RANsquawk European Morning Briefing - Stocks, Bonds, FX etc. – 29/09/11

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there should be articles of how to shortsell EVERYTHING!



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The USD seems to be still driving the market direction.  The EURUSD is on the verge of another major move lower http://bit.ly/n5pzOZ and the S&P could finally break through the lower end of it conolidation range for a move lower as well http://bit.ly/oERsTs .

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It appears we have more correction higher ahead of us on the AUDUSD, which could signal equities higher as well. http://bit.ly/nFuWgb
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yes, i would think there will be lots and lots of chat upcomming bout the chinese economic "situation".

and, "further concerns" viz. italy, yeah, i love the understated too; but, well, there's a time to say that further concerns have deteriorated to last straws and supplications to the god of mammon and the throwing in of kitchen sinks looks to now be a certainty...i could go on, but there will be time for new words to describe what's comming.