Previewing The Summer's Distractions: Listing Upcoming Silver Screen Releases

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It is no secret that when it comes to attention spans and 'deep thought', Americans would rather be at the movies. After all, for a country which prides itself on its distractability and sales of ADHD medications, the only thing that matters is the line up of entertainment. Perhaps one reason why last summer's debt ceiling fiasco ended up being such a popular thriller with the masses is that the movie lineup at the time was less than inspiring, leading to a 1.4% decline in summer theater attendance. Which begs the question: what is in store for this year? Because as we have noted, we already know that the US debt ceiling will likely be breached sometime in September, leading into the presidential election, and as a result Americans will demand distraction, or else there is an all too real possibility the same market crash as happened in August of 2011, may recur. So what are the distractions in store for the herd? Courtesy of BofA and the Hollywood Stock Exchange, here is the complete summer lineup, coupled with the HSX movie stock price (an indicator of expected revenues). Will it be enough to offset reality setting in with a thud? You decide.

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Everything is occult. (without saying the word - 'occult')

Their reality is the illusion.

Fiction is the reality.

We have every kind of beast, wizard, witch, creature, goblin, vampire, werewolf, possessed - thing talking to us - telling us to watch this - or play that. Eat this..or drink that.

Its all occult like Mr. Potter.

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(CBS) In an upcoming TV show to promote his interest in Romania's Transylvania region,

Britain's Prince Charles claims he is related to Vlad the Impaler,

who gave rise to the Dracula vampire stories. Apparently, so is his mother, the queen.

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Hollywood is a powerhouse for progressive American thought. Hollywood actors have won the hearts and minds of Americans and hip forward-thinkers around the world, by pioneering many charitable initiatives and advocating sensible solutions to the world's problems. The live 8 concert is a perfect example of such an initiative. This concert didn't focus on the traditional out-dated charitable model of raising money. Instead the concert convinced western governments to relieve African governments of billions in debt, so that they could spend the extra money on helping their people. These actors, including stars like Angelina Jolie and Will Smith understood that governments can be trusted to use their powers for good only, whereas the motives of private charities are questionable, and so this model made perfect sense.

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So it's ivy-league PhD economists AND actors we should aspire to?  Got it.

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Top one : This means war. Hmmmm.... somewhere in there: I hate you dad...... double hmmmmmmm......

Social engineering by Holly-Wood anyone?



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so so so should put a book out, really

MeelionDollerBogus's picture

Ya dude, you need a book, MillionDollarQuot-US by MillionDollarBonus :D

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Why would that be unusual? Royalty was only allowed to inbterbreed, well still is. That lead to some slack jawed drooling idiots.

Even today ALL presidential candidates are interrelated and related to British royalty in some way.

Google it yourself, Obama, McCain, Kerry, Clinton all distant cousins.

BLOTTO's picture

I know all about it worries.

I just posted that article as it ties into the occult Charles and Vlad.

Yes, all 44 Presidents are decendents of this bloodline - from Royal Houses of Europe.


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Clips on the site to support the claims

Prometheus – Illuminati Programming Goes Batsh*t

I watched a few Prometheus trailers last week and they’re all frikking weird. And upsetting. And make me want to spit nails. As soon as I saw the title it was obvious the roll-out is getting more pathetic.

These arrogant bastards of false light think they’ve found a willing audience of mindless dweebs and are laying it on thick. Screw them.

Yes. Screw them. Seriously. Screw them with greater Truth and Love for mankind which dissolves their entire mindset. It’s bullshit on steroids and we’re witnesses.

We’re not pieces of mental meat waiting for our next handout of GMO grain, you f’ing freaks. We’re real and we’re conscious humanity and you can take your distorted mind control freakishness back to the hellish distorted dimension where you came from.

Occult Laden Ceremonies – Enough!

This may be your self-declared year of coming out with the self-aggrandized public rituals leading up to the IllumOlympics but we’re not buying it. In fact, you make us sick! Your audience is leaving the flipping theater, you shallow, insipid self and death lovers.

Screw yourselves. We’re not part of it!

