RANsquawk US Afternoon Briefing - Stocks, Bonds, FX etc. – 13/09/11

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If I can have te old guy back I guess the little girl is the best of the rest?

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this guy is the best. other than my regular old guy who I have watched for how many fucking years now??

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Afternnoon wrap-up: Almost no one is trading anything in the market. Therefore, computers ramp higher, much higher. No volume vapor levitation continues unabated. When volume drys up, go long. The sure trade.

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Algo Volume ='s God's Work by te Job Creators!!

Settle down now..

simma down now..

Praise Be!! for the Job Creators!!

Tick Rate Hits New Highs, Indicating HFT Activity

Traders Magazine Online News, August 12, 2011

James Armstrong

Bloomberg is reporting an unprecedented number of quotes in recent days, rising to new highs on Wednesday even as overall volume was down slightly, an indication of unfilled orders and the likely presence of active high frequency traders.

“The tick volume is up dramatically, when the actual volume of shares traded isn’t at the highest levels that we’ve seen,” Nagrath said. “Every time an order goes out, even though it’s canceled, for us it counts as another tick, another quote.”

Wednesday set an all-time high of 43.7 billion ticks. That was about one and a half times the number of ticks recorded during last year’s flash crash. Yesterday, data showed about 38 billion ticks, according to Bloomberg.

Click for chart <------------ Great PDF Chart of Ticks 2008 Fincial Crash / Flash Crash in 2009 / Japan Tsunami as well in this chart for comparison.



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"Poverty rate swells"...hmmm, and (as of this post) the stock market is up.  Almost sick.

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What about the horrible price data this morning?

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