Remember Fukushima: Presenting The Radioactive Seawater Impact Map

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A few days after the one year anniversary of the Fukushima disaster, nobody talks about it anymore. After all it's "fixed", and if it isn't, the Fed will fix it. Remember in the New Normal nothing bad is allowed the happen. So for those who have forgotten, here is a reminder.

From ASR, a global coastal and marine consulting firm, The Radioactive Seawater Impact Map

We use a Lagrangian particles dispersal method to track where free floating material (fish larvae, algae, phytoplankton, zooplankton...) present in the sea water near the damaged Fukushima Daiichi nuclear power station plant could have gone since the earthquake on March 11th. THIS IS NOT A REPRESENTATION OF THE RADIOACTIVE PLUME CONCENTRATION. Since we do not know exactly how much contaminated water and at what concentration was released into the ocean, it is impossible to estimate the extent and dilution of the plume. However, field monitoring by TEPCO showed concentration of radioactive Iodine and Cesium higher than the legal limit during the next two months following the event (with a peak at more than 100 Bq/cm3 early April 2011 for I-131 as shown by the following picture).

Assuming that a part of the passive biomass could have been contaminated in the area, we are trying to track where the radionuclides are spreading as it will eventually climb up the food chain. The computer simulation presented here is obtained by continuously releasing particles at the site during the 2 months folllowing the earthquake and then by tracing the path of these particles. The dispersal model is ASR's Pol3DD. The model is forced by hydrodynamic data from the HYCOM/NCODA system which provides on a weekly basis, daily oceanic current in the world ocean. The resolution in this part of the Pacific Ocean is around 8km x 8km cells. We are treating only the sea surface currents. The dispersal model keeps a trace of their visits in the model cells. The results here are expressed in number of visit per surface area of material which has been in contact at least once with the highly concentrated radioactive water.

h/t Nolsgrad

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Fukawho? Something happen in Japan that I should be made aware of?

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This is nothing compared to the impact of fossil fuels on the environment. Scientists predict that due to global warming we could see a sea level rise of 4 - 8 metres over the next few decades. This will totally decimate low-lying countries like Bangladesh, the Netherlands and the Maldives. We have a responsibility to our children and to the third world to vote for government programs that subsidize alternative clean energies and forward-thinking clean energy trading schemes like carbon offsets. I'm sorry to break it to conspiracy theorists, but nuclear is one of the options we simply have to pursue.

Deal with it.

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I think we'll be under 4-8 metres of fiat long before Amsterdam's red-light district is shut down for water damage.

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party on if the ho's don't raise their prices!

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Meanwhile, Greece is about to get it's very own "Fukushima event": the Santorini caldera is about to blow up.

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That stuxnet trojan was a BAD idea, bitchez.

[It could be sarc, but it might not be - that's how FUBAR the world is right now, amIrightBitchez?]
















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Everybody stop whining and buy AAPL!!!

Once they release iWorld (your own personal Earth), you won't have to worry about it!!!

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Bernank's Virtuous Circle Magnum Opus:


Each citizen of earth buys at least one share of AAPL, AAPL ultimately rises to 1 billion USD per share, and the global citizenry retires rich, bitchez!

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Nice, Jupiter has the great red spot and now the Earth has a great glow spot. This should give warning to aliens that this planet aint worth invading...its got billions of parasite and the water is contaminated to the extreme already. Move on.

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Maybe we can push that great pacific trash gyre into the Fukushima aqueous water cloud to somehow contain it!

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Better Santorini than Cumbre Vieja. If that monster explodes and falls into the sea the whole East Coast of the U.S. will be wiped out by a 100-foot tsunami 8 hours later. And that, by the way, is not enough time to evacuate everybody. I understand it will flow 40 miles inland. Don't worry, they will be sure to get the VIPs out in time. 

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Hopefully D.C. and Wall Street won't get the warning.

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the whole East Coast will be wiped out

Is there a downside to this?

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Don't worry, they will save your congress critter and Lloyd Blankfien. Everyone we hope gets wiped out in the disaster will be airlifted to safety. The hoi polloi will get a bath.

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I hear it's beautiful in Atlantis this time of year.

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Yes, I'm here! Now would that affect primarily the upper East or lower East coast?

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I'm sorry - it is projected to extend from Iceland and Greenland all the way down to Brazil.  Talk about a black swan. Here is a link showing the extent of the wave at 6 hours.

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Georgia Tech engineers?  I grad from that school and thats where all the Japanese Nuclear Engineers were educated.    ooops.

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That will probably be after the IDF vaporizes Iran, since they voted 8 to 6 to get Iran without Obamao, see article here at ZH. 

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The way things are going for Greece, I bet anything that this will erupt just to spite them.

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The Santorum Caldera is about to erupt and explode?!

Wow.  I didn't think the GOP primaries could get any messier or shittier...

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Thanks for keeping Fukushima on the radar, I'm concerned over the implications of the cover-up's success.

