QE-Off, Reality-On But Merkel/Van Rompuy Save The Day (For Now)

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UPDATE: ES at day's highs - alone in its exuberance relative to risk assets.

We watched, we dipped, and then we ripped. Disappointment at no new QE drove Silver down first, then Oil and then the rest of the risk basket tumbled notably. EURUSD dumped 60pips, ES dropped 7-8pts to Monday's close, Treasury Yields dropped 6-7bps, Commodities (Gold, Silver, Oil, Copper) all fell 1-2% (with Silver worst). But then we ripped as Van Rompuy and Merkel started chatting about some progress in Europe. This pulled EURUSD up to unch, Gold and Silver retraced half of their spike down, stocks recovered all of their drop and reached up to VWAP (rather conveniently) where selling volume re-appeared. Notably, only Treasuries remained near their spike levels. As we post, the recovery spike back up in risk assets is now fading. Now get your popcorn ready for Bernanke's presser. Finally, the issue with the European stick save, where Gollum mentioned Eurobond lite again, is that it is merely a regurgitation of news from Sunday, which Germany has already said Nein to: In The Case Of The World Vs Merkel, The Broke Prosecution Proposes Eurobonds Lite.

Cross asset class rebound...

but be careful as ES is merely back up to VWAP...

Charts: Bloomberg