Ray Dalio On Whether The Current "Hopeless, Mob-Rule Deleveraging " Can Lead To The Ascent Of Another "Hitler"

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Or worse it could lead to another Robot Trader.

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i had almost forgotten about chinese solar stocks...

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f  all of the above emeffers

Robot and Leo were here before any of you could effing spell Zero Hedge

F right OFF - I hear Henry is looking for shallow clueless readers

ZH was a much better place without you scum


Project Mayhem

MN Nice

Cheeky Bastard

oh those were the days


F off emeffer nouveau ZHers

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sometimes I too will break out my kneepads

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excuse me sir, but i was here from about the beginning myself, but of course i did not use hpd then. i was anonymous when they allowed anonymous posting on zerohedge blogspot before td changed over to this format......now granted i took a while to join and for the most part during several months, i just read around here but one day i decided to join the foray....... whatever though. you believe what you want. i don't care...

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now granted i took a while to join

a while??? what are you an isotope who who speaks in terms of a half life? Robot has his critics and a few (used to be more) fans, but the effer isn`t even here and you dogs pile on  -and Leo was cut off at the knees (self inflicted, granted) but he put his real name out there, how about you Clint?   This is Fight Club not some backwoods trailer trash  community of basement dwelling losers.

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anon... No one died and left you in charge... regardless of what Robo and Reggie told you.

If you want to be a board monitor why not send an email to Tyler?

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Hopeless, bankster-rule hyper leveraging on toxic assets can lead to the ascent of another Hitler after market forces upon deleveraging reality.

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yes... WHY NO MENTION AT ZH ABOUT THE VATICAN TODAY???  i thought this was huge, tremendous news... 



The Vatican rules over approximately 2 billion of the world’s 6.1 billion people. The colossal wealth of the Vatican includes enormous investments with the Rothschild’s in Britain, France, and the USA, and with giant oil and weapons corporations like Shell and General Electric. The Vatican solid gold bullion worth billions, is stored with the Rothschild controlled Bank of England and the US Federal Reserve Bank.

The Catholic church is the biggest financial power, wealth accumulator, and property owner in existence. Possessing more material wealth than any bank, corporation, giant trust, or government anywhere on the globe. The Pope, who is the visible ruler of this colossal global wealth is one of the richest men on Earth. While two-thirds of the world earns less than two dollars a day, and one-fifth of the world is under fed or starving to death, the Vatican hordes the world’s wealth, profits from it on the stock market, and at the same time preached about giving.


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here is the link to the full statement put out by the vatican today..  



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Audit the vatican. Tax them equally as much as innovative companies that improve the human quality of life.

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Good question. Maybe for the same reason that famous and very vocal anti-globalist Alex Jones' Infowars.com just posted it in press release style, with no comment! Maybe they're wating for instructions on how to handle it?

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yeah, the press release has NWO all over it.. i was also surprised by AJ "relative silence" on the issue.. 

"In a world on its way to rapid globalization, the reference to a world Authority becomes the only horizon compatible with the new realities of our time and the needs of humankind. However, it should not be forgotten that this development, given wounded human nature, will not come about without anguish and suffering."

yikes!  notice how they capitalize Authority..

"The Pope is of so great dignity, and so exalted that he is not a mere man, but as it were God. and the vicar of God." -Ferraris Ecclesiastical dictionary 

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Alex Jones is a gatekeeper for the Vatican through the "religious" right. Most of his regular guests have very strong links to the Vatican agenda (eg. Paul Craig Roberts, Steve Piecznik, Joel Skousen, Larry Pratt, Ted Anderson). AJ's sister attends a Jesuit university and AJ has given talks there. Sadly, he is not what he seems....

With this action today, he has effectively blown his cover. I'm going to be very interested in seeing how each of the so-called "alternative" media handles this story. :)

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Alex Jones is a gatekeeper for the Vatican through the "religious" right. Most of his regular guests have very strong links to the Vatican agenda (eg. Paul Craig Roberts, Steve Piecznik, Joel Skousen, Larry Pratt, Ted Anderson).