For the most up to date news on Fukushima-

The better illustrate the cited peak radioactivity: a cubic centimeter is a milliliter, there are 1000 milliliter per liter(obviously), Bq means radioactive decays per second; so 100 Bq/cm^3 means 100,000 radioactive decays per second in each liter of water.  Not exactly what you want your sashimi swimming, breathing, or breeding in.

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According to officialdom, the reactors exploded because the cores overheated. The emergency cooling systems failed because the backup generators were flooded by the tsunami.

All of this is bogus. First, a careful reading of an official report from the World Nuclear Association reveals that the tsunami did not flood the generators. There was another cause for their malfunction.

Second, three of the nine cooling systems needed no electricity. They used steam power from the reactor cores. They were the real emergency systems. Swamped generators would therefore have been irrelevant.

Third, these three passive systems kicked in at Reactors 1 and 3.  Then the valves that fed them steam were shut. This required a command. It was a deliberate act.

Who, or what, shut those valves?

The most likely answer points to Dimona, Israel's "nuclear research" center.


Israeli security firm Magna BSP landed a security contract at Fukushima Daiichi shortly after Japan offered to enrich uranium for Iran. Soon after Magna BSP arrived, cybersecurity giant Symantec reported that the Stuxnet virus had infiltrated thousands of computers in Japan.

This is significant because Stuxnet is an Israeli invention.  Magna BSP, an Israeli firm, had no previous history outside of contracts with Dimona, where the Stuxnet virus was born.

Stuxnet works by disrupting industrial hydraulics, the pipes and valves that drove Fukushima's cooling systems. Stuxnet runs amok while sending normal readings to the engineers at their control stations. Israel is documented to have used this virus to damage centrifuges at a nuclear facility in Iran.

The cooling systems at Fukushima were controlled by Siemens software, which the Stuxnet virus was designed specifically to attack.

Stuxnet can be administrated via the kind of data link that Magna BSP installed before scramming back to Israel just prior to the disaster.

As a hypothesis, Stuxnet explains why the generators failed. It explains how the valves in the passive cooling systems got shut. It explains why engineers are still getting containment pressure readings from Reactor 3, even though the containment is no longer there, and it explains a lot of other things as well.

If you want to debunk the Stuxnet hypothesis, you're going to have your work cut out for you. If Stuxnet was a duck, then everything about what happened at Fukushima would be quacking like one.


On 3/11/11, Reactors 1, 2, 3, and 4 were utterly destroyed, with 1, 3, and 4 suspiciously exploding.

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Just more info to dissect and discuss:


Did the Dimona Dozen murder the Fukushima 50?

The world needs this site translated to ALL languages, and I want you to. If you decide to translate this you will not be able to contact me to tell me, because every time someone does communication gets blocked and I never hear from them again. Please post your translations anywhere you can on the web and save the pictures locally also. This site may not exist for long, and if it vanishes the pictures have to come from somewhere, which could be you.


NHK released a bogus report - NHK PULLED IT, PROBABLY IN RESPONSE TO THIS SITE !!! - On Feb 26 2012, claiming they have the first aerial footage of Fukushima when far better aerial footage has been posted on this site since May of 2011! Furthermore, NHK modified their photos! What are they hiding? Well, what is reported here, of course!


 Lots of detailed info and pictures:

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It's a good job the Israelis knew there was going to be an earthquake and got it all installed just in time.

Fuck off.

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Does it really matter how the shit hit the fan at this point? Can't we just bulldoze the hole fucking mess and bury it with concrete ala Chernobyl? The real surprise is that fuel prices haven't risen as much as I thought considering the 3rd largest economy in the world now gets 100% of their power from fossil fuels.

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Um, did you see the graphic above?  You're suggesting that somehow we pave over most of the ocean?

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Stuxnet/Fuku is total BS. The earthquake busted substandard ancient cooling pipes installed by Yakuza construction companies. But they don't want people to think the earthquake did the damage, they want them to think it was the tsunami, because all of their nukes are earthquake-threatened. Notice they have shut down all but 4 of 54 Japanese nukes...even the ones far from the ocean.

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You lose contact with them because they figure out you are a world-class asshole.
Funny how you don't disappear though, isn't it?

Best you go watch some Gundam or play with your AKB48 dolls.

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The Fukushima 50 are still alive...

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While it can't be completely ruled out, it is highly unlikely that Stuxnet was responsible for the very same reason I took issue with Seymour Hersh when he publicly stated that Stuxnet probably did no harm in Iran's nuclear facilities as it hardly did any harm in facilities in China and India, and was resolved there within a week.

Stuxnet was SITE SPECIFIC, I repeat, the coding was site specific!!!

That means the program was hunting for specific systems made Siemens, Vacon, Fararo Paya and Profibus (and a Profibus subsidiary).

Unless those specific systems and SCADA, along with the Windows OS were at the Nipponese nuke facility, stuxnet should have just been a pain in the butt, but not a facility killer!

