Radiohead To Play At #OccupyWallStreet Event At 4 pm

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Update: Sorry folks, looks like another disappointment. Per the WSJ's Tamer El-Ghobashy, "#Radiohead spokesperson: “we can officially say its not happening” re: #occupywallstreet performance."

The scrappy #OccupyWallStreet movement, which is now into its second week, will get some high caliber reinforcements today at 4 pm, when as the official web site indicates, will see Radiohead play a surprise (or not so surprise anymore) for the event. Assuming this actually does transpire, will Radiohead become a harbinger of the interest that other musical bands (and other media organization) will express in the activist venue as a promotion for their own interests, and thus bring much more popular focus to the events in lower Manhattan?

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haha radiohead will get maced

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Karma police, arrest this man
He talks in myths
He buzzes like a fridge
He's like a detuned radio

Karma police, arrest this girl
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Making me feel ill
And we have crashed her party

This is what you get
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This is what you get when you mess with us

Karma police
I've given all I can
It's not enough
I've given all I can
But we're still on the payroll

This is what you get
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And for a minute there, I lost myself, I lost myself
Phew, for a minute there, I lost myself, I lost myself

For for a minute there, I lost myself, I lost myself
Phew, for a minute there, I lost myself, I lost myself 

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In an Interstellar burst, I am back to save the Universe from Vampire Squid, bitchez!

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good rage against the machine venue

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Good venue for a lot of bands who have been selling us shit claiming radical wisdom and counter-culture political truth. 

Now that Radiohead appears to have been but a fleeting rumor, perhaps it's time for others to step up.

And for us to remember who didn't. 

Karma is an equal opportunity bitch. 


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** UPDATE ** 



"A source with also maintains that Radiohead WILL play"


MOVE ON DOT ORG... GET IT? IT'S A MARXIST PROTEST "Proletariat vs. Bourgeoisie". Wasn't George Soros the man behind MOVE ON DOT ORG?!

Hagelian dilectic. 


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Well, the single unifying theme of the protest/occupation is "We Are The 99%."  That obviously has class implications, if you really, really stretch your dialectic, but in reality I think it's drawing the line between the financial elite plus their most empowered toadies and the rest of us. 

At some point the familiar paradigms break down in order to confront the obvious. 

Ron Paul has people all over this protest.  They're strongly represented.  And the hippies are making room for them. 

They won't roll over for them, but they'll embrace areas of agreement without a doubt. 

They haven't learned to be demogogical bigots yet. 

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Marx's classes were:

1. Labour (the proletariat or workers) - anyone who earns their livelihood by selling their labor and being paid a wage for their labor time. They have little choice but to work for capital, since they typically have no independent way to survive.

2. Capital (the bourgeoisie or capitalists) - anyone who gets their income not from labor as much as from the surplus value they appropriate from the workers who create wealth. The income of the capitalists, therefore, is based on their exploitation of the workers.

Simply put, Marx says it's the rich versus the poor. According to Marx the rich exploit the poor to get themselves a "labor-free income", which spawns a class struggle.


The two classes are not the Labour and the Capital, the rich and the poor, the proletariat and the bourgeoisie, or the workers and the elite. The two classes are the Debtors and the Savers. "The easy money camp" and "the hard money camp". History reveals the story of these two groups, over and over and over again. Always one is in power, and always the other one desires the power.

1. Debtors - "The easy money camp" likes to spend (and redistribute) money it did not earn, either by borrowing it, taxing the savers for it, or printing it. They like easy money because it is always and everywhere constantly inflating, easing the repayment of their debts.

2. Savers - "The hard money camp" likes to live within their means and save any excess for the future. They prefer hard money (or in some cases "harder" money) because it protects their savings and forces the debtors to work off their debts.

1789, the French Revolution, "the hard money camp" had been in power since 1720 when John Law's easy money collapsed, and starting in 1789 "the easy money camp" killed "the hard money camp" and took back the power. This is the way "the easy money camp", the Debtors, usually take power... by revolting against the hard repayment of their spending habits.



