RANsquawk Market Wrap Up - Stocks, Bonds, FX etc. – 25/10/11

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Let me tell you Ransqueek its hard carrying the can for you to be the sole poster twice a day and make it look like someone's interested in this, well duller than a Michelle Obama teary-eyed charity speechzzzzzz (God save us anymore of those wet blankets, thank fuck hubbie is absolute toast next year eh?)

...anyway just to say i hope those improvements (sound, presenters, clothing, hair, background, script, basically everything!) are coming along fast as i'm not prepared to post much more (unpaid) to keep your comments off zero (0.000) much longer... i've a life to lead ya know, can't hang around with charity work here everyday month after month hoping something interesting may happen

'RaRa' boys now come on you can do it

....failing that just give some tips for the Dogs or Horses and the odds at Ladbrooks ok

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After the correction for the SPX today, price action should push higher for the next several days. The DX continues to look bearish in the short term as the EURUSD is pointing higher with equities. More "risk on" ahead. http://bit.ly/uFJB9g

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