Previewing The ECB's Interest Rate Decision

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Draghi hit will the gas and the break at the same time, raising 0.25% and still keep up bond purchases. The raise will be good for keeping the stability dreamers (Germany) calm.

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Good Citizens of Metropolis!

We're completely fucked till we flush out all this debt.

We're sitting on 600 trillion dollars of derivatives.

Those aren't my numbers.  They come from Gary Gensler.

We are fucked with a capital F.

God bless you and keep you.

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It's actually 1.4 Quadrillion.  600 Trillion is a number from 4 years ago.


Canada unfortunately has been very bad with derivatives.

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It needs to go up to 25% now with the length of time the rates have been kept low, nearly 11 years of "free" money.


Not 0.25%


If Keynsians don't like the reality of their philosophy that means none of this means a damn thing.

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"does nothing." move along. this is all about "threats and contretemps" now.

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"As such, it looks more likely that the ECB will remain committed to further purchases of various EU bonds via the SMP program until lawmakers in Europe agree on finer details regarding the implementation of the recently proposed leveraged EFSF."


Stalling the EFSF will have ECB buy till the end of time... very cleaver. What SHOULD happen is that the money that was alread pledged be used to buy bonds. Then whatever is left can be levered up 4x times.

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EU destruction is at hand. Nigel RIPS EU president a new one:

"We don't know you, we don't want you . . . ."

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It does not matter anyway. Why even bother watching.

Next thing is to cancel all election until further notice...

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That's already been done.  All most people have been doing is picking brands.

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<== Rate unchanged

<== Rate lowered