float up

5-4-3-2-1-1-2-3-3-2-1---0's picture

So, according to the clip, holding a referendum about the potential slavery option was a bad undemocratic idea because eurozone leaders said so? 

101 years and counting's picture

thought that was odd as well.  looks like something the ECB/IMF/EU would put together.

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Red pills painted and sold as blue... or was it blue pills painted and sold as red...

You will eat your wastes

donsluck's picture

So, according to the clip, holding a referendum about the potential slavery option was a bad undemocratic idea because eurozone leaders said so?


Absolutely it's bad, and cowardly. It's like papa buying a house, boat, car and hookers. When he goes belly up and the creditors are at the door, he decides that his family should vote on whether or not they move.

Raskolnikoff's picture

They want us to return to the era of debtors prison, even if we return to the era of post WWI were punitive actions slammed the Germans even more after the war it would be a suicidal trend. We need to return to the idea of being forced to eat one's investment losses and have no ultimate last resort lender. If we had the huge spector of failure looming over each investment decision we would not have as much wreckless abandon in investments like the ones promoted by the government, like the  house-for-everyone-idea.

monopoly's picture

It is sad what is happening all over this planet. Mother Earth a little weary lately.

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That's what happens when people abandon responsibility for their own lives, delegating it to criminals.