RANsquawk US Morning Call: New Home Sales Preview - 23/05/12

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He said "at the moment". Hahahahaha.

This is fucking clueless anymore.

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I think they included tent permits at state parks in the single family home permit number.


Buy coleman stock.

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In Las Vegas right now you would think it was 2004. There is only weeks of inventory left.  I received 56 offers on one REO I listed last week. The problem is the stupid banks and goverment are not foreclosing. no one is getting foreclosed on . NO ONE. So all the asian investors are buying everything for cash-leaving the owner occupants homeless- so they are now looking at new homes again-as they cant compete with the cash investors for REO or short sales.  Its messed up.



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The market has to clear and it won't until the banksters end their mark to myth strategy.  For that to occur, there would have to be a widespread awareness that the TBTFs are technically bankrupt.  Can't let that happen, now can we?

If I were younger I would set up demolition companies in all the sand states.  Any vacant house in a hot (dry or humid) area dramatically declines within a short 2 years, not even allowing for vandalism.  Go long bulldozers.