Remember The 15 Sigma Surge In Greek Financial Stocks This Week? Here Is An Update

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Remember the 15 sigma move (yes, the move was 15 standard deviations) in Greek financial stocks on the failed attempt by the country to create its very own TBTBF bank with some Petrodollar support? Here is a quick update of how that ended up.

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2 pic's r worth a thousand laughs...

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Greece: A national stock exchange index turned into a penny stock P&D.

nope-1004's picture

"TBTBF".... is this a new acronym Tyler?  LOL....

Too big to be f*ckd?

Too boring to bait financials?

New_Meat's picture

lol--keep it up, you b on a roll ;-)

Strider52's picture

The Bank That Bought Farms?

The Back-To-Back F*ck?

DogSlime's picture

"The Back-To-Back F*ck?" - Perfect!  I launged enough to make me want to pee.

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Where do I get a "15 simga" shirt? Graphic would include a greek style stretch

Irish66's picture

Thank goodness August is over, September will bring some truth.

monopoly's picture

These markets are so broken. Now we are up 65 after being red 5 minutes ago. What a wreck this planet has become.

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And IMO, the markets are not just broken, they're not markets anymore. More like zombie markets. Few small investors are still in it, they're now mostly crowded by state agencies, pension funds and large banks (i.e. state agencies, state agencies and state agencies).

I would not be surprised if these abominations of "markets" could keep levitate to record highs even in the presence of mass unemployment such as in the 30's.

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what caused the jump in the Dow/S&P 30 or so minutes ago?

papaswamp's picture

closing bell ramp on no volume...must

Racer's picture

Usual shenagins for end of month spies queues and diamond witches

Cognitive Dissonance's picture

The penis implant is failing in the last few minutes. All they have left is bubble gum and Band-Aids.

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Please explain.

Racer's picture

I need an electron microscope for the second chart!

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It should be. Under the assumption of normal distribution in statistics 15 standard deviations is about 1 in a gazillion probability (to be technically acurate), but markets don't have normal distribution so those "rare" events happen a lot more than expected. Jokingly I suggest that stochastic statistics be used instead. After all two bankrupt banks becoming one bankrupt bank is a stochastic event and must be bullish, correct?

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Does that markov stuff work here?

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so greece is discussing "cash" collateral with finland. so, ummm, greece, who has no cash, is looking to "borrow" more cash, which will be a loan that is based on "cash" collateral????  huh????

myne's picture

Finland will deposit the cash to the new bank.

The new bank will write a loan to the value of the cash*10.

10% of the new loan will go to Finland as collateral.

Greece buys lube, condoms, marshmallows and wine.

Everyone gets fucked doggy style around the bonfire that was their economy while snacking on roasted marshmallows and quaffing Dom Perignon 53

kito's picture

how is the whole indian wedding-gold-silver story looking for sept?

Cognitive Dissonance's picture

15 times your pleasure, 15 times your fun. Makes sense to me.

New_Meat's picture

them Wrigley Twins were always hot.  Octo-Mom only had eight.  How unlikely is it to have 15 babez? ;-)

- Ned

DeadFred's picture

Kind of reminds me of the S&P from 2013

achmachat's picture

hello, fellow time traveller.

DeadFred's picture

Don't I know you from that conference in 2016?

DeadFred's picture

Don't I know you from that conference in 2016?

Sudden Debt's picture

what made you come back twice to this time?

Sudden Debt's picture

did you bring that sports almanac I asked you for?

Sudden Debt's picture

I love mirages :)

They give lemmings hope. They all go for it AND BOOM BITCH!!! YOUR DEATH AND BROKE!!!!!!!! WHOEHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA!!!!!!

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Maybe Whole Foods Market should open some "superstores" in Greece.

$10 to $66 in the worst recession since the 1930's, still selling stuff marked up 300% because it has a "green" label on it.

Nobody seems to be bothered by the 62 P/E ratio, either....

achmachat's picture

i can assure you that every produce you can buy in Greece is "greener" than Whole Food's stuff

Id fight Gandhi's picture

Whole foods just takes money from the stupid and uppity people who shop for groceries. Organic is bullshit anyway. Funny how women get wrapped up in the whole foods bs to eat natural then go off and pop antidepressant and birth control pills.

kito's picture

thanks robo, if it wasnt for you we wouldve never guessed the market is failing to price in reality.

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"me mongro! Me like candy!"

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Running on empty.


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Looks like a BTFD opportunity to me.


But I need new glasses.

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But I need new glasses.


These are nice and inexpensive too. I get all my glasses from them.

mynhair's picture

Thanks, tho I was afraid to click the link, knowing you.

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but '15 sigma move' sounds really impressive, like '18 teraflops cluster computing' or '14.000 horsepower nuclear submarine engine'...

Sudden Debt's picture

why would you put horses in a submarine?