Reason For Latest Market Rally: Morgan Stanley Leaks Own, Goldman's Numbers

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Remember how the market rally back in March 2009 started with Citi leaking its "great" numbers? Well, Morgan Stanley has just one upped them, not only "leaking" their own numbers, via Fox Business' Gasparino who a week ago was theatrically complaining that Morgan Stanley wanted him dead, but also somehow leaking Goldman's numbers. How Morgan Stanley got Goldman's Q3 numbers? We don't know. But all is fair in love and preserving the ponzi. Lastly, if the actual numbers of Mack The Knife's firm end up being far worse than expected (remember all that stuff about VaR being taken down in in Q3 after it soared in Q2), they can just blame Gasparino for not knowing the difference between Gross and Net EPS, net of European bank exposure.


Source: Bloomberg

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Last 2 days' trading volume in MS the biggest in history.

Probably total about 140 million, both up days.

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At least this time your comments are linked to the subject matter!

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Gasparino = Crammer.  

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And how does that improve the American economy?

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Nancy Grace is so hot

ratso's picture

You need some rest.

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You need some glasses!

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what is wrong with you??

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+1 for humor - this needs more love

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you have a drinking problem

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"Looking good."

"Everything is solid."

I'm sitting here have a Fuld moment. Must be time to head for the hills.

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"Looking good."

"Everything is solid."

Tomorrow Gasparino will retract his statements: Morgan Stanley CEO was describing his bowel movements.


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Well of course he's going to say that? What the eff you think he's going to say? And nicely timed at 3:45 to disclose this useless piece of news. Fuck these last minute ramp jobs.

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I commented at market open this morning the only thing that would matter today would be the 3:45 rumor clockwork.

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When I said I was "sitting here" I did not say where, exactly. So yeah -- let me flush this "business news"

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These banks are solid? So are my turds.

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Today’s Recipe: How to cook the books.   B=p{min[U, max(E-L,0)]}

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Well, that seems totally credible and unbiased and CEO's have a strong track record of speaking critically about their organizations...Guess all's well, can't wait to get me some of that MS paper!!!


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The undead, zombie market lurches forward a little longer.  Its only discernible source of energy is from the brains of self-interested rumormongers.

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And looky here (from MW...title 100% misrepresting Rosie!!!)


S&P 500 30% below where it should be


October 5, 2011, 1:23 PM

David Rosenberg, chief economist at Gluskin Sheff, looks at today’s ISM  numbers and sees strong parallels with 2007.

“The ISM’s non-manufacturing purchasing managers’ index came in at 53 in September _ exactly where it was in November 2007.

ISM Manufacturing was 51.6 last month – where it was in November 2007.

Recession began a month later.”

Rosenberg goes on to note that:

“The consensus on EPS is still for double digit growth through 2012, so even a mild setback would be problematic. Plus there are far fewer policy tools globally to get us out of the next recession.”

And he points out that:

“…going back 50 years, this will be the first time (most likely) that the stock market will have declined in the fabled third year of the presidential cycle. This is what so many strategists were pointing to at the state of the year. On average, the S&P 500 is up nearly 20% in those years (so adjusting for this calendar influence, the market is actually closer to being down about 30% this year).”

- Tom Bemis

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S&P 30% below 'where it should be', given rosiest best case scenario of some '3rd year of a president' past formulation avg which has absolutely nothing to do with conditions today. 

These people just like hearing themselves talk.

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The fact that the central planners can't keep the ponzi going even with one of its stooges needing a third year boost is very significant.  For the first time in 50 years, they're not capable of delivering even a short term jolt.

And that's with Ron Paul waiting in the wings to spoil the party for all of them.

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This shows you four indicators that say SPX is 20P to 40P overvalued.  So ya somewhere between 960 and 1280 give or take 20P sounds about right to me.

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>“…going back 50 years, this will be the first time (most likely) that the stock market will have declined in the fabled third year of the presidential cycle.

Ummmm.....just maybe that has something to do with the current president?  Nah...that can't be it.

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it has nothing to do with the president

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APMEX still has a few monster boxes, therefore there is no problem with supply.


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i often wonder, if the silver market is that small, and that tight, why hasnt one billionaire bought it all up, just for kicks? all i hear about is how tight the silver market is these days, yet i know people who speak with gainesville and they have as much as you need, for 4 bucks and change over spot

CH1's picture

Great question. I don't know the answer.

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Every dipshit in that market is too big to be in there.  That is why it swings all over the place.  It really is that small.  JPM has no concept of size.  That is why they get raped shorting nonstop.

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MS already had an attractive P/E ratio. :roll:

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Source: Bloomberg

What a joke. Bloomberg has a bigger bunch of dick blow hards than CNBC.

They are in competing to see who can out do who.

FOX. I guess somebody has to watch them.

Pladizow's picture

They're both "fluffers" sucking the markets dick before it fucks the sheeple!

fyrebird's picture

Ew. So many metaphors, and all of them dirty.

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I guess "rats leaving ship" is dirty in a way too. Ah well...

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bloomberg is best for the misleading incomplete crawl...but you have to mute your system.....

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Gasbag a weeno, is still a big piece of shit. Just a different channel.

"everything is OK." Just ok, you say. Okay dokie, buckwheat.

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This has to be criminal, releasing RUMORS of 'how banks are doin' without any data at all to back it up in order to drive closing ramps on stocks? This is all just a sick joke at this point.

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...and in tomorrow's news:

Antonio Borges accepts position at Morgan Stanley.


kill switch's picture

Are you aware of the subtlety of that remark...



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The power of just a few words. No facts, just words. 

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We are caught in a trap made of words -- just words -- and the facts when they come will not free us, but rather run us through.

Run blindly through the storm but there is no escape for beyond here there be monsters.

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Gasbagarino, isn't he buddies with Dick Grasso? he must know something we don't

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I'm feeling confident now. What's up with NFLX?