Quotes Of The Day - Ron Paul Edition

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Fri, 12/23/2011 - 12:56 | 2007342 kato
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he is nut job and his son is a racist nut job. so are most of you stupid nut jobs.

Fri, 12/23/2011 - 12:57 | 2007351 Robot Traders Mom
Robot Traders Mom's picture

Hey kato, why is he a nut job?


Obviously nobody here agrees with you and I am setting you up to say something even dumber so we can all call you out on your own ignorance and probably make you cry.



Fri, 12/23/2011 - 13:00 | 2007362 Troll Magnet
Troll Magnet's picture

Let's send Kato & Bernanke to Iran!  They can be Batman & Robin and battle the Iranians by themselves!

Fri, 12/23/2011 - 13:13 | 2007441 spiral_eyes
spiral_eyes's picture

Warmongers should fight their own wars with their own flesh, blood and money. Not everyone else's kids, tax dollars and nation.

Ron Paul will be remembered as the Cato of our age.

Mitt Romney and Barack will be remembered as the archangels of American imperial decline.


Fri, 12/23/2011 - 13:46 | 2007621 redpill
redpill's picture

What if our active military personnel overwhelmingly supported a single candidate for President, would you listen?    

As a country we pay a lot of lip service to them, about how they are wonderful because they risk their lives every day to protect our freedom.  Shouldn't we listen to what their opinion is?



Fri, 12/23/2011 - 14:15 | 2007741 Ahmeexnal
Ahmeexnal's picture

Hope is for mindless morons.

RP shoud not use the infamous word "hope" to lure voters. Unless he wants mindless idiots to vote for him.

Wait...that would be like...99% of voters.


Fri, 12/23/2011 - 14:23 | 2007760 AldousHuxley
AldousHuxley's picture

soldiers don't fight with hope.


governing elites have 2 methods to stimulate economy when their games fail:

  1. money printing via central bank
  2. war


US  is engaged in both.


Answer is the FORCE out the elites and change the rules of the game.

Fri, 12/23/2011 - 14:32 | 2007786 whstlblwr
whstlblwr's picture

Speaking of voting. Here are primary dates for January and Feb, to vote for Ron Paul against Gingrich, Romney. If you're not registered in many states registration's at least month in advance. Tell friends in these states of Ron Paul.

* January 3 – Iowa Caucuses
* January 10 – New Hampshire
* January 28 – South Carolina
* January 31 – Florida

* February 4 – Nevada Caucuses, Maine Caucuses (state convention through February 11th)
* February 7 – Colorado Republican Caucuses, Minnesota Republican Caucuses, Missouri
* February 28 – Arizona , Michigan


Fri, 12/23/2011 - 14:50 | 2007851 Henry Chinaski
Henry Chinaski's picture

Some states like Florida have a closed primary, and you need to register as a repubilican to vote for Ron Paul.  Deadlines are upon us, so do it today/now.

Fri, 12/23/2011 - 14:56 | 2007871 Grand Vizier
Grand Vizier's picture

Tin Foil Hats and Black Helicopters are all the bullish rage on ZeroHedge!!!  Bunch of Whack-a-doos!!!

Fri, 12/23/2011 - 15:02 | 2007889 Harlequin001
Harlequin001's picture

He's too old to be President...

Fri, 12/23/2011 - 15:09 | 2007921 malalingua
malalingua's picture

You prefer young dicators? 


"Failure of gov. programs prompts more determined efforts, while the LOSS of LIBERTY is ignored or rationalized away. Ron Paul

Fri, 12/23/2011 - 15:16 | 2007940 Harlequin001
Harlequin001's picture

Yes, someone actually capable of doing the job...

Fri, 12/23/2011 - 15:26 | 2007974 TruthInSunshine
TruthInSunshine's picture

The Main Lame Ass Stream Media, proxy pundits and puppets of the Money Masters that they are (not to mention that every single newspaper, television outlet and radio station is owned by one of 8 corporations) are about to unleash a tsunami of libel upon Ron Paul, given Paul's surge in Iowa and New Hampshire, which represents a direct threat to the establishment's control of all politics on both sides of the 'different' (but the same, in reality, with a few social wedge issues tossed out to create the illusion of choice) parties.






Fri, 12/23/2011 - 16:23 | 2008132 strannick
strannick's picture

Kato spent to much time and money being indoctrinated at the university, learning to  be ignorant, learning that government is good for you, and windbag professors are wise, learing to be cowed by snarky so-called liberals, and learning that freedom is free.

