RANsquawk Weekly Wrap - Stocks, Bonds, FX – 14/10/11

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Tremendous Ransqueek... it's taken all of 4 months to change the background!!!!

Bloke at least looks healthy today and the office background is a marked improvement even if your office looks like a ghost town. Couldn't improve it much except to add some British MP's, central and retail bankers and Hedge Fund Execs falling past the windows to their death on the pavements below ...grizzly i know but 'dramatic' ...must get this slots dramatic energy pumped high, it's good for ratings and having bored everyone shitless for months on end you've got to come back with an impact

Next, the script. It's like watching paint dry (in slow mo). Nobody gives a fuck the Enviro Ministers are meeting next week. If you're going to mention dairy dates coming up, which nobody gives a crap about, add some sizzle like saying "the loony Eco Muppets are meeting next week and like Cancun and Cop-out-hagen it's going to be yet another waste of taxpayer time and money for jet setting Eco crooks peddling green tax fraud".

The script has gotta be sharp boys. As TD has noted ZH readers have the attention spans of Goldfish. And we're very proud of it. If your script isn't short, sharp, sexy or ultra sarcastic we're off to rip-the-crap-outta-JPM Max Kaiser or the hard-hitting Jim Rogers telling us what a total loser and complete tosser Ben Bernanke is (no matter how many times he repeats that we never tire of hearing it)   

Ok so you've got 4 months to improve the script... Good Luck  :)

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SP500 / DOW daily charts remain choppy but bullish.

A reminder that SP500 / DOW weekly indicators now give bullish warning. If confirmed, it suggests significant equity rally this year.

Importantly, monthly charts remain bearish.