RANsquawk EU Morning Call - BoE Rate Decision Preview : 05/04/12

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Spoiler alert. BOE keeps rates unchanged.

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Don't mind me while I put on my *shocked* face.

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The feather came out of no where and knocked me over.

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Oh Spain is giving out pain 

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The pain in Spain comes mainly from the vain.

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Madrid is on fire.  Nobody cares about the ECB guessimates anymore.

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euro/chf cliff

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Dong-A Ilbo: #ROK military source says S. Korea trying to locate several #DPRK subs unseen since leaving bases on N. Korean east coast.


N. Korean pro-govt paper hints at nuke test


Russia to Send 4 Warships to Joint Drill with China

The Russian Navy will be represented by the guided missile cruiser Varyag, and three large antisubmarine ships in an exercise that is to take place between April 22 and 29 in the Yellow Sea.


Basically a week after the NKorean launch, when tensions are gonna be sky high, China and Russia are gonna do a drill right off the South Korean coast... yeah...

N.Korea 'Building Even Bigger Missile'


Military Plans Corresponding Strike on N. Korea

A senior military official said that until now in the event of a North Korean provocation, South Korean action required a process of approval by the UN Command in line with the rules of engagement of the Armistice Agreement. The official said under the new plan, South Korea can immediately respond to the North's provocation for self-defense.


This is quite a change...

Key China insurer to stop covering tankers with Iran oil


Terror cells have been placed on high alert to attack targets in the United States and Europe should Iran’s nuclear facilities be attacked, a source in the Revolutionary Guards says.


Enterprise Carrier Strike Group Arrives in U.S. 5th Fleet


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I thought this was just a conspiracy.


Rothschilds to Unite French, U.K. Banks to Secure Family Control


The Rothschild family plans to merge its French and U.K. banking interests into one company to tighten control over the assets.

Rothschild & Cie Banque, the company that holds the French assets of the family such as the eponymous Paris-based mergers and acquisitions bank, and Rothschilds Continuation Holdings AG, which holds assets including London-based bank N.M. Rothschild & Sons Ltd., will be combined under French-traded company Paris Orleans et Cie. SA, it said in an e-mailed statement last night. Paris Orleans will change its legal structure into a limited partnership to give the family more control, it said.

They need more control?

“This will enable us to address the requirements of a globalized and competitive world while securing control of the family over the group,” David de Rothschild, who oversees the whole firm, said in the statement.


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The whole family should just be arrested, assets seized and then executed. They have committed enough crimes at it is.

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Think for a moment, the family was rooted in five cities:

Frankfurt (Nazi Germany made them flee),

Naples (Bad business made them leave),

Madrid (Fascists made them flee),

Vienna (Defaults and Nazi Germany made them flee),

Paris (Nazi Germany made them flee but they came back)

and London. 

Now they are leaving London for Paris. If you really want to glimpse a conspiracy (me? no), what does this tell you?

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Breaking : Iran cuts oil sales to two major Greek firms


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Gartman this morning on gold:

"The chart of gold in weekly terms at the lower left of p.1 now haunts us, for in retrospect it does appear that gold has not been in a bull market but has indeed been in a bear market since the spring of ’11 when gold traded to and just barely over $1900. Since then, each new interim low has been lower and each new interim high has followed. How, we ask, had we missed that fact! How, we ask ourselves at night, did we not pay greater heed to the gold sales made earlier this year that marked the high just under $1800 and how did we allow ourselves to be influenced by the “Bugs” who took us to task the times we headed for the sidelines? How did we miss the fact that

the trend line drawn on the chart was so clearly broken over time?"


Now THAT is hilarious...arrogant pompous prick. WE ARE LONG OF GOLD AND WRONG OF GOLD.