Fri, 12/23/2011 - 18:31 | 2008415 WaterWings
WaterWings's picture

Sheep are good, they just lack vigilance.

Sat, 12/24/2011 - 01:05 | 2008864 Harlequin001
Harlequin001's picture

My family and I would like to wish everyone on these pages all the very best for Christmas and the New Year, may the coming year bring you health, wealth and happiness, and that extends to our Muslin, Jewish, Hindu, Buddhist friends and every other creed, race and faith.

Have a good one...


Sat, 12/24/2011 - 03:19 | 2008932 The Heart
The Heart's picture


December 23, 2011

Hello folks,

This has been a pet project for a long time. This good soul must have read one of these posts because shazam, here is the list that we are seeking of the sponsors of CNN and possibly some other lame stream media propaganda outlets.

No longer do we refer to any news or main stream news media as news or media. It will henceforth all be known as propaganda. Please set the pace people. From this time on, ALWAYS REFER TO THE MEDIA AS PROPAGANDA. Never call it main stream or news again. It is nothing less than propagandistic lies and dis/mis-information. Hang the label accordingly.

Here is the list below. Make this go viral and EVERYONE CALL these evil companies and tell them you will no longer buy or use any of their products as long as the sponsor the propaganda, and that you are encouraging a world wide boycott of their products for supporting the lies and dis/mis-information of the propaganda spewing cnn machine and other propaganda channels polluting the airwaves with the lies and BS to mislead and mind control the people.

From this link:


I saw an earlier thread about boycotting CNN and contacting their sponsors. For what it's worth, I suffered through about 3 hours of Headline News to compile a list of some of their sponsors.

I hope this is helpful to anyone wanting to contact their advertisers.

Sorry I don't know how to make the hyperlinks work.

CNN Headline News Advertisers

HEC Paris MBA Program http://www.mba.hec.edu/mba/site/the_mba_that_builds_character.2.html Phone Number - France numbers only listed on web site

JK Harris and Company http://www.jkharris.com/?ml_source=networkcable Phone Number - 800-556-9795

AstraZeneca Pharmaceuticals http://www.astrazeneca-us.com/ Phone - 800-236-9933

E-Trade https://us.etrade.com/e/t/home Phone - 800-387-2331

Monex Precious Metals http://monex.com/ Phone - 800-444-8317

Sprint / Nextel http://www.sprint.com/index.html?brand=Nextel Sprint customers – call 1-888-211-4727 Nextel customers – call 1-800-639-6111

Select Quote http://www.selectquote.com/home2/homepage.html Phone 800-777-8300

Wells Fargo https://www.wellsfargo.com/ Phone 800-869-3557

AARP http://www.aarp.org/ Phone - 888-687-2277

Philips / Norelco http://www.usa.philips.com/index.page Phone - (212) 850-5000 Scott M. Weisenhoff CEO Philips Electronics North America email scott.m.weisenhoff@philips.com

Subaru http://www.subaru.com/tools/contactus/index.jsp Phone - 1-800-782-2783

Geico http://www.geico.com/about/contactus/ Phone - 800-861-8380

Boston Market http://www.bostonmarket.com/contacts Phone - 800-365-7000

Overstock.com https://help.overstock.com/cgi-bin/overstock.cfg/php/enduser/contact_pag... Phone 800-843-2446

Liberty Medical http://www.libertymedical.com/diabetes/contact-us/default.aspx?sem-lander-3 Phone 800-970-4831

Live Well Financial http://www.livewellfinancial.com/?gclid=CLTTo4eC5JYCFRlRagodaiF_Ow Phone – 800-917-1170

American Coalition for Clean Coal http://www.americaspower.org/Contact-Us Phone – 877-358-6699

University of Phoenix http://yourphoenixdegree.com/010/

Partnership for Prescription Assistance https://www.pparx.org/Intro.php Phone - 888-477-2669

Ehealth Insurance Services http://www.ehealthinsurance.com/ Phone – 800-977-8860

Dodge http://www.dodge.com/webselfservice/dodge/index.jsp?screenName=recall Phone - 1-800-853-1403

Hyundai http://www.hyundaiusa.com/global/contactus/main.aspx Phone – 800-633-5151

Jos A Banks Clothiers http://www.josbank.com/customer_service_main.tem Phone – 800-999-7472 or 800-285-2265