That just may be the most off-the-wall statement I have read on ZH in ages. Reread your above sentence for comprehension, and identify the exhibited cognative dissonance. Most of his "regular guests" are complete unknowns to the "religious" right, whoever that is in the fever swamp of your mind. Jones panders to far left end of the libertarian spectrum.

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LOL! I'm basing my opinion on research ... you're basing your opinion on popular meme (or wishful thinking). Whatever.

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Whenever I see the latest pope, I get this mental soundtrack:


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"The Vatican rules over approximately 2 billion of the world’s 6.1 billion people."

Rules?  They're advisors, not rulers, to the majority of the 2 billion.  And many take the advice with a grain of reality.

And as far as having their gold stored at the reserve banks...hope they kept a detailed receipt.

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2000 years of ponzinomics. That's heck a lot of time for compounded interest and prime real estate valuation. And they don't even pay tax!


Best brainwashing ever invented and all they sell is some heaven concept that you get AFTER death for 10%  of your income.


Theocracy maybe dead, but their wealth is still around.

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Snotely says

anon... No one died and left you in charge.


WTF  - I expressed an opinion about a bunch of wimps taking gratuitous shots. Would you suggest it`s better to join the mob and pile on?  Ahh yes nothing like status quo -- let me check my closet to see if I have a brown shirt. 

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Arguing with a narcissist (right wing, Ayn Rand follower) is like telling a dog that it is wrong to lick his balls in public.  The dog will look at you while you are talking and seem to be listening, but the ball licking will eventually continue.

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Ayan Rand lived off of social security. She is a socialist acting like a capitalist just like wall st.

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Anynonmous  -  i like your style. Defend the defencless. Defend Leo while admitting he "cut himself off at the knees". Defend Robot again knowing he was a losing trading pattern and only profiited in hindsight like he said he just had. You're like the socialist of the blogging boards, always looking out for the little guy (pea-brained losers)

Agreed they're not "here to defend themselves" much like Hitler, Stalin and Bernie Madoff. That's because the losers wimped off not because we left here are wimps. Don't check for a brown shirt, we can all see you're carrying the crusade for the losers (tossers) of history with your chest bare like 'Macho Man of the Also-Rans'

Love you kicking off firing blanks into your own foot.. that's the type of style we miss about Leo and you're a worthy calamity clown of a replacement   

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Years before I ever arrived at ZH I posted under my full name. Why should I hide from obvious truths? I was proud to attach my name. I was naive.

You said it yourself, it's a fight club. If someone is being constantly cut-off at the knees, why would they return? Is it altruism or masochism?

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I miss your garbled eastern european style blathering. Go back to that persona. If I have you confused with someone else, it's cause I'm a dreaded newbie. Wow, you were here from the start, BFD. How's your ZH stock doing? No vested interest? Thought so.

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What we need is Compassionate Fascism.

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length of time on the board doesn't mean jack shit, if Cheeky Bastard didn't show up until today his posts would still be great, it annoys the shit out of me when people actually think that the longer you've been on ZH it makes you some sort of fucking elder or something...LMFAO


Project Mayhem had great stuff too

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I am a Man I am... (let me guess) .... a mouse

a bunch of pussys taking cheapshots at deadmen or those who aren`t  here to respond, that`s the issue

(and I think it`s Clint who was all defensive about the tenure thing)


and no I am not modeerator nor do I presume to be, but of course it`s a lot more fun to kick `em when they`re down and god forbid someone challenge that

as I said...  losers


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I hope leo is dying the prolonged and agonizing death that a ragingly narcissistic, sociopathic piece of shit such as him fully deserves.  He was and is as fully complicit, and therefore fully as guilty, of partaking in, enabling and apologizing for the massive, systemic fraud and corruption of the status-quo political, financial and monetary paradigm as those in power in Washington and Wall Street.  His many craven, cowardly, blinkered pro-Establishment rants attested to that fact, and I'll be damned if I am going to feign sympathy for such an arrogant and malicious bastard as leo merely because he is suffering from a disease (who here does NOT have their own crosses to bear in life, or suffer from medical conditions?  However, we are not constantly reminded of that from any other contributor or poster in the most shamelessly self-absorbed manner possible, as we were from leo).  His malady in no way exonerates him from his many mortal sins, and as far as I'm concerned, his death will never come soon enough.  leo was nothing but a sellout, a shill, a Quisling, a collaborator and a coward, and worse than that, he continually admonished the rest of us to sell out, give up and be the same.  He was not merely beneath contempt, he was beyond contempt, and I will piss on his grave with pleasure.

