RANsquawk European Morning Briefing - Stocks, Bonds, FX etc. – 23/09/11

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unavailable video

Greek downgrades

G 20 save the world

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working...  5 trillion in pension debt

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Another day of PMs sell - off....


another day in which ZH fail to cover it....


Tyler --- keep it balanced.....

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I would like this too. Plenty of headlines when PM's are up.


I'd love to hear why they are copping such a beating.

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If you had read his articles, he very clearly said that if the market

did get what they wanted, everything would be sold, even PM's.

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i've been buying gold seriously since 2003, whatever thats worth, and i'd like to give to give some advice in the hope u find it useful...

you shouldn't look to zh to tell u the price of gold , it can be found on your flick though the newspapers online.

use your precious time here to look at the REASONS for the price shifts.

i rarely look at the price of gold articles... too many 3 line comments screaming 'gold bitchez!'

who cares.

look to the articles on european debt, the lack of reform on wall str etc

they will tell you that this is creating a buying opportunity soon and PM's are still strong

i'll keep my physical forever but last bought mining shares/paper gold in april 2011, i then sold 1/3 of this in august.

and zh, my friend, will guide ( to some extent ) when i add to my physical and paper gold.

maybe soon but not until the time is right.

many here buy whenever... and thats cool but i got sick of buying tops.... did it for years... now i buy bigger i am more careful....and its fun.

hope it helps

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So...do i buy or sell physical?

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hold physical, watch the selloff and buy the fucking dip


dont you remember those cartoon bears?

BTFD bitchez

silver is heading to 25 again is my guess.....just a guess mind you

but i'm not selling any

my dollar cost average is well below that anyway

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yessss i do im sorry, im just new and inexperienced, but probably half the age of many people here.

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Tyler, any comments on Ag whatsoever?

Otherwise the trolls come a-sniffing...

$33.09 - such a deal!

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43 to 33 in a week....


Could retrace all the way to 22.... Long term trendline

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22, half of what I bought 18 ounces of physical for 3 days ago. Lucky I held back on that 1kg bullion?

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i think it's been fairly 'balanced'

if you know of a physical off-load, please post it.  esp any central bank.  the rest is just paper, and it has been mentioned several times.


good stuff. just say it's eerie and wierd, well, i suppose you guys need to be 'objective' and all that.  overnight shit has been bizarre.

finally got my sleep sched. patterned perfectly around markets!  but i think my health may be suffering; fuck it!  there's money a waitin.

this shit is more excitin than FOOTBALL (no, limeys, REAL football)


say hello to PAIN, bulls!


da bears

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just watched that video a second time...DAMN!!!

if that don't get your blood movin, you don't have any, bitchez!

it's like coach used to say, 'if you don't see stars EVERY time you lay into em, you ain't hittin em!  HIT IT HIT IT HIT IT HIT IT HIT IT' (i can still hear the echo).

and yes, i played soccer too -- right striker, bitchez!  call me mutha fuckin Hat-trick!  (me and hans)

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Looks like another "RED DAWN"



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Bye bye gold, next 20 years it's going to decline

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I am SO glad I am not in any way inolved in all this very non-salubrious maelstrom. I live in the best country in the world...NEW ZEALAND

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Without any doubt, New Zealand is a beautiful country, but a global meltdown will also be felt in your country. How difficult it will be in NZ? I've no idea. But look at your main trade partners and then you can estimate how things will develop. And now the rude part - get a new flag - I always mix it up with the one Australia has. Nah, just joking.But even Middle Earth (yes, yes, yes NZ is not only ME) will not be spared. But there are things that cannot be taken by this storm.


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America...you were so great. What the fuck happened to you?

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hold the faith.. all i own is white metal.. i don't for one minute think any one with phys is selling this is paper liquidation and a buying opportunity.. just wish i had more cash..

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I'M BACK ON ZH  ..YES ;)))

My Apple Safari browser wouldn't allow me on ZH for the past 2 days!! It kept saying the ZH server was not accessible...

I thought the masons and evil scum that infest the security community (and the world) had switched me off.. of course ZH is not responsible for what I say, I am. But of course the Law is made by arseholes and the arseholes have made it a websites responsibility to 'police' their own content (bloggers freedom of speech) rather than any injured (or guilty) Party to do their own dirty work and persue it themselves... Yep the Law is an arse and the lawyers and judges are even bigger arseholes (crones of the system) for applying it (rather than logic and common sense) 

All's well that ends well ...Hello (again) TD and the Team, i missed you xx

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Two days without ZH - I tried, but it didn't work. Now I hear you screaming - Sacrilege. No, I am glad that ZH exists, but sometimes it's just too much. To witness all of this...

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the fall of Rome was far from easy to watch i'm sure ...especially if you were one of the elite Emporers/officials who lived off the income streams of others (ie. parasites gaining control over the productive by means of force and/or deceipt)

and we're there again...

our Western world is in the same place with a monopoly institution called 'democratic Government' that has rigged our free markets with Laws, siphoned away productive wealth with taxes and perverted a free society with Law and force again... even our (Rothchilds) fraudulent monopoly money system is reaching its climatic end-game

sink your excess wealth into precious metals, after past few days bloodbath they're going on the cheap, and watch the parasites world crumble in relative safety... this is truly an historic time ...savour it (and the parasites demise)

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He's back too... thought this Ransqueek guy was dead?!!! ...he was sooooo toxic day-glo green last time i saw him i gave him days to live!

How do you turn the most violent and volatile bear market into a dull grey suit as boring as Bernank makes it look? Get Ransqueek to cover it


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i've seen this before - you've got ZHitis....

you'll wake up with gold bars under your pillow and a tattoo of building seven being detonated... i mean collapsing after being hit by a few WTC girders.

i prescribe weaning yourself off with bloomberg and attending the re-education camps.

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not sure Bloomberg is good for anything.. it's just another Associated Press/Reuters (Rothchild) propaganda channel isn't it?!

Thank God for non-Rothchild independent maverick media moguls like Conrad Black (jailed on an accountancy stitch-up job some years back) and Rupert Murdoch (stitch-up job in progress) 

on the precious metals front I'm defo getting in there when this mighty price correction is over... the (Rothchild) fraud-money system is reaching its ponzi end-game ..who wants to store their wealth in a crooks and monopolists monetary system?


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There's been a lot of talk here about backing up the truck when PM's dip again...

maybe the last dip before 'freegold' and the gold mothership truly taking off....   maybe.

we're gonna see who's got the real balls.

its about what u see the real value of an ounce of gold...there are many arguments  FOAFOA says a very high amount but i can't see that soon because there is so much in jewelry which is cashed in...

i see the value near the medieval timeperiod adjusted ... about $3000... so i'm still a gold bull.

if it goes past that i'd be wary of buying ... just me....


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I am glad I am not in this market. The move at around 12 o clock in the DAX was a violent one.

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AUDUSD has continued to show weakness and should drop lower. Here is an analysis. http://bit.ly/rr0vEZ - looking for a break lower.