Career Builder.com http://www.careerbuilder.com/share/aboutus/pr_main.aspx Toll Free: (800) 638-4212

Zurich Financial Services http://www.zurich.com/main/services/contact/generalcontact.htm Swiss Phone numbers only

Johnson and Johnson https://secure-www.jnj.com/wps/wcm/jsp/contactUs.jsp Phone – 732-524-0400

US Home Auction http://www.ushomeauction.com/ Phone – 800-793-6107

Cisco http://www.cisco.com/web/siteassets/contacts/index.html Phone – 800-553-6387 or 408-526-4000

Exxon Mobil http://www.exxonmobil.com/SiteFlow/SuppInfo/Contacts/SF_CT_BusHeadquarte... Phone – 972-444-1000

Jitterbug http://www.jitterbug.com/ContactUs/ Phone – 800-918-8543




In Service,



PS: Be aware of possible false flags and the escalation of more war in new (Persian)Gulf of Tonkin?



Sat, 12/24/2011 - 09:04 | 2009032 rcintc
rcintc's picture

Looks like I was boycotting CNN and I didn't even know it...I think I'm boycotting MSNBC too....I never watch that show either.

Sat, 12/24/2011 - 18:23 | 2009552 cnsteph
cnsteph's picture

Me too!

Sat, 12/24/2011 - 17:36 | 2009510 Cadavre
Cadavre's picture

Sorry I don't know how to make the hyperlinks work. 


To embed the link so that it  shows in its in a seperate tab do this:

For example to <a href="http://www.zerohedge.com/comment/reply/442086/2008932" target="_blank">show this reply in a new tab</a>.

It will look like this after you click the HTMP editor "Update" button:

For example to show this reply in a new tab

Conversely (luv that word!) you could highlight the phrase you want to link and then press the "link" button on the RTF editor's tool bar.

Regarding the false flag. The fact that Iran (as well as others who have suffered US drone massacres in that region) can take control of a US drone It would not be surprising to have an false flag incident involving the drones flying over US cities. Of course it would be immediately be recognized as a false flag because Iranians were only able to control that drone because it came within range of Iranian military transmitters. The Iranians don't have a satellite network to take control drones flying over US cities from inside Iran.

Fri, 12/23/2011 - 15:41 | 2008019 malalingua
malalingua's picture

Doing what job?  The job of destroying the Constitution?  The job of legislating immoral laws?  The job of detaining American citizens at length under NDAA?  You need to wake up!

Sat, 12/24/2011 - 00:39 | 2008822 Harlequin001
Harlequin001's picture

I mean the job of President for at least 4 years, none of this shite.

You need to chill out...

Fri, 12/23/2011 - 15:17 | 2007949 malalingua
malalingua's picture


Fri, 12/23/2011 - 15:21 | 2007958 macholatte
macholatte's picture

This post (a list of RP Quotes) is absolutely the best thing Jim Quinn has ever written.

Sat, 12/24/2011 - 01:06 | 2008865 Prisoners_dilemna
Prisoners_dilemna's picture

At $400,000 annually for life dont we want old presidents?

Fri, 12/23/2011 - 15:10 | 2007924 Grinder74
Grinder74's picture

At least my hat will keep my head dry when it rains and my black helicopter looks cooler than your pink one.

Fri, 12/23/2011 - 18:33 | 2008419 I did it by Occident
I did it by Occident's picture

oooh, ooh, when I pick up my black helicopter, I'll add on a nice 30mm chain gun.  That will be awesome.  Of course I will need to take some pilot lessons.  Anybody here offering some helo lessons?

Sat, 12/24/2011 - 02:11 | 2008897 thatthingcanfly
thatthingcanfly's picture

Wouldn't recommend it. Too many moving parts.

Fri, 12/23/2011 - 15:40 | 2008015 fuu
fuu's picture

Hi Nouriel.

Fri, 12/23/2011 - 14:38 | 2007808 DaveyJones
DaveyJones's picture

cute, I never knew "stimulate" was a synonym for control

Fri, 12/23/2011 - 18:38 | 2008430 I did it by Occident
I did it by Occident's picture

that does remind me of those experiments they do to rats with reward.  If they do what you want they would get a "treat" of narcotic or something to flood the rat's brain with dopamine.  Pretty soon you got the rat conditioned to do anything to get that hit..er, I mean stimulys.