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Thanks for posting this.  I read this some time ago and was looking to find it again.

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well said Bob, there's much more diversity down there than many care to see at the moment.

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I think this was done better by somone else in the 90s...

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fyi, all of RATM's recordings (including that one that won that silly contest in England last xmas) are owned by the Sony Corporation.

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Bob, by the way, here is the manifesto of the "99".... just for yourself...

"The reign of the moneyed and privileged now ends!" .... hmmm?

High Plains Drifter's picture brought to you by georgi soros......

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Tea Party / Libertarian = Koch brothers "cato institute" of oil/gas industries --> gov paid energy subsidies (stealing other countries natural resources)

Republican = Bush / Saudi family of oil and military industries--> gov paid militaryindustrial complex subsidies (war profiteering)

Democrats = Clintons/Obamas + Rubinites of banking industries -->gov paid bank subsidies (loan sharking to the poor)


The war is waged for the control of money (new money) VS control of energy (old money).

Progressives = George Soros "open society institute" of hedge funds lucky speculator fortune.


Unless you inherited a energy industry empire from your grandfather or is an executive at military/oil corporation or executive at a US bank, you are better off with lucky immigrant Soros...lesser of 4 evils. He seems to be least dependent on government subsidies/bailouts.



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If only it were the gyrations of big business as you suggest, and not the continuation of medieval - if not ancient - tribal warfare.

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do you know much about dear old george. i suggest you read up on him before making such a statement.....

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They should protest radiohead all day. Just fucking scream and shout them off the stage.

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Fox news = koch brothers + ripoffblicans want you to hate Soros.


you are following orders soldier

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Yes, it's on topic.

I wonder if they'll be selling cd's, t-shirts and $7 tap beers to the protesters.

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I love this community!  You all live on a higher frequency than 99% of this country.  And thanks for Radiohead to raise the bar out there. 

Our Alarm Bells, they should be ringing, they should be ringing, this is the Gloaming. 


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Well today is my last day at my current position with my job in NYC. Working for one of the big film labs is a thing of the past.

The silver used in the film process is costly, the new digital formats, cameras, projectors and so on can deliver the same quality if not better than film and the price is now more competitive then ever. A big name lab like the one I work/worked for has no choice but to roll with the times , in this case getting involved in the post production end of the biz creating a surplus of post houses.  We merged with another post house and I’m one of the extra people. Sure redundancy is a good idea but not in this economy. I guess I can thank our banker friends for that.

I realize it’s not the end of the world well not at this moment anyway.

I will be added along with about 70 other employees to the unemployment lines. After updating my résumé and sending it out this weekend I WILL OCCUPY WALL STREET!!! Look for me ill be the old guy with the sign that says “ I just lost my job so I came here”  


Give me liberty or give me death these words will never die.

We have just begun to fight is a famous battle cry.

But what I really want to know is written anywhere.

How do the banksters feel when they stick you in the rear?   

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Last day at work is the best day!


you got nothing to lose now. Nothing to fear for the wall st. elites will fear you the most.


Hopefully you get a chance to burn some shit on TV!

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Throw Thom Yorke or Buffett into a wood chipper.

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Next on the docket; Rothschild hedge fund invests in Bob Geldof's "Free Wallstreet Occupiers" fundraising campaign.  Millions of Americans donate thanks to Viacom promoted telathon.  1 penny to the dollar reaches the lawyers representing the arrestees the remainder scooped up by Rothchild, Geldof and Redstone.  No arrestees are released, but several million trendy t-shirts and wristbands with the "Free Wallstreet Occupiers" logo are sold.  Did I mention that U2 would also be performing?

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Maybe I'll leave early and check it out.  I walked by about 10 last night.  They really aren't occupying Wall Street.  They are over there off Liberty Street, shoved to the side.  The amount of police in the financial district last night was ridiculous. 

