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    05/03/2016 - 11:35
    Crude oil time-spreads have completely dislocated from inventories. Historically, such dislocations have proved to be short lived. We expect that either spot prices will sell-off again or the back...

RANsquawk EU Morning Briefing - What's Happened So Far - 01/06/12

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Fri, 06/01/2012 - 06:33 | 2482874 MuppetMaster
MuppetMaster's picture

Tempted to say first.  Instead I'll just say... We'll meet somewhere below.  & either we'll both be up, or just me.  Cheers mates.

Fri, 06/01/2012 - 06:43 | 2482888 1835jackson
1835jackson's picture

Post obligatory picture of trader with head in his hands here.

Fri, 06/01/2012 - 06:51 | 2482904 chinaguy
chinaguy's picture

"Ka-Boom" is what is happening!

Fri, 06/01/2012 - 08:43 | 2483305 reginald
reginald's picture

Someone dropped their Dax this morning.

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