Fri, 12/23/2011 - 19:14 | 2008485 bob_dabolina
bob_dabolina's picture

Kato's mom needs a nut job

Fri, 12/23/2011 - 14:52 | 2007820 Harlequin001
Harlequin001's picture

Redpill, No you shouldn't. When all's said and done they swore an oath to protect the country from all enemies 'both foreign and domestic'. They aren't allowed to decide who the enemy is, especially if they are domestic, which means that they swore an oath to uphold the wishes of the government of the day.

No, you should not be listening to them anymore than you should anyone else It is they you are likely to be fighting when the shit hits the fan now.

Fri, 12/23/2011 - 17:32 | 2008300 Five8Charlie
Five8Charlie's picture

Thank you for clearly articulating the fascist position. It helps.

Sat, 12/24/2011 - 00:53 | 2008848 Harlequin001
Harlequin001's picture

It's not fascist, it's universal, always was....

only fools think they're fighting for the country.

Fri, 12/23/2011 - 21:38 | 2008625 AustriAnnie
AustriAnnie's picture

an oath to protect the nation, not the nation's dictators and their whims. 

Maybe you need to enlist and see what "the government of the day" commands you to do, just to make their buddies richer and secure greater power for themselves.

Also, you'd be amazed how many of the vets and active military are going to be on the people's side.  The troops are exposed to the realities of our government's policies faster than the average citizen, and many of them are angry.  


Sat, 12/24/2011 - 00:51 | 2008845 Harlequin001
Harlequin001's picture

'Maybe you need to enlist and see what "the government of the day" commands you to do' - Maybe I did once, and maybe you should go and read an Oath yourself; maybe even utter it and see how it feels. I say 'an' Oath because there are more than one, and they all say basically the same thing. You swear to the US Constitution, others to the Queen or governments various but you still swear to political leaders somewhere under the guise of patriotism. Like you have some say in the matter of who the enemy is, or that you have some input into what is now right and wrong. You can bitch and whine on these pages but you cannot decide who the enemy is. Go figure.

I think you'll be amazed at how many vets might voice their support but will ultimately do as they're fucking told since their careers always have and always will depend on it, no matter what, and especially when it comes down to who feeds them and their families.


Sat, 12/24/2011 - 02:16 | 2008900 thatthingcanfly
thatthingcanfly's picture

Reluctantly, I agree. This is part of what compelled me to resign my commission before I had been promoted past O-3. Any higher, and the temptation to put career advancement above duty to the Constitution becomes formidable, if not overwhelming. 

Sun, 12/25/2011 - 01:32 | 2009893 Harlequin001
Harlequin001's picture

Whilst I draw the line at labelling service personel with any label, it is good now and then to cross the path of others with the integrity and will to make decisions based on their beliefs in right and wrong, and not just self and personal career, or because it is simply too easy to continue to stay in service. My complaint is not about the services or serving personel, but about the situation that requires that we swear to something we have no control over, and I merely make the point that it is not yours, or mine, or anybody else's decision to decide what is in the best interests of the Constitution, if that is what you believe in, but that you can be shot for upholding what you believe your Constitution means if you contradict the opinion of others that govern...

The Constitution means nothing other than to the idealists that believe in it. Like the Magna Carta, it is rallying call, an excuse for poor people to die for, something to be set aside when others deem it in the national best interests. Something is very wrong somewhere, and too few seem to realise it...

Sat, 12/24/2011 - 15:28 | 2009379 Cathartes Aura
Cathartes Aura's picture

there's some obvious dissonance here:

an oath to protect the nation, not the nation's dictators and their whims. 

Maybe you need to enlist and see what "the government of the day" commands you to do, just to make their buddies richer and secure greater power for themselves.

how are these oath-takers reconciling their "promise" to "protect the nation" in the face of the obvious corporate invasions they volunteered to kill for?

how are these same people to be admired for their perspectives, in the light of their choices?  how are they, according to you, "on the people's side" when armed to kill the "other people" - and still drawing wages & benefits for doing so?

when these keepers of the oaths & protectors of the nation stop straddling the fence and begin to show some principles, I might be persuaded that they"re "on the people's side" - the people of the "enemy" and the people of the "nation". . .

Sun, 12/25/2011 - 01:16 | 2009879 Cadavre
Cadavre's picture

swore an oath to uphold the wishes of the government of the day 

Courious as to whom [exactly] you might consider as the government "of the day"?

Hint: Remember 3rd grade and that catchy little phrase we all learned: "of the people, by the people and for the people"?

