Holy Shitshow: Recordathon In French Bank, European CDS Following Atriocious Italian Bond Auction, Dexia Bail Out, Libor Explosion

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wang (not verified) Sep 12, 2011 7:21 AM

As we speculated on Friday, Europe has "opened"

and the optimisim ends there

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"And joining in the record party, are Italy +25 at 307 bps; France +12 at 190; Italy +40 at 505; and Spain +44 at 445 bps."

Error there. You mean, Portugal for one of the Italy's?

Gotta love Google Translate of German too :)

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Actually worse: Waffles!

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Gotta love the reference to 'concrete' in the article... Perhaps they meant liquid concrete?

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Dutch, not German. "De Tijd" is a Belgian paper for the Dutch speaking part of the country (Flanders). "L'Echo" is its French-speaking counterpart. :-)

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well i guess we gotta say tyler nailed it, again, with his piece abt the maginot line over the weekend!


durden's prob got 150 tix to r.paul's inaugural, too!


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The inner cabinet of the federal government Monday decided to Holding Communal jumping high urgently needed cash. The Dexia shareholder as his immediate obligations.

The federal government decided late last week the ailing Municipal Holding 1 / 1 by the lifeline to throw 39 percent of the holding company for Astrid 40 million to take over.

Well that's a perfectly understandable outcome.

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And meanwhile, gold is down in Euro's & even though the bid to cover has fallen, Italian bonds are still oversubscribed, despite that slick con man in charge.

Hardly panic.

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I think you ain't seen nothing yet....  the wild cards have yet to be released!

Gold will be 1600 Euros/oz in a few weeks according to the bird... and that means its hitting the fan now

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Maybe so but at present the bond speculators are happy to sell gold for the chance to make a quick profit off of the ECB.

Get back to me when the real panic starts, when the gold price only moves up, not down too.

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urgently needed cash ?

Could be me.

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Greenspan writes their material. He'll be in the background til this bitch explodes.

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What a frickin circus....ahhh central banks with their central planning

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You are witnessing the effects of fiat money, fraud, stupidity,arrogance and cronyism.

And add in incompetence and greed to the mix.

Transparency and professional ethics? Ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha.

One solution: something like the French guillotine used so successfully during their revolution, once the sheople had enough of plutocratic/autocratic elitism - call it whatever you want. Fucking downright evil.


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Who cares...you Yanks and Brits will pay for it. After all, you guys sold us the CDS insurances! Fuck, this is so beautiful. Go ahead, really hope for Greece to default and give us your "advices" how to do it more quickly...SUCKERS! HA HA HA HA HA HA HA HA HA!

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Does everyone here realize that sites like ZH and BusinessInsider are doing to mainstream market-related media sources what Craigslist did to the Classifieds sections of major newspapers???



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I can't speak for 'everyone' but I recognize what is going on re: ZH vs bobbleheads on MSM...

This morning the world financial system is in jeopardy of collapse but when one reads Bloomblab or Marketfarce the take away is 'all is well', 'nothing to see here', 'remain calm'...

Fiddling while it burns.

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If they're not running an outright puff piece, at best it's like reading yesterdays, or even last weeks, or last months newspaper.


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fuk "business insider"!

and fuk you, too!

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Holy shit show indeed!

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but aren't obama and buffett going to fix everything? 

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...as soon as they get out of that bath...

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brother can you spare a dime.....oh- i mean a hunski?

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As Ron Paul pointed out in the debate recently, if you can spare a dime, you can buy a gallon of gas with it. A pre 1964 silver dime that is...


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Reform1776- knowledge is power and ZH is on the money....

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What were the relevant LIBOR spreads during Lehman?  How do the current ones compare?

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EURIBOR-OIS: 85.3bp highest since Mar-2009 nothing like Lehman high of 206.9bp. But the point is you really really don't want a "trend" since it's self-feeding into confidence and trust and can therefore blow-out faster than you can blink and its a bit of a slow-motion train wreck, i.e. hard to stop when it does. It also isn't really a true reflection of the stresses happening on the ground inside banks...

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Nowhere close, about 3x left to go. EURIBOR-OIS confirming the same..widest level in 2 1/2 yrs, but nowhere close. Yet.

edit: sqz said everything well

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Swing looooow! Sweeet Chariot!

This ones gonna carry me hoooooooommmmme!



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One wild week that will catch those who have not been paying attention go nuts.  The rest of us will have popcorn and sit back and watch the show.

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I wish I had a fast forward button to get to Friday to see what carnage the banksters have wrought!

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Just look around, you should see some poor soul begging who used to have a family and what he thought was a secure job.


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An explosion at a nuclear plant in France won't bode well for markets either. More news coming, just heard it on local news station, no details yet. 

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Here we go -> http://www.cbc.ca/news/world/story/2011/09/12/france-nuclear-plant-explosion.html?cmp=rss


Not sure how this will impact stocks, probably well send them radioactive. Algo's like radiation, causes more latency for everyone else.

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It's looking like another good time for bears to take profits, but not a clear and easy call., Don't want to be too greedy but don't want to miss the next leg down, either. 

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I agree. Covered friday, looking to figure when to catch another wave. The signs are here, but hard to believe the .govs will not try to prevent meltdown...

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It's not all bad news. The EUR/USD has recovered and filled the gap :)

PS Whose the idiot buying this shit.

PSS Which I could write the above PS in Mandarin ;)

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Next - Obama lays a wreath at the NYSE...

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The EUR FRA/OIS was around 150 when Lehman fell. Before itt collapsed it was around the 80.

We currently trade in the 83.65.


I guess Tyler was talking about this.

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Steady downhill slope bitchz!

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So why is the Euro still at $1.36. Unbelievable.