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    The US Gold Market is best known as the home of gold futures trading on the COMEX in New York. The COMEX has a literal monopoly on gold futures trading volumes worldwide, but very little physical...

RANsquawk US Afternoon Briefing - Stocks, Bonds, FX etc. – 26/09/11

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Mon, 09/26/2011 - 11:49 | 1711415 SparkySC
SparkySC's picture

ZH keep the dooom and gloooom up LOL



Mon, 09/26/2011 - 12:31 | 1711678 covert
covert's picture

even though there is plenty of reason for caution, there is also ample reason for optimism.



Mon, 09/26/2011 - 13:18 | 1711853 Zero Govt
Zero Govt's picture

these toxic green-yellow presenters how ever many times Ransqueek changes them aren't looking any healthier!!!

Tue, 11/01/2011 - 04:41 | 1831014 karmete
karmete's picture

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