You should have studied - studious individuals get laid - dorks tug solo during lonely midnight confessionals. I'll get you soap and a catcher's mitt for Christmas!


Sun, 12/25/2011 - 01:35 | 2009899 Harlequin001
Harlequin001's picture


Fri, 12/23/2011 - 22:29 | 2008686 StychoKiller
StychoKiller's picture

From "The Bill of No Rights:"


You do not have the right to demand that our children risk their lives in foreign wars to soothe your aching conscience. We hate oppressive governments and won't lift a finger to stop you from going to fight if you'd like.  However, we do not enjoy parenting the entire world and do not want to spend so much of our time battling each and every little tyrant with a military uniform and a funny hat.

Fri, 12/23/2011 - 13:14 | 2007447 whstlblwr
whstlblwr's picture

Interesting comment on Reuters blog, and others comments that talk of his support for Martin Luther King day.

"Dear Mr. Hosenball,

Please comment publicly on Ron Paul’s compelling anti-racist speech, delivered at the PBS Republican Primary Debate at Morgan State University on Sept. 27, 2007, hosted by noted African American media personality, Tavis Smiley:


In this pronouncement, Paul denounces racism & the prejudicial targeting of minorities in our criminal justice system, which uses the War on Drugs as a cover to suppress minority political action at home & to exert perverse political influence in Latin America. Unlike the other GOP or even Democratic candidates, who trade in cheap, sterile statements, Ron Paul expresses a substantive commitment to ending the worst forms of institutionalized racism present in US political structure today. He opposes the War on Drugs, 3 strikes your out laws, racist Voter ID laws, detention without trial, and denounces rampant Islamophobia cloaked as National Defense. Paul genuinely promotes transparency – unlike Barack Obama who has asserted, contrary to campaign claims, the right of his administration to neither confirm nor deny the existence of key documents, a move all previous presidents under the FOIA had not even considered. This emphasis on transparency could likely bring to light extremely disturbing but covert programs that have racist agendas, of the ilk of Oliver North’s famed Rex84.

Paul is openly ANTI-racist and – what is even more important than that – would seek to rid our criminal IN-justice system of its endemic corruption which intentionally and unfairly targets minorities, denies them due process and disproportionately imprisons them while letting similar offenders who are either richer or of a different ethnicity walk free.

Dr. Paul has also been interviewed by Tavis Smiley on several occasions.

Please weigh in on Ron Paul’s repeated public statements of admiration of civil rights leaders Rosa Parks and Martin Luther King, Jr. Please review his vote to approve Martin Luther King, Jr. Day and his bid to contribute personal money to award Rosa Parks an honorary medal.

Please comment on Dr. Paul’s delivery of minority babies in his private OBGYN practice free of charge.

On behalf of journalistic integrity, please comment publicly on Dr. Paul’s Sept. 27, 2007 pronouncement referenced above.

- Caleb King
Jamaica Plain, MA

Fri, 12/23/2011 - 13:23 | 2007504 Troll Magnet
Troll Magnet's picture

this is beautiful.  will never hear it from the media though.  fuckers.

Fri, 12/23/2011 - 13:32 | 2007551 DaveyJones
DaveyJones's picture

fuckers is the right word

Fri, 12/23/2011 - 14:22 | 2007758 LetThemEatRand
LetThemEatRand's picture

The only good thing is that you know Paul is gaining traction when the corporate media starts to freak out and engage in the full-on smear campaign.   He may be an ideologue when it comes to his free market as the answer to all problems worldview, but he's not a racist with a hate agenda.  I suspect the media's attempt to cast him that way will backfire.  He's going to get a lot of publicity out of this, and his supporters are likely to spend a lot of energy educating the public about his real views.

Fri, 12/23/2011 - 15:08 | 2007909 Harlequin001
Harlequin001's picture

You have to admire the balls of anyone willing to carry the can for this lot, to go down in history as the man responsible for collapsing the US and global economy and brought the country to the edge of anarchy.

Or perhaps he won't... Perhaps he's bullshittin'...

The end result will be no different just because Paul is Pres, It is still financial collapse and he knows it. He will not implement the changes that everyone here is expecting...

Fri, 12/23/2011 - 16:10 | 2008103 NumberNone
NumberNone's picture

Maybe he can't stop the inevitable from happening, but like the doctor he is, he will show us the x-ray of the cancer that's killing us and give us options for destroying it and preventing it from coming back.  The other presidential options will just carry on the kabuke dance and protecting the powers that be.  

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