RANsquawk European Morning Briefing - Stocks, Bonds, FX etc. – 19/08/11

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Good morning ZH readers, FYI Japan just hit with 6.5 quake near Honshu , authorities claim no new damage to the plant.

First off, I doubt any authorities inspected the plant for damage since it has been reported by several workers there that

the ground around the nuke plant has been cracking from previous aftershocks and is now spewing highly radioactive steam.

Maybe what they mean is that with most of the fuel rods already melted down and finding it's way to the ground water

under the plant and exploding out the cracks in the earth all around the plant that no more damage can be done to the

plant or to the country or to the rest of the world. They have totally lost control of the situation, and have not come out

yet to admit it to the world. Since ZH is a financial site, I guess I should end with a recommendation for investing in

iodine pills.

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I predict "better than expected" volume today ;-)

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I concur.

It seems foolish betting against that very prediction.

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I predict the banksters will take lots of my fake money ,but, will accumulate lots of constitutional money.

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Gold knocking on US$1875, what a ride. I expect a smack down in NYC and slow claw back up till close. Times are getting interesting indeed.

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Oh Shit ! 

I just shat my pants. This ladies and Gentleman signals a bank failure or something very much worse 

Europe has gone to Hell in a handbasket.

and from the plebs at Twitter a rip snorter

"Why do we need a new recession? Wasn't the other one working good enough?"

I'd ask that assshat Bernake