RANsquawk European Morning Briefing - Stocks, Bonds, FX etc. – 12/10/11

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Dow Futures up 115.00


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Yeah, dollar getting hammered, risk is on, baby.  No idea why, it just is.  I guess it's the cool thing now?

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melt-up, it's on. Every single developed country has essentially announced or is already doing it: printing money. China is buying bank stocks. Europe will print money per Merkozy agreement. Japan. and USA,

DAX is up 15% from its lows. USA stocks about ready to have one of its best October's in recorded history. China stocks will meltup as China uses its 2 trllion in surplus to bail out its banks by buying their shares. M2 money supply is going parabolic. Tensions with Iran/Saudi Arabia makes oil zoon higher, which also means printing even more money.

.....and shorts as I have been saying add nasuea will get mauled. The market never, ever, never, ever crashes when everyone thinks it's going to (NYSE Short Interest at recent highs).  Don't worry, you wanna play this trend: buy silver. Just broke above 33 resistence. If it holds, it's going straight to 40+.




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God luck to you buying in at the top, market is in a range and will stay that way until something more "certain" for the bancheros will emerge out of DC or Europe!
Next sell of will be below recentley hit 1074 SP!!!
Then it's going up again!!! Same old game of cat and mouse!!
But, you seem to have it all figured out, good for you!

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It looks like the pattern  for gold is to get bid up at night in the Asian and European markets

and taken down in the U.S. market in the A.M.