Remember Silver?

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Because the stealthy take over of Libya by its rebel forces is matched only by the stealth soaring of silver in the last two days. We wonder how long until the perfectly normal and completely SEC-uninvestigated May 1 silver sledgehammer formation repeats again, and when will we see another 5 silver margin hikes in the san of a few days?

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i guess silver is money afterall.. 

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No you are wrong. Because Libya is now resolved, the uncertainties for the world economy are gone and more commodity style silver is being needed, lol ^^

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Meh I feel better with silver then the Benny bucks

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yeah i remember silver all right.

she is the other girl you kind of know will be there while you're off after the prom queen.

i'm going back to the fallback position here awhile.  i always preferred maryann to ginger anyway.   



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I preferred Lovey Howell (but take all the girls and the bartender).

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Unky by my random ass guess a full 20% of this forum either has asperger's or no sense of humor or both. Hence the uber junkification when....YOU ARE ON THEIR SIDE MAKING A JOKE! LOL! I will even it out with another up vote. *sigh*

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Our traditional media finally waking up...

Wall Street Aristocracy Got $1.2 Trillion in Fed’s Secret Loans

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Good read. Big banks still cannot exist without the Fed propping them up.

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The yellow stuff still has some catching up to do


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Can I take you out to the pictures, Jo---O---O---oan?

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Yes, contrary to the last four articles you read here where it was discussed as an "industrial metal"; as I posted earlier I sold my Dec. Contract at $43.80 earlier this afternoon. I don't like vertical price charts.

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I'm almost convinced that we'll never see silver at $40 and gold at $1,700 ever again.

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Oh c'mon. It's going higher but let's not act silly.

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But acting silly is what people do on internet blogs; it's entertaining. Did you expect that someone who knew what they were doing had time to write you little notes here on "doom is us"; no, fraid not.

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Acting silly and stupid isn't entertaining, it's simply annoying.

Anybody can act like an idiot.  What's difficult is acting informative.

Gold is in the early stages of a surge, it's probably not ready to blow off quite yet.  Generally my experience is there is a surge, nobody believes it, it retracts, everybody feels secure that they didn't believe it, it surges even higher, people begin to question it, pullback, they feel better, and so on, until they captiulate and get in before the train leaves the station, gold crashes, new buyers get crushed, and then it consolidates, and goes back to climbing again.

That's what silver did.  Gold's turn now.

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Silly is to put your trust in this goverment and thier confetti machine.

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I agree with Trollster... WHY WOULD WE see silver at $40 and $1700 again? 

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Straight myopia.  COMEX is going to put a hurting on silver.   We will see another correction.  

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I'm thinking they will hammer it before 50, say... 48. It'll go back to 38.

How many more hammer strokes do they have?

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Back in school again, Maxwll plays the holligan, Teacher gets annoyed.

Wishing to avoid an unpleasant sce-E--E--een.

She tells Max to stay, when the class has gone he waits behind

Writing fifty times I must not be so--O--O--O

But when turns her back on the boy, he creps up from behind....

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Sooner or later Maxwell is gonna creep up behind Jamie Dimon...bang bang!

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I think people's mindset has changed since the last time CME raised margins five times consecutively.  The weak hands have been shaken out.  Also, silver has underperformed against gold and the ratio is something like 45:1 right now.  It's now time for silver to catch up and this time, they won't be able to defend the $50 line.

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agreed.  the whole event narrative is interesting, approaching almost exactly the hunt brothers high; this followed by margin hikes and a 'crash' in prices; but with it rising again to retest these highs, it confirms that this is not at all like the rise in prices during the hunt brothers event..  

silver vigilantes.. we are legion.  (lol)

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diminishing MARGINal returns.  They won't be able to recreate the May1 massacre.  Few weaks hands left to shake. $50 by mid Sept.

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I will go out on a limb and disagree about no more silver massacres. It will happen well after $50. Think psychology, think fishing. Lotsa new players got burnt May 1 and won't be back. But, lotsa newer players will enter as silver creeps higher and becomes mainstream news again, goes past $50 and keeps going, much higher. THEN another smackdown. Too soon for another smackdown now - gotta wait for more newbies to take the bait. 

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There is no "why"; there never has been a why. You can tell when you graduate from trading kindergarten when you realize that there is no why. It took me many, many years to learn this. This price chart is now expontential; which is "usually" not good. A reaction back to $40 is nowhere near impossible; it's not even unlikely.

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But you cant argue with myopic people. "SILVER TO DA MOON!111!!1"

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I agree with you here. However, to claim that silver isn't money is ludicrous.

I don't see the PGM's taking out old highs. Rhodium, Platinum still WAYYYYY below their highs. Why? Well aside from the supply issues that lead to their huge peaks they are both technology metals and thus have suffered with the economy.

Silver has been remarkably strong in the face of documented manipulation, margin hikes etc. You are right Silver will be smacked down likely will as well although I'm less certain about that. You are wrong that silver is not money.

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I thought we will never see $40 silver again in april,  turned out to be different. I guess the EE will soon pull a few consecutive margin hikes in gold which will bring it down $300-$400 and also silver with it a little

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Well yea, silver BROKE $40.00 in april. thats like expecting silver never to go back below $50 in early may when it broke $50. Peaks and thoughs.

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That was a one trick pony. Anyone still trading metals after May not only expect them to happen but are prepared  for them. They can go to 100% pay to play and it will not effect the market at all. 5 rapid margin changes ended that game.

Bring the Gold's picture

It wouldn't be as effective for sure. The shock value is gone and probably many traders are more cautious. Plenty of fools still dabble in margin and would be forced to liquidate by margin calls. Never underestimate the stupidity that often goes hand in hand with greed.

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They'll do what they can, but it won't help. Their cupboards will soon be bare. Soon. Very soon.

Chavez may be an idiot, but he's no fool. He's started something that won't stop.

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people are losing faith in the system that supposed to protect them. Why? because of moves like "super congresses" and stealth legislation. Even governments cannot truust other governments, which means gold IS the worlds currency, bar none..


they want their fuckin gold...they want possesion.

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$300 to $400?  Promise?  I'd consider it a bargain if they can hammer the gold price down to $1,750.  I'd be buying like a mofo.  Physical, that is.

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I'm pretty sure -- unless there's some major delivery failure in the near term -- we'll see on last gasp whack-down on gold between now and the end of 2012 (maybe even end of 2011 lol), with a pretty high probability of a -$200 correction. It'll be on good news, margin calls, or whatever the manipulation de jour is. But