RANsquawk European Morning Briefing - Stocks, Bonds, FX etc. – 11/08/11

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unemployment numbers and the 30y auction should make for a lively day.

Sequitur's picture

Is anyone still moving into gold, even at these numbers? I was smart enough to move to cash before the market blowup, have a few municipals, couple of puts out, but mostly cash.

But fuck me, two more years of zero interest rate and QE2.5, 3, etc.? Is it too late to move some of this to gold?

achmachat's picture

if you were my friend asking me for advice, I'd tell you not to look at the nominal value of gold and silver. Rather look at the gold to silver ratio. It's above 45, which translates to "silver on mega-sale".
My advice: buy physical silver before that ratio drops down to under 40 mid next week.

slaughterer's picture

Never too late to go into gold, as long as it is below $2500

Sequitur's picture

Appreciate it. I think I'm going to do both, visiting my brokerage in the morning and wire transfer it is. Also, anyone trust/use Bullionvault?

Pegasus Muse's picture

Check out James Turk's www.goldmoney.com , a bullionvault competitor.

If you're buying physical metal in size check out Tulving, www.tulving.com .  His website isn't fancy but he has some of the lower premiums out there. 

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