“The secret is that the elite believe they are attaining godhood and are destined for the stars. Their ancient and occultic views are reflected in the dark themes of Prometheus, the very name of which hints at the quest for eternity and power among a group who think a divine right bestowed by a higher intelligence gives credence to their meddling with the affairs of common man.”

My Point?

Damn them. Their arrogance, shallow ineptitude, and brash bullying will not work. It is written in the stars and in our hearts!!

Never, never fear them. Swat them fervently with conscious Truth,  like the crap loving flies that they are! Know who you’re up against!

Love always, Zen

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I share in your frustrations and anger - as others that are 'in tune' - feel the same way.

I have difficulty keeping positive considering we have totally been hijacked and are being run over left, right and centre... but we must try to (keep positive)

They are dysfunctional. Evil is will fail one day.

But collectively as a whole  - the masses are not aligned yet...they are still in the denial stage. Some are beginning to figure out something is wrong - they just are not quite sure what it is.

In the end - its our 'will' they want - the ultimate prize...our soul. Dont give it to them EVER.

And at the end of the day - knowing that i never gave them my will...never gave them my soul and i know i have love and am generally a good person -

I take comfort in that.

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In the end they lose. I cheated and read the end of the book. Manipulated markets, Ponzi finances, destruction of the rule of law, it doesn't matter, I wouldn't trade places with them for anything.

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Central planning always loses!

i-dog's picture

Nearly every American descendant of the early settlers is similarly related to 'royalty' at about the 9th cousin, twice or thrice removed, level ... and they are all through illegitimate blood lines (mainly mistresses).

None of those presidents have male lines going back to European royalty ... it was a big beat up started by the pissing contest between Shrub and Kerry. (In fact, both are far more closely related to the opium runners of the China trade, as were many other presidents and candidates).

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Not to mention, they're all related to Kevin Bacon too...


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It's pretty depressing when with a little research you realize that many movies are literally the same story repeated over and over and over. Many with the same scenes, themes etc.

The occult nonsense in movies is over the top. Holly wood is apparently full of luciferian occultests that want to flaunt their beliefs every chance they get on the unsuspecting goyim.

Everything needs to be flushed and started a new. Everyone needs to be vetted. Everyone!

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You understand that everything creative was tapped centuries ago. It is impossible to do anything "new". Even "original" will be derivative of something created long ago.

"Holly wood is apparently full of luciferian occultests"

I thought it was Jews and Gays.

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Hollywood is too busy keeping the status quo with far left ideology and the good 'ole boy society to produce any new movies. It limits what can be produced to the extreme. Dare make a comment that any special group might be wrong and they refuse to release the movie. Stalin would be proud. The result is PC crap being recycled again and again. Quantity over quality.

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Hollywood is “far left” ??


How “far right” you must be that you believe Hollywood is now “far left” ?

What gives you that impression?

Must be all the movies and tv shows made in Hollywood glorifying the police and the military. Or is it all the undercover agents and superheroes armed with magical super weaponry who slay all the “terrorists”.

Could it be all the “Horatio Alger” rags to riches plotlines.

 Or is it the political correctness that convinces you? No more “yellow peril”, “dirty Japs”, or wiping out the Mau-maus and Zulus. It’s been replaced by amorphous perils lurking behind every corner of our Homeland, more in fitting with the contemporary “terrorist” meme. The peril comes from zombies, sleeper cells of vampires, or lunatics with robotic followers. Not just “foreigners”, they are all “aliens”, who must be wiped out. Hollywood used to lamely distinguish between “good Injuns” and “bad” ones. But now they are all bad. The only good alien is a dead alien. (OK, occasionally there are pockets of “good” aliens who are “saved” or “protected” by one of “our” altruistic super-warriors.)

Yep, Hollywood is just too “leftist” for many.

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I think the best remedy against Hollywood and the music industry's vile propaganda, predictive programming and insidious subconscious imagery is awareness of their rampant use of MK-ULTRA slaves as the ultimate controllable 'stars'.

=> once you become aware of just how ugly Hollywood truly is, it becomes practically impossible to consume their output like before.  Once you realize how the 'stars' are MK-ULTRA slaves propagating the same vile torture onto their own kids, you can't admire them anymore...

