Re-Retaliation: Fire Spotted At Gate Of Chinese School In Kobe, Japan

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All day long we read how today, on the 81st anniversary of Japan's invasion of Manchuria, anti-Japan protests flared up in 125 Chinese cities, for the most part peaceful, protesting what China believes is an illegal Japanese attempt at annexation of the Senkaku Islands as a proximal catalyst, but likely also an outlet for years of pent up anti-Japanese sentiment (of which there is plenty on both sides). For a good example of this see recent events in Muslim countries, US embassies and a certain film about Mohammed. Things got so heated, that late in the day there was some speculation that China may consider retaliating for what it considers an unprovoked territorial grab by the not so beloved eastern neighbor by selling its holdings of Japanese bonds. And while that may or may not occur, the probability of some serious escalation only gets largely greater as we read news of such development, this time out of Japan

  • Fire Spotted At Gate Of Chinese School in Kobe, Japan: Kyodo

Well, if Japan wants this confrontation to get truly ugly, then by all means re-retaliate, and certainly bring the school children in it. One thing is certain: China will not step down, and neither will Japan. What happens next is thus anyone's guess.

And to think all of this is over a piece of uninhabited rock in the middle of nowhere.

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Popcorn time!

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Shit just got REAL! 0_o

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Shall we a play a game ?

Love to, How about Global Thermonuclear War.

Wouldnt you prefer a good game of chess ?

Later, lets play Global Thermonuclear War.


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I don't care if Pearl Harbor happened 70 years ago...Fuck you Japan! Those slimy pilots were laughing while they bombed our defenseless troops and ships. Fuck you Japan...for all those marines, sailors, and soldiers who never got to live their lives.

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The interesting part is that the Japanese are noted for their obedience of the law.

This means they have a rebel on their hands.

I smell Bruce Lee.

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japan may have super human powers since being dowsed with the fukishima green the toxic avenger...

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Ultraman is going to be pissed ............

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Ultraman kind of stems from that whole Japanese freudian block from being nuked and such. What'd be really cool is if a bunch of Mishima's started popping up and kicking ass.

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Fuck you dolphin and whale!

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Collectivist garbage. 

You about ready to pay some slave reparations there?  No?  Then best shut the fuck up.

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enjoy your brainwashed life

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It sure is popcorn time, this is getting out of hand and fast.  And soon we will see something done that will push the two groups over the edge.

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lol, I'm reading your post eating a big bowl of popcorn. Really cosmic stuff today!

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Boy, that escalated quickly...I mean that really got out of hand fast.

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The only 'Popping' you're going to hear is the sound of rifles!

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hey china, go make me a sammich bitchez

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Or said another way....

Now go home and get your fuckin' shine box!

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One thing most particular to many Asian cultures is the intolerance for loss of face, or sut meen. Even more than with Americans, it will be hard for these two cultures to back down.

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Can't we just settle it over a match of Rockem Sockem Robots?

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Just wait until Japan sics Mothra on their Chinese asses!

There's gonna be Hell to pay --- just as soon as the Japanese Defense Forces find that box with the miniature twin singing geishas.

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That would generally entail the invited intervention of a respected third party to broker an honorable solution, too bad the US is so short on competent, much less respected leadership (even if it's usually dishonorable) right now.

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Apparently I don't care about loss of face, as I keep double-posting.

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Two-faced bastard!  No No No!  Turn the other other cheek.

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the best part of china ran down the crack of their mama's ass. i fart in their general direction.

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Hey Jimmy, was I out of line or what?

Well, you insulted 'em a little bit...little bit.

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To: AAnonymous,

Make me some flied lice while I eat you blo me.. 

Actually Chinese demogrpahics is all the revenge we need, 20 million males and no women wait a second, those are surplus males with no future, poorly educated, cannon fodde.. This may not end well..

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Actually Chinese demogrpahics is all the revenge we need, 20 million males and no women wait a second, those are surplus males with no future, poorly educated, cannon fodde.. This may not end well..

Catch 22 as loved by 'Americans'

'Americanism' is spreading everywhere, including in China and this makes the following even stronger:

military men get laid, are usually heavy consumers on prostitutes and have also a high marriage rate.

So basically, anytime that 'americans' hint at the unbalance between male and female in China and a socalled link between that imbalanced situation and sexual intercourses, they can not even accept how their own society works.

Getting in the military is a path to sex and marriage.

And it negates their primary point, that those guys, as they can not get a wife, will be wasted on the military.

'Americanism' is spreading in China. The wife less guys might be found but not in the military. Indeed, as 'americanism' is spreading, those guys might be used to spur an 'american' colonization wave somewhere else. 'American' style.

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This is really bad if it continues to escalate. I know a lot of people in both China and Japan. It's sad how governments turn good people against each other.

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AS a country to country war...this goes back a long time....WWII..the Japanese did terrible things to the China has the Power I think.....and they have millions of wifeless men.....looking to rape the Japanese women....Just like the Japanese did to the Chinese so many years ago....

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One cannot ever really get even because by the time you can do it, the true instigators are dead.  If you go fter their offspring you just start the whole thing over.  Just try to never permit the conditions and totalarian governments to instigate the madness in the first place.  I know easy to say but hard to do.

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An eye for an eye makes the world blind.

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I really hope this is just a coincidence, a bunsen burner left on or an electrical short . . . but even if it is - it could Black Swan.  On the other hand, a  single individual/arsonist could set things in motion ala Sarajevo and Arch Duke Ferdinand into the World War, could be all out Asia with the rest of the world picking sides.  Please no!

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It's truly amazing how easy it is for a few people to rile up millions into a state of blood lust over virtually anything.  

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It makes you wonder what millions of Chinese willfully choking on Shanghai smog or loopy Japanese buying used panties out of a vending machine care about some fucking islands they'll never see in their lives.

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Actually I think there's a Days Inn and a Benihana's for tourists.

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Reminds one of certain US politicians attacking 'the rich' as a means of attracting votes. 

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or that war on thehherhhor or whatever it's called..
the one solved with the airport searches of Granny Gooey Crotch and SweetCakes Baby Boo Boo.

Mrs. K just told me Lizard Lick Towing is on... gotta go

knukles's picture

Oh and I forgot the other Big Time Life Improvement...
the unavailability of Big Gulps in NYC



Forward Bitchez

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I don't think you will have to worry about some silly fucking war on terror anymore. China will square up with Japan. North Korea likely gets involved too with S Korea and we have to help both.

Then these fucking Muslims get uppity with Israel and guess what. We have to help. Of course Russia will side with the ass pirate Arabs. That ought to be fun.

Then there is that patch of land to our south. Mexico may get aggressive with the help of Chavez.

The only choice we will have is to deploy and use nukes. Too many savages at the gate to deal with by conventional means. This shit could spiral quick!

Everyone sleep tight.

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I'm getting the same vibe. Like it's 'Pile on the US and let's see what it takes to break her' or something. Of course, our Feckless Leaders have put us in this position and there's not one person with a 'snowball's chance' of being put into office who would turn the ship around. Both parties have their foot on the accelerator and all they're arguing about is who changed the radio station. Meanwhile, the cliff looms...

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LTER, yeah reminds me of socialists like Nazi's riling up millions..

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Easy answer? Who was responsible for their education?

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Upticks LTER - you must still be in shock as you're not normally a hit & runner.

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See what happens when you take the opium tents away?