QE3 ON: Goldman Lowers Global Government Bond Forecasts Following 2012 US GDP Cut To 2.1%, Repeats "QE3 Is Part Of Baseline Estimates"

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so this is when the PMs will start soaring away?

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Paging Blythe, we have a problem, pagiing Blythe why isnt Blanky on board with our ponzi silver sheme paging Blythe.



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The "Pound and Pence" reports a reservation for a table of four under the following names on August 25th:

1.) Dudley

2.) Hatzius

3.) Hilsenrath

4.) Sack


slaughterer's picture































Pound and Pence Lunch Menu for August 26th


Whole Wheat Pomo


Bangers & QE Mash 


Fish & Baseline Scenario Chips


Chicken ZIRP Pie


Keynesian Shrimp  


Peppercorn- Crusted Expanded Balance Sheet



Hyperinflation Stew


NY Strippers Steak with Bonus Sauce 


Poached Atlantic Squid  


US Grade AA+ Beef Re-election


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So....with respect to QE3..."forward looking statement"...or plausible deniability when they're forced to "revise" and mea culpa to their broke clients?

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but industrial output surged?....


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time to move to NZ

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Why Seasmoke, Do you like in-clement weather and  increasing frequency of earth-quakes of the literal kind?

They're having a once-in-a-lifetime snowstorm there right now.


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It's the best place for sheep to "blend in".

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probably has more to do with sparse population and abundant natural resources

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Will this push more people into PM or into fiatshit derivatives? Could we please have a dip, please pretty please?!

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QE3 will push retail back into TNA, AGQ, GLD, FAS, UCO, and high-beta "cult" retail and growth.  This is the way the system gives "money" back to the wealthy.

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Wise people pile into PM's, dummies pile into govt paper.

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No Dip for you!


-Dip Nazi



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Euro bonds anyone     That's like riding a bicycle in the hangar bay, throwing a little weenie down the hallway

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That is the only phrase that BB needs to utter at Jackson Hole.  

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Nah, he needs to utter numbers, and far bigger ones than $400 billion. $2.5 trillion is whats been 'priced in' already I believe, need way more than that, and I dont see it happening.

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Bond market is discounting a "mild" recession?  Whew!  That will relieve the residents of Obamaville for sure....



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Maybe they just like to go on a extended camping trip?

to bad they didn't follow woodshop at school, because I'd rather live in a wooden shack than in a tent :)


at least there'll always be duckttape



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OK! Everyone back in the pool...

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 Nevertheless, our calculations would suggest that the bond market is already discounting a mild recession and the chance of a Fed reaction to it.

Hmmmmmmm....... does one read the above and laugh? Or laugh really really hard?

When the big boys get a +ive bias on something, anything, it's time to watch out below, eh? Gold has been so skittish, repeat of Silver a scant couple of months ago....

Down together, perhaps soon, date-calling impossible.



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Suddenly the premier PigMen firm Goldman Sachs is now glorified and hailed as the "expert" on the economy???

I though most on this board hated and despised Goldman and its research.

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Oh, not nearly as despised and hated as you are!

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we don't hate them!

we only mock them because they're wrong about the market almost as much as you do.


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They are full of shit but must be respected as they are on the other end of the red phone.

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Just like you believe there are those who care about your opinion, so does Goldman. However, in Goldman's case it actually is true, as the firm sets monetary and fiscal policy both in the US and around the world. If you had read zero hedge over the past 2.5 years instead of just waiting for your turn to comment, you may even have noticed the pattern.

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I think I get it now, robo is TD's little bro inlaw and he's protected from harm, lest TD catch hell come Thanksgiving.


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Your name fits you remarkably well

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What happened between ZH and RoboTrader?  It's kinda sad to see the two of you throwing knives at each other.  I remember the days when RT was a well-respected ZH contributer with a strong following.  

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Whatever 'respect' RoboTarder had was lost when he took the first, long hit of the Hopium Pipe.

He's now a Hopium Whore, trolling the dark recesses of Wall Streets rear alleys.

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Did you read the post?  Does it suggest anywhere that ZH lauds GS as an "expert" on anything?  Au contraire, it suggests the reverse, simply highlighting the self interest of this most venal of institutions.  Is irony lost on you or is your forte to make some fatuous, juvenile comment littered with useless 3 letter ticker symboks and then to vanish into thin air when justifiably upbraided? 

Sort yourself out.

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"For those wondering why gold just surged by about $20 dollars"

Because everyone waiting on SNB action on CHF peg, if no peg,

GOLD will drop like a rock.

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Huh? Nobody is seriously expecting a CHF peg............

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I see...theres a hiccup in bonds, so QE faucet on full? Thats it? Thats all theyve got? 

Wow used to be a couple years ago they actually had to tank markets 50% to do this kind of massive robbery....now all they need is a .001% problem with bonds, HUH go figure!

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I'm with ya, Sheep. I don't think the stars are aligned quite as nicely as for QE1 and 2. They got some worries. 

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Or is it QEnotenoughtomatter?

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Right, unless QE were to be some fantastic diamond encrusted number that also totaly crushes the dollar, who would be impressed anyway?

If 'QE' turns out to be another 'we'll keep ZIRP for a while, and stand by with our kickass set of TV repair tools should something go wrong', who would be impressed?

Something here is big time wrong, like when I go to pick up my Porsche from the shop and they wheel out an old 63 VW bug and tell me 'Hey, theyre both German'...well something stinks big time and Im not buyin it.

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The spooky part : that it's priced in. If Bernank blinks, we got a whole lotta repricing to do

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Yep, already priced in how many times over on every piece of bad news daily since January?

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QE to a moon made every bad into a good. And the Bernanke put mae it all seem risk free. I'm not so sure how firm that put really is anymore. Bailouts are getting to be more of a problem

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This is about keeping rates artificially low. If the Fed is not there to clear all auctions of supply guess where the rates will go? Any small moves in higher rates makes our debt refinancing unsustainable very quickly. Bernanke's rock and a hard place is the other side of the trade is massive infaltion as the dollar declines in value.

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i will take once AGAIN, the other side of the QE3 trade. As was true on the FOMC release day, this trade is far too crowded. I am forced to be suspect of GS this time around, as they are setting up the ritual slaughter for those who have bought into this trade.


NO QE3 announcement at Jackson Hole





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I'm with you, this is a giant shit sandwich and Im not taking a bite from ANY side of it! I think this is all the biggest setup in history and all will be burned bigtime. GS trying to pile everyone in long for the big fleecing before the slaughterhouse truck is loaded. Hell with all this crap.