RANsquawk EU Morning Briefing - What's Happened So Far - 10/04/12

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Europe is back with a thud. Spanish and Italian yields on the rise once again. Stocks taking it on the nose, as well.

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They say that if the Spanish bonds get over 6%...its the death nell again.....here we go again..they are at 5.95% now....with all economies down from the peak and getting weaker with reality setting in...its going to be a new lower bar....unfortunatly the debt was spent at the higher bar.....so there SHOULD be many defaults and banks going out of business because the business will never return to the boom times...but TPTB do not want the banks to fail..its how they throw their weight around politically and in the Country Club crowd...I have come to the conclusion that printing will be the road they take...it saves face.....but it is funny how all central bankers are saying no right now...must be the elections coming up

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the farce is strong in an electoral year