The Real Election-Year Cycle: Buy Volatility In August, Sell In October

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It seems everyone and their pet Goldfish has been brainwashed into the belief that because it's an election year, we have to buy stocks. There is plenty of noise in that empirical study with some large outliers. However, Credit Suisse's Harley Bassman notes there is another cycle in election years - that of implied volatility - and he adds "the clearly defined economic nature of this election should increase implied volatility on most financial assets." As the chart below shows, volatilities tend to trough in August and peak in October into a November election - only to fall once again from two-weeks before to one week after the election. The pattern is clear.


Via Credit Suisse - with our annotations to highlight the trend


Source: Credit Suisse

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Past performance is not a reliable indicator of future returns.


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Love that Blanchard ad you guys have up... Way more interesting than the market at this point... but, maybe it's just me..

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This giant fish (not whale) would like to short Australia in the short term (next month), but there is no effective way doing so except FX trading.

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You are looking at history when markets were not so manipulated and controlled. Germany is going to go the way of Japan and US and print their way to prosperity. Honestly, from a bureaucrat's perspective printing is awesome. You can spend as much as you want at ever lower interest rates and buy votes with food stamps, welfare checks, pension payments, not raise taxes and pay off all your friends with "stimulus" payments. The only reason Europe has "problems" is because Greece, Spain and Italy cannot print money. That problem will be going away in September. 

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Several factors indicating a stock market crash just before or after election

Documented facts:

1. Volatility bottoms in Aug and can skyrocket by election (see 2008!):

2. Low volatility and low volume (everyone on vacation with lots of talk but no action on global QE) pushed up the global stock markets in August:

Declining volatility (the main factor) combined with rising prices, have destroyed short options, causing a short covering rally. Remember options are priced based on volatility and price expectations.

3. Fed will not QE3 until stock market crashes (neither will ECB nor China):

4. Stock market can decline in Sept/Oct in an election year, but usually only if the incumbant loses:

5. Voters assert that the economy can only get better if their choice wins, thus giving political cover for a stock market crash around the election:

I saw a Yahoo Finance poll several hours ago, where roughly 30% said economy will get better if Obama wins, another roughly 30% for Romney, and the rest saying economy won't get better either way.

Also this:

6. Reality on the fiscal cliff will bite consciousness, once the election preoccuption has cleared:


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Chart looks like a nest of water mocassins during spring breeding season.

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Nice recap, Shelby!