RANsquawk Weekly Wrap - Stocks, Bonds, FX -- 26/08/11

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I reverse engineered the market making algorithm for the NYSE, so I have no need for "price forecasts" or "thinking". At least I can tell you that the principle programmer of the algorithm decided to rip the system off by leaving breadcrumbs to tell him/them where it's taking the market next. This has all been proven. No trading losses for me in 4 months since I figured it out. Zero Hedge is living in the stone age.

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he has custom silicon and he has tapped into the national security grid for band width!

he is taking the brand name HFT's to school!

gangsta! wiff da black box of black boxes!!

waaaaaa! waaaaaaaaa!!

and he has dark pool U.S. / China on lock!

he has sub-pennied the sub crowd!

his ssd's cost like $20k a piece! for 40gb!

he has ice flown in from the north pole to cool his box!

he uses a jet engine to blow on the ice and then over his board(s) to keep everything running kool!

he is King Fucking Kong in the digital space!

his C++ is self aware and writes / rights itself!

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Theres no longer ANY rational fundamentals, analysis of 'data', forecasting....its just a 'whatever' market so whats the point of any of these analysts?

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What would the market have done if we got QE3???

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Up then down instead of down than up?

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Our Old Kid is Back!!!

Good Job!!

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Surf Irene Bitchez!!

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While you were distracted by inconsequential BS from the MSM...