RANsquawk Market Wrap Up - Stocks, Bonds, FX etc. – 26/10/11

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Merkel threatens europe with war if german banks not bailed out:


Brussels - Peace should not be taken for granted if the euro fails, German chancellor Merkel told MPs Wednesday (26 October) ahead of the eurozone summit where an increase of the bail-out fund firepower may lead to Germany's own state assets being taken as collateral.

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Theyve found the magic key, do nothing and continue ramping bullshit equities.

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EU dumping US 10 and 30 year Treas. to buy Euro.

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that leaves Benny the Doggy-Doo Bag Carrier Bernanke as the only (biggest) chump in the World still carrying that toxic crap

having given the worst economist on the planet, Paul Krugman, a Nobel for economics Benny must be next up for this esteemed (steaming?) Award 

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Get back on topic guys. This really sucks, and this little slime squid had the cunning to GTFO before they catch him escaping off to some tropical paradise..after his loot has been stashed away, converted out of soon to be worthless paper to physical gold along with that of all the other apex parasites of society. Damn, Tyler, sometimes I wish you wouldn't dig up all this stuff because it gets me so pissed off. The pot will eventually boil, but because they have used a boiler, it will explode.  (Actually this post in response to Freddie Faggot's golden parachute in preceeding post).

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this spot is like bubble-and-squeek, yesterdays rehashed old food (news) ...only the chefs level of radioactive toxicity (green glow on shoulders and hair) puts you right off eating ...better off as dog food as this spot has long since gone to the dogszzz