RANsquawk European Morning Briefing - Stocks, Bonds, FX etc. – 20/09/11

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Egypt: Muslim Brotherhood Issues Ultimatum
Egypt's Muslim Brotherhood threatened to resume rioting if the government doesn't "submit to the will of the people," the Egyptian newspaper al-Masry al-Youm reported in its English edition Wednesday.

Speaking at a conference organized by the Muslim Brotherhood in Alexandria, Hassan al-Brince said the "legitimacy" of the interim military government ends September 27.

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CL may of had an important top put in last friday. It retraced higher a bit overnight. A possible setup for lower price levels to come http://bit.ly/mRNtyM
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Translation of free thinkers at Fight Club

Fuck yeah we are Europe on steroids ( with some help from free cash)

Amazing what Half a Billion US help buys- buys the stock that every ones selling. 

"Default of Greece by exiting the Euro"  - Denied Thrice and the Cock crows- Besides they can't fuckin afford a referendum but reformation is happening as we speak. Also Pap- end-ray-who is "thinking"... give me a break. He makes Gordon Brown appear to be as truthful as Mother Teressa and that man was THE GOBSHITE Born of the Devil. Love that Scottish pathological masterbator.... 

so ..Greece finds a lost credit card on the street and buys some time- Amazing (not). If they don't get Aunty Merkel to send their monthy bail out very soon and I mean any money gratefully accepted and straight away sent back to the lender  Then and only Then ...they are so Broke Humpty Dumpty would be main hope (around Here the Fat Lady sings)

Semiens - well you have to ask why they buried the cash in the Bank of total last resort (can I sign up.. Please) But wait for it, that was in July when things were much worse(not) and now ??????

China -things that make you go - Hmmmmm What the Fuck. They no like the French banks as well. I smell a very dead carcass and It is not getting any healthier.

Later on we can expect the US housing starts to smell worse than 5 day old road kill (and it was a skunk) but because the can is on the fuckin road and the Skunk is really very stationary (and it stinks) we can and must Kick the can into clean air.

Pearls to Piigs really

P.S Either -BTFD or man up and accept return of capital trumps return on capital any day. so buy some gold..... Bitches