RANsquawk UK Data Preview - Manufacturing PMI - 1st August 2012

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NBC olympics coverage:


  • Bob Costas complains about not having a whole minute of silence for Munich games, while NBC cut out the tribute to the victims of the 7/7/2005 terrorist attacks in London and replaced it with tired same old interview of swimmer Michael Phelps by non-athelete Ryan Seacrest.
  • NBC Nightly News reports that Ryan Lochte won the gold medal before even televising the event in America
  • Says Australia is Austria (http://twitter.com/_victorf/status/229421937120665600/photo/1/large)
  • Shows promo for the Today Show that showed Franklin celebrating her gold medal BEFORE showing the tape delayed race. (http://guyism.com/sports/nbc-runs-missy-franklin-gold-medal-promo-before...)
  • only way to watch NBC online is to pay for whole year of cable or watch tape delayed broadcasts hours after the event
  • opening and closing ceremonies are not shown online and only tape delayed because audience won't get the right "context"
  • NBC execs censor journalist's Twitter account for being critical of NBC's shitty coverage
  • 30-60 second ads every 5 minutes of online video
  • ceaseless, insipid commentary during the games and interviews
  • cut to commercials right as TEAM USA comes out
  • Even US atheletes like women's soccer golie Solo critical of NBC's stupid analysts on twitter (http://prosoccertalk.nbcsports.com/2012/07/28/hope-solos-senseless-twitt...)
  • Interviews some "random black guy" in front of Queen's palace about olympics and fails to recognize olympic medalist Evander Holyfield (https://p.twimg.com/AzEIN21CEAA1bqB.jpg)
  • arrogance of ignorance: when World Wide Web inventor Tim Berners-Lee made the appearance. "If you haven't heard of him, we hadn’t either,"
  • Lauer and Vieira described the technology that was lighting up the audience. “These are little pixel screens at every seat that allows the creative team here to actually turn the crowd into a giant LED screen,” Lauer noted. Vieira’s jokey response: “One more thing I don’t understand.”
  • Most nations have their unfortunate figures from history that it is bets not to mention at events like Olympics opening ceremonies. So it is with Uganda and former dictator Idi Amin.Sadly no one told NBC host Bob Costas who cracked out an Amin reference at the sight of the Ugandan team.


America where corporate media overpays for a non-profit event by mostly non-professional athletes and attempts to make up the business blunder by ruining the entire experience.


Google UK VPN and watch BBC instead...SO MUCH BETTER and NO Ryan Seacrust or Bob Costass.