Fuck leo, and anyone who would stand up for such a criminal and apologist for evil.

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Wow!  That's some really intense hatred.  In fact, it's totally psychotic.  

Libertarians 2012: The Party for whacked-out, hateful, spiteful, bitter, paranoid, psychotic freaks. 


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Libertarians leave others well alone ...its the socialists, fascists and monopolists (ie. parasites) that can't keep their filthy stinky fingers out of other peoples pockets ...how you doing with rationalising thieving pussface?

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Yes, those were the days. Except I can't remember you or anything I've ever learned from any of your comments. Ironic, huh?

And robot turned into a troll and Leo buried himself in Greek bonds and high-beta solar stocks while the rest of us canned spam in the basement crowd got 'smoked' owning physical gold and silver - or not.

Seriously, what value does your comment add?

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traderjoe... "Leo buried himself in Greek bonds and high-beta solar stocks"

You left out the part where 'some nice guys took me (Leo) to lunch and explained what a great investment awaits in land that the nice guys developed in Argentina...'

I took him to the wood shed for that one... and would do it again.

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trader nice to see you again, remind me...

I don` t think I was responding to you but since you took the time; who made you the almighty  monitor?


robot turned troll you say- why because you disagree with him


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Pot calling kettle black?


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great response

ignore --  why not just change your avatar to a bright yellow A

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Did you swallow a whole bottle of Viagra today?

I ask because you appear to be a truly giant dick.

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Did you swallow a whole bottle of Viagra today?

I ask because you appear to be a truly giant dick.


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Does 'American citizens' evil have anything to do with your bad mood? Go back to that shit, it was brilliant schtick.

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I would suggest that Robot citizens are perhaps the greater threat.

I spent a glorious weekend in SF - except for some street people and a few misguided youths, it would be difficult to discern the presence of the OWS crew @ the Embarcadero amidst the carnival barkers and ready consumers all willing to buy, Buy, BUY!

Of course, it's all on borrowed funds, but apparently the citizenry has fully embraced "es, bibe, lude". Aren't they going to be surprised when price controls, rationing, and martial law are imposed so that the central state may able to de/re-value the $USD by about a factor of 10:1.

Actually, the surprise isn't that our modern Hitler hasn't yet appeared fully formed, it's that we've gone this long without any overt need to utilize such a figurehead. Thank our educational system, the MSM and of course TV for the continued passive & willing acceptance of the chains so that today's "solutions" don't have to be "messy".

Of course, one can only go so far before the necessary military & police powers are brought to bear. My take, and where I've been placing my chips, is going long on poverty. The People must be impoverished not only in the short-term to deal with defaulting the debt via (hyper)inflation, but also to condition them for a post-Hubbert world.

As I looked out over the City one evening, I could only help but think that it's been an awesome ride. Pity it has to end.

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And thus, my generation gets to eat shit. And people wonder why I'm so nihilistic. The idiots my age don't even realize the nice big brown piece of ass cake they're about to get stuffed in their mouths.

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But it's a glorious sight to see ignorance punished.

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"But it's a glorious sight to see ignorance punished."

ah...yes... and who put it better than this?...

In all life one should comfort the afflicted, but verily, also, one should afflict the comfortable, and especially when they are comfortably, contentedly, even happily wrong.
John Kenneth Galbraith

Read more: http://www.brainyquote.com/quotes/authors/j/john_kenneth_galbraith.html#ixzz1bkyDEP00