RANsquawk European Morning Briefing - Stocks, Bonds, FX etc. – 16/09/11

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Merkel basically declaring dominion over all of Europe :


German Chancellor Merkel says must think about mid-term possibility of Europe intervening in states that do not fulfil duties

Aka we'll invade your butt if you do not lick the EU boots... and by invade I mean ``abolishing your financial sovereignity``. Merkel is scum.

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Our constitution does not allow a war of aggression, lolmao. According to the Basic Law of the Federal Republic of Germany, Article 26, Germany is not allowed to disturb the peace of other nations. A person who does this will spend the rest of its life in jail or at least a minimum of ten years.

So you can be sure that I will do everything as a citizen of my country to prevent such a war of aggression. I will go to the courts and approximately 5 years later, when the whole nuclear war is over, we will have a sentence.

But seriously - Merkel is losing ground in Germany. Around 82 percent of the whole population is not satisfied with her; and the majority of them is against any further bailout. Luckily, leaders have always listened to their population.

And then the German labour party SPD will win - with the help of their green friends - and we will bailout the rest of the world faster than Speedy Gonzales can run.

BTW:  there was a German defence minister (SPD) who famously said: Germany's security is also being defended along the Hindu Kush.Basic law (Grundgesetz), my ass. Well maybe, in about forty years, our troops will be sent home. By then the Afghans will probably use that new Autobahn. At the same time we closed schools in Germany, we built new ones in Afghanistan - but the Afghan closed them already.

Oh did you hear about the new contracts we will probably sign with Russia? 500 billion worth? To build a modern army for them? We don't need to worry. Well, well, interesting times.

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Since when do constitutions matter? Ours certainly doesn't mean spit to our government, why should yours?

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dirtmerchant...Py has not experienced a 'leader' quite like Jr Bush yet. Soon Merkle, or her replacement, will tell Germans that their constitution 'is just another god damned piece of paper'... and they will get some piece of shit legislation similar to The Unpatriot Act.

Not really so different than Hitlerization, burning down the Reichstag, destroying the labor unions, churches, etc.

I'm not blaming the German people... People anywhere will go along with anything that seems to work temporarily when they get hungry.

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Oh I know - I was a bit sarcastic there ("I will go to the courts and approximately 5 years later, when the whole nuclear war is over, we will have a sentence"). Unfortunately. In 1948 they were quite serious about that article.

But as you can see from the quote of defence minister Struck, you just need to spin things.

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I got that from your post, I was sarc/ also, rules and laws really don't matter if you have the will and power to change them to suite your needs/agenda

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So this time around will Germany have the US military as an ally to conquor the rest of Europe... After all, the US Military is still a big player in Germany.

Hello NATO... are you listening? All you 'fringe' European states that are not servicing your debt masters... Recall your troops from everywhere and defend your own borders... The Germans are coming...again. lol

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 " ...the US Military is still a big player in Germany."

The US Military presence in Germany is but a ghost of what it was during the Cold War.  Almost 200K troops back then.  Now less that 25% of that number.  Men & equipment redeployed to the States.  Many installations closed and returned to the Germans.  It's created a huge negative economic impact on those communities where we were stationed for more than 40 years. 

This is a bit dated but still gives a good feel for the size & scope of the exodus: http://www.bicc.de/uploads/pdf/publications/reports/report04/report4.pdf

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FUCK financial sovereignty

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Off topic... gold / silver catching a bid this am on LBMA opening... Wonders never cease.

When perception management fails physical PMs will be your friend. Paper will not.