Presenting Why The SEC's Proposed "Market Volatility" Contingency Plan Is A Failure, Even As The SEC Continues To Lie To Everyone

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Voltatility problems?  Add a 0.1% Tobin tax to every stock transaction and everything will smooth out beautifully. 

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Brilliant! No average investor would even feel it and it flushes just about every HFT out of the market. That's how you know it'll never even be proposed as a solution within 100 miles of New York, Washington, or Chicago.

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NO extra TAX! Do you work for the government? :)


Goodbye HFT.


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Wow. Question the SEC and the site crashes.

I question the timing.

Molon Labe, SEC thugs!!!!!!

cswjr's picture

We need to start a campaign to replace the SEC with Nanex.  I love those guys' work.

Debtless's picture

The cure for flash crashes is more flash crashes. 

Then they can simply go play with themselves.

gwar5's picture



QE3 is the hook that will bring money and investors back.

malikai's picture

The rational and efficient market mythbusters at Nanex have made another major discovery, having gone through the SEC's proposed plan to deal with extraordinary market conditions, better known as Limit Up/Limit Down Plan to Address Extraordinary Market Volatility, brilliantly abbreviated to LULD

I luled. They will never stop the lulz.

bbq on whitehouse lawn's picture

Wow Tyler thats a lot of in-your-face data. But i welcome it non-the lesss. Many i know will net even read it. Just wave their hand like swating a fly or brushing fowl air from their nose.

I take your data with a serious if inebriated mind. Yes thats not to say i cant add or do some calc 2 math its just that it will be slow and  labored with lots of errors in it and some google searches :)

Still its better the you would get in a muciprical building.

More the power, best of luck and may the force be with you.


karzai_luver's picture

When do we see the cage trials of our slimeballs.


"Hosni" them all. start with every living U.S. prez and all cabinet members as well as House and Senate leaders from the last 20 years and any Fed leader.


When will the U.S. attempt to bring justice.


If  Egypt can bring charges against their criminals , someday the U.S. may catch up????????????

OldPhart's picture

Fuck a trial, line them up and decorate every lightpole in DC.

Joebloinvestor's picture

The SEC thinks that it's "do over" or null trade ability is a "fix".

The programs are just "learning" the system and at some point will be able to manipulate or take advantage (which they can do now) or create advantage and the SEC will be powerless to stop it.

The only way to stop HFT is to go back to paper slips and brokers.

gratefultraveller's picture

Not sure why your comment made me think of HAL rather than Skynet

GoinFawr's picture

'Tobin' tax off the table? Ahh, that'll just benefit those with their hands in the deeeeeepest pockets... How about imposing a min. standing time for orders? I know, that would still be easily gamed by those closest to the hubs...also, how would the illusion of 'liquidity' be maintained?

Paper slips and brokers it is. If you're really 'investing' you should be demanding those slips of paper anyway; they're as close to 'physical whatever ownership' as you're gonna get, and such action should force the shorts to earn it.

Bah, it's all rigged, and if your moniker is any indicator: you aren't the house.

InconvenientCounterParty's picture

How does NANEX get paid? Their work is world class and worthy of support.

Rodent Freikorps's picture


Breaking news: Multi-agency armed raid hits Rawesome Foods, Healthy Family Farms for selling raw milk and cheese

We have achieved the Liberal Police State.

Irwin Fletcher's picture


I'm glad they took down Healthy Family Farms. That place is scamming people in the bright light of day just like the SEC. People complained. They got investigated. At least some government agency will enforce the law. I bet the good folks at Nanex are jealous.


Manthong's picture

You know you’re screwed when a server in a nearby cage has an advantage over a server across the street and you consider that electrons all travel at the speed of light.

Rainman's picture

A+ for overwhelming evidence

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moonstears's picture

Now tell us what you REALLY think it's like... lol

Abitdodgie's picture

COMMISSIONER JILL E. SOMMERS   it is now coming to light that you are on the payroll of J P Morgan the very body that you are supposed to be overseeing and regulating , After world war 2 the Nuremberg trials were held a lot of the Officers used the excuse that "they were just following orders " that however did not stand as a good enough reason for what they did . My question to you is , whats your excuse?  202-418-5000 That is her number please everyone call her leave a message , blow some steam off you will feel better.

zorba THE GREEK's picture

I need more charts, bring me more charts. I need fresh charts for my experiments.

Atomizer's picture

SEC is employed by the Ponzi teat. They will do anything to validate a governing taxpayer funded entity. They always turn a blind eye on the masters & chase small pea criminals.

Kudlow is spinning a story on who is passing bad gas... $91 is good for the economy. So many people are detached from reality. Carry on ministry of propaganda. LOL


buzzsaw99's picture

It doesn't matter, JPM sets the price of everything.

GoinFawr's picture

MAD "Mututally Accepted Delusion"


espirit's picture

Caught that one also, "mutually acceptable delusion".

Thanks Tyler for the new twist on a tired acronym.

GoinFawr's picture

Argh. My typo is now indelible!

Garbage Can Ray's picture

Tyler, are you going to cover the DNDN annihilation? Looks like SAC just lost a boatload!

Henry Krinkle's picture

The SEC is comprised of a bunch of lawyers. So many lawyers that it's considered one of the largest firms in the country, so to speak.

So now you know why they don't have any sort of a clue about the market.

Atomizer's picture


General Electric should be re-tagged as Government Enterprise.

Anyone notice Pandora taking a full circle back? Gee who told us? Thats right.. the ZH site owner. I recall his 6 ways till sunday prediction.

Palladin's picture

Interesting reading if you follow DNDN. It's from a couple of years ago, and full of Wall Street mumbo jumbo. Pretty much all of it was wrong.



Little John's picture

I'm about half through reading Reminisces of a Stock Operator.  It's hard to believe Mr. Livermore has been reduced to 1s & 0s.

Why doesn't someboby do that for the Bernanke.  Hooked up to a dual core processor he could get throught the next couple of

dozen  QE s in about 18 months.

Jovil's picture

George Carlin's words ring truer today, "They don't give a fu@k about you."

Ted K's picture

Once again Tyler Durden is willing to take swipes at the S.E.C. , but Tyler conveniently stays totally silent on group controlling and directing the Kabuki drama---FINRA

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