I'm afraid I have to cast aspersions on your piece, it is simply too tenuous.


warispeace's picture

Hmm, the plot thickens?

"The quake was significant, but only in a 6.0 sense, as recorded by the JAPANESE seismographs, and FAKED to a 9.0 by the USGS. This is important footage, because it proves the earthquake measured at a 6.8 was an instrumentation based richter reading. Confusion between the Shindo and Richter scale is being used to cover this up ."


"A 9.0 will devastate an area over 1,000 miles across. That is how big a 9.0 is. The entire nation should be in ruins, especially judging from the damage the 6.9 Kobe quake did, and no where, no where outside the tsunami zone in the entire country is there a single damaged multi story building, a single collapsed bridge, a single structurally damaged wood framed house, or skyscraper"

ALL from here + much more:

malek's picture

Are you fukin' stupid?
Steam power emergency cooling systems??

Link me serious evidence that *any* reactor in the world has such a thing.

(And if you are actually referring to steam powered self-generated electrity, such a system would not be very helpful if the plant's switching panels are flooded with seawater.)

i-dog's picture

LOL ... Laugh of the week!!

prains's picture

it's gonna take a lot of lil' wipes to clean up that shit stain

lasvegaspersona's picture

No problem with nuclear but why did the proponents of global warming have to fudge data if it is so obvious? I have a bit of science in my background and while making the data look as good and convincing as possible is allowable making major re-calculations and silencing opposing voices is kind of cheating. At least it makes you look weak if not directly leading to career termination. There is so much politics in this arena that I honestly do not know what to think. I am highly suspicious however when I see the problem being re-defined to fit 'solutions' that appear to have been prepared almost before the 'problem' existed.

MillionDollarBonus_'s picture

The "climate-gate" issue is widely believed to be a lie among top scientists and environmental activists. There have been countless attempts by the right to discredit global warming despite the total consensus among top environmentalists and politicians.

slaughterer's picture

When did MDB stop becoming a shoot-at-the-hip troll and become a debater with supposed "facts"?

fuu's picture

Around the time he stopped being funny.

i-dog's picture

Dunno about that ... you may just have lost your sense of humour?!

For example, this gem was particularly hilarious on the "science" of global warming:

"total consensus among top environmentalists and politicians"

MDB merely serves up what the sheep are fed for dinner. If your taste buds are sharp, you'll recognise it as shit ... otherwise....

Hippocratic Oaf's picture

MDB, the planet is like an algebra equation: whatever you do to one side, you must take from the other. It's been a warm winter here in the northeast, but try telling that to Russia and a large part of Europe during this last winter season. 

Global warming is bullshit, we're actually headed for a mini iceage.

Hippocratic Oaf's picture






Please........Your day is made!






6 Oct 11 - (Excerpts) - The U.S. National Solar Observatory, the U.S. Air Force Research Laboratory and astrophysicists across the planet report that the nearly all-time low sunspot activity may result in a sustained cooling period on Earth.

Many reputable scientists have been warning for decades that we are nearing the end of the 11,500-year average period between ice ages. And the last similar crash in sunspot activity coincided with the so-called "Little Ice Age" in the 1600s that lasted nearly a century.

Shannon Goessling


What happens during a "Little Ice Age?" Food-producing land becomes scarcer, food-growing seasons become shorter, and the world becomes a much more arid and less hospitable place. Think food shortages and the social unrest that follows.

Ice age threat should freeze EPA global warming regs

The forces at work behind the global warming regulatory regime have, at worst, covered up, ignored and manipulated climate evidence to make the case that humans cause global warming and therefore humans should be punished.

At best, the mainstream scientific community is continuing to weigh the climate data as it becomes available. Caught in the flux are millions of Americans suffering under an economic tsunami that is anything but a theory.

Despite increasing evidence that "global warming" climate change is not the unified scientific theory it has been promoted to be, vested interests continue to push for stringent limits on carbon dioxide emissions.

Certain investment banks and trading houses that stand to make billions on so-called "carbon credits," and the environmental sociologists who have as a stated purpose to change our way of life, are a powerful bloc.

In the Obama administration, this cabal has a willing "big stick" in the form the U.S. Environmental Protection Agency, which has enacted draconian measures that will, by President Obama's admission, make energy costs "skyrocket."

The EPA regulations were enacted this year without congressional approval as required by the Clean Air Act and other laws. Estimates put the economic damage of these regulations at $1 trillion over the next 20 years, with a loss of between four and 10 million jobs.

Moving forward with global warming regulations is truly "absurd."

Shannon Goessling is executive director and chief legal counsel for the Southeastern Legal Foundation.

Flakmeister's picture

Hilarious... Shannon Goessling, a legal consel, is your reference... my fuck, now that is rich...

So you are arguing the the sun has lower output all the while global temps are up ~0.5 K in the past 30 years, 

So if anything, we are more than compensating for a decreasing solar output as shown here