Quad Witching Day Sends NYSE Volume Soaring To Highest In Over A Year

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Between quarter-end, quad-witching, and the index-rebalancing, activity at the NYSE soared today. More than triple the average of the last few weeks, today's volume was the highest since the US downgrade last August - over 13 months ago - and given the downward pressure in prices into the close it seems more motivated sellers than buyers locking in anticipated Fed/ECB gains.

NYSEVOL via Bloomberg...


Charts: Bloomberg

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volume...like when the lights come on in a cockroach infested room.

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Well, with the close, they drove Bob the Bear Janjuah to cover today, as well as all of his clients at Nomura (now downsized even more).   Wonder if Bidermann is still so spunky these days?  Calling Salsalito hotline: 1-800-100%SHORT

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bullish,, for now...

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Volume?  The ETFs I track were almost all below their 3 mth moving averages.


What had sky high volume?

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What had sky high volume?

Barry Obama. Hyperbolic. Off the scale.

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Are you measuring heated air?

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Vista Gold had sky high volume, and sold off hard. Can't figure out why though. VGZ

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"What had sky high volume?" Wait...I know this one...


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People came to the conclusion that the QE pump had almost zero effect and it's all down hill from here. Watch out Monday morning boys and girls.

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Not just yet for a strong move down. They will let it go down some then short squeeze all bears. Always have to shakeout the weak hands before any strong move either direction. Its a very simple game once understood and can be comical. Trade the charts not the news.

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Yup, saints 51.  They will drive it down then short squeeze the bears just in time for Osama's happy reelection.  The Fed doesn't care which Donald Duck sits in the Oval Office just so long as it's their Donald Duck.

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"Watch out Monday morning boys and girls."

I've been watching Mondays for 3 years now.  Can you be more specific?  Watch crispy creme sales?  Watch diluted whale shit sales? Watch the stain I lean on the fuite of the looms?

I need more than hyperbole to keep an eye out for?

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Quarter ends next week.  Sell, sell, sell....

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Options expired today folks.



Next week should be interesting.  If this market drops, it will happen quickly.

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High volume means massive selling by non Primary Dealers and massive buying by primary dealers.

They're stuck with hyper priced S&P stocks and same as MFG have no options by to keep buying and buying and buying since the suckers are retiring, hence there's nobody to dump stocks to.


I have singled out Morgan Stanley as the next Primary Dealer to fold.


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Stocks with high price momentum underperformed, as traders were probably exercising call options to lock in gains.

Welcome to opposite day, FB and GRPN popped. Up is down on options expiration day.

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Due to recent central bank intervention and short covering spikes, all these daily charts are extremely overextended & a significant correction is expected very soon ~ SPX,DOW, NZDUSD, GBPUSD, AUDUSD, COPPER, CRUDE, GOLD, SILVER.



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AAPL was the only stock keeping the market flat to up. The IBM, CVX, XOM, CAT, JPM et al were down. Correction is already in full force- just less obvious if you look only at the S&P/DOW because of the quiet agreement between Bernanke and the TBTF's for Apple to hold the market steady while everything else takes a nose dive.