Remember European Problems? They're Baaaack

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Where have the EU CDS spreads been?

I miss those, especially with the synonyms



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All you need this morning is BAC spread and their contigency plan!

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Holding Sept. 7$ puts :)

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They never leeeeeft.

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 hmm, apparently the 60 second news cycle has me scrambling so much I have overlooked them....


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Man just fucking default already and get it over with. For cripes sakes this game is getting old.

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Try to convince the Irish and the Greeks! They are famously stubborn and "well-advised"...

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Thats how it works they will keep "fixing it" untill it all collapses they have a lot of patience plus i'm sure they're moving some things around making sure only tptb and few elites survive through the mess. They will get everyone up to their neck in this shit then bam it all vanishes and they emerge as "problems' solution"

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Borrow as much as you can, then default.... The Greeks are milking it, pure genius.


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BAC os going to open up under 7.50. Poor old crazy uncle Warren's money is fading fast.

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I like the "WFC eats BAC" idea making the rounds on the Fed litigation thread last night. WB's move seems less dumb in that scenario.

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The mythical EuroBond! From the Age of Mark-to-Unicorn?

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The coupon is in Skittles.

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One bond to bind, one bond to rule them all.

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The Morning Careless Whisper Report

Accounting Magic: City Of Pittsburgh Pension Fund Claims Next 31 Years Tax Revenue Is Current Assset

Evil Dictator Is Greenie: Rebels Sieze Qadhafi's Electric Car

David Einhorn Strikes Out

British Military Submits Plan To Run Public Schools; Force Can Be Used Against Students To "Restore Adult Authority"

Stripper Claims She Gave Rick Perry A "Monica Lewinsky" But He Was Too Coked Up To Bust

Justin Bieber Goes Lesbian







disabledvet's picture

"And the first one's now will later be last for the Times they are a Changin'."

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I'm sure glad I'm not European

Some bad times they soon will be seein'

The Germans won't pay

So the others can play

All their capital soon will be fleein'.


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there was an old hag from hannover

who just wouldn't roll in the clover

she simply said no

their bunds couldn't flow

and they jumped off the White Cliffs of Dover

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I'm European, just get it over with. Continu the avalange and let us start all over again;Love my gold and silver!!

GCT's picture

Read the military school teacher article and laughed.  But what the hell they have tried everything else and cannot produce anything but kids that will expect the government to provide them everything once they graduate.  Maybe one or two now will be able to produce something.  Too Funny and Too scary!

Get down maggot and give me 20!!!!

RandomRick's picture

" MAIN is above 160, and IG and HY are both well off their tights"

One wonders who the author is dating?

monopoly's picture

Getting old, yes. But it just goes on. No politician will do what is right as they will lose their job. Does not matter what country you are talking about.  Absurd but true.

And next month we start losing jobs again.

Curtis LeMay's picture

DAX down 3.5% TODAY...down about 25% in the last five weeks of trading...

And this isn't some pseudo-economy like it's "Partner" Froggystan, Germany is the real deal...

= = = = =

FYI - from Ambrose

8:31PM BST 01 Sep 2011

Central banks and official bodies have parked record sums of dollars at the US Federal Reserve for safe-keeping, indicating a clear loss of trust in commercial banks.

Data from the St Louis Fed shows that reserve funds from "official foreign accounts" have doubled since the start of the year, with a dramatic surge since the end of July when the eurozone debt crisis spread to Italy and Spain.

"This shows a pervasive loss of confidence in the European banking system," said Simon Ward from Henderson Global Investors. "Central banks are worried about the security of their deposits so they are placing the money with the Fed."


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