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Well, come this summer we won't need movies to keep us entertained.  Once OWS cranks back up - rested & more targeted and sophisticated - there will be plenty of 'entertainement'.  watch it on your TV, or maybe in a street near you.....or stroll on downtown and participate.  It's going to be real popular with 99% of the population.

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The real question is why only US titles are listed?

The rest of the wold makes movies that actually tend to be better.


Warriors Of The Rainbow: Seediq Bale

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According to Quigley's Evolution of Civilizations preoccupation with death and the occult is common in dying civilizations. It's a decent read even if he was supposedly Bill Clinton's CFR mentor. I've often wondered the why for this interest. I may have gotten some insight the other day from the quote of a charactor on the TV show The Living Dead, "I've always believed in the resurrection of the dead, I just expected something different than this".

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Check out gasonline futures, record 4 year high baby! Approaching that 2008 high like a rocket. R E C O V E R Y!

vast-dom's picture

Don't tell Phil Davis that ;p he's shorting USO

Jason T's picture

Abe Lincoln, vampire hunter??  

vast-dom's picture

an obvious metaphorical allusion to hunting Bernank and the banksters.

CvlDobd's picture

I was thinking WTF myself.

Gully Foyle's picture

Tyler Durden

Far more entertaining than most films today.

Byte Me's picture

With a title like that they're bound to be eating pudding at some stage.

Dardan's picture

Interesting message at the end of the trailer:

Are you a Patriot or a Vampire?

crawldaddy's picture

Burton  to me is like M Night.  Every movie they make is just a little worse than the one before.

killallthefiat's picture

Maybe one of the vampires is called Nicholas Biddle.  This might spell things out a bit for the average internet dope.  Looks like a great idea for a movie. Lincoln, although a tyrant and no friend to the negro, knew, like most Americans of the day, that there was a giant squid encircling the earth.


Speaking of movies, has anyone ever noticed that Fight Club is just a re-hash of Howard Pyle's Robin Hood?



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Believe it or not, its based on a book.  Also, in the series, is Pride and Prejudice and Zombies.

Gully Foyle's picture


Shhh, most people can't read and it insults them to point out movies tend to start as literature.

crawldaddy's picture

literature?  HAHAHA, you mean garbage.  

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Who greenlights this shit? Drugs are definitely involved...

SheepDog-One's picture

Blockbuster release coming this summer '$5 Gas' in IMax 3D.

malikai's picture

Looks like you've upset someone. I guess he/she just doesn't like a good show.

Normalcy Bias's picture

There's no longer a need for horror flicks. Getting a two hour dose of reality at ZH should scare the hell out of anyone, and it doesn't cost a cent.

Seorse Gorog from that Quantum Entanglement Fund. alright_.-'s picture

Goody! I'm looking forward to Prometheus. I think I'm allowed to.

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I'll go long 500 shares each of all the "dogs" (except Johnn Carter) and short 500 shares each of all the "favorites" and Pray Ben Bernake doesn't get involved...

vast-dom's picture

Bernank is unfortunately involved in everything already, even the motherfucking jujube's and other refreshements.

mayhem_korner's picture



Go through the list and ID the ones that are original in any way.  That folks would spend $10/head to see some recycled, computer-generated vomitus 5 weeks before it's out on blu-ray is a commentary on the depth of REM of the populace.

ZeroPower's picture

Mostly agree, though i still laugh at anyone who buys blu-rays just cause they think that trend is here to stay. Digital, digital, digital.  DVDs lasted a fair decade (+/-), blurays will last way less once people realize what a waste of money it is buying every single release they already have on DVD, now on this BR disc. 

I stick to full length 1080p downloads, pop that on a media player with an attached 2TB drive, and am good to go. Granted, lots of rubbish been coming out recently, but always nice to see a classic released in pure HD digital format.

mayhem_korner's picture



When you say "classic" are you talkin' Shawshank or Casablanca?

Gully Foyle's picture

Fuck dude, why you bringing up the talkies?

Birth of a nation and and The kid are classics. Everything after is a copy.