RANsquawk European Morning Briefing - 28/10/11

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did the switzerland 5 year go crazy or is my screen wrong

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"German senior coalition lawmaker says constitutional court's decision means EFSF secondary market bond purchases will be de facto impossible until verdict, as Bundestag plenary cannot meet confidentially"

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Fuck if Steve LIESman isn't the most annoying bitch on television.

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I used to like and respect Joe Kernan. In the past year or two he's become an obnoxious zealot. It's like he took the torch from Dennis Kneale.

Liesman is just blinded by bullshit...

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Have to be dropped from way up high to have a dead cat bounce that big.

The "Empire State Building" comes to mind.

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Granted - it is not handy, but.... World's largest gold coin unveiled in Australia:


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