I checked out what some of these people were saying to Aaron Task at Yahoo Finance.  Not one mentioned The Fed.  They are standing less than 200 yards from The NYFRB and not one mentioned that.  Some guy kept saying, "we want change".  All in all it doesn't seem like a very concise message. 

I am not familiar with Radiohead.  I can't even think how they would play down there without really screwing that area up.  That should be fun to see.  The fat tourists might not be able to buy crappy clothes at Century 21.  Boo hoo. 

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i checked it out too.  not the most persuasive people....  maybe it will grow into a larger segment of society with the increasing publicity.

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they need better slogans to unite the protesters, something which wins the hearts and minds of the people


kill the gluttons, end the kleptocracy end the fed, abolish fiat enslavement etc

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Like many angry people in this country, they know there is horrible injustice occurring, they just don't truly understand why.


The real protest should be on the steps in front of the Federal Reserve.  And instead of a music festival it should be a presentation of demands, in no uncertain terms.

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I don't think the NYFRB building has steps.  I don't even know which side would be considered the front.  It is just a massive fortress with a parking entrance. 

redpill's picture

I meant the one in DC, but hey they might as well take this crowd down to 33 Liberty and scream a bit.  I'm just not convinced they know what to say.

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it does have that small plaza right across the street.

mick_richfield's picture

It is just a massive fortress with a parking entrance.

Good.  Then this should work:

Build wooden forms on the outside of the building so that the bottom few floors get encased first, then work upwards.

The Radiohead music will make it hard to hear any unfortunate sounds from inside the building while it is being encased.


and now, a little help for my friends :



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This is only just beginning.  We need momentum, and radiohead is providing that.

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Let's see it done right...gallows and effigy of The Bernanke, Dimon, Paulson, et al...

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they estimate about one million mostly white people showed up in washington dc in september 2009, but i bet you never even knew about it or heard about it, except stuff and pics that was posted on the web. such is life in the gulag called amerika. they too were confused and did not know exactly what they were doing. however, they too knew something was wrong and wanted to express their outrage.  i submit most of them will never know what is going on, because deep down inside they don't want to really know the truth. in any kind of chess match, moves must be considered long before they are made (if needed). occupying wallstreet is for the most part a dead end issue. it is a police state and you are asking to be treated like they were treated last week. heck i am not going to sit here and argue about whether or not it was right or wrong. that is not the issue. the issue is if it is wise at least at this point to do such things. the answer is of course no. when i look at where it first started in 1775, boston ma, i think wow. so much has changed now.  frankly at this stage, i believe for the most part the entire northeast and central east coast of the us is enemy territory and should be treated as such. another words, forget about it, there is nothing now that can be done to change it or save it.  people in texas were trying to get ron paul to forget about washington dc and come back to texas and run for governor. but he would not do it. washington dc is lost ladies and gentlemen and so is new york. forget about them and flee them asap......imho, the only hope now lies within individual states and then moving from there. trying to cross swords with the enemy in enemy territory is a losing proposition, at least for now....and maybe forever.....

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The real protest should be on the steps in front of the Federal Reserve.

I hate to be overly simplistic, but isn't the FED, Wall Street, and the government, one in the same these days? I know for certain they have a very incestuous relationship with a common goal; money and power.

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What they need to do is demonstrate that this is not just a weirdo left thing.


They need to show that The Tea Party and The Flea party have a common cause


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Ending the fraud on wall street (Tea Party) and ending wall street entirely (Flea Party) are not common causes. Additionally, the desired result of said "common cause" are polar opposites. I would sooner go to war with those jackasses then join them. 

gojam's picture

Is that a bust of Cicero that you're using as an avatar ?

LFMayor's picture

No, it's Senor Wences.

gojam's picture


But it looks like a bust of Cicero, what would Cicero say now?

A man who gave his life for the principle of Republic.

Only an educated man would use the the bust of Cicero as his avatar so I ask, do you support Chysogenes or Roscius, Tyranny or the rule of law ???

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Is that a bust of Cicero ...

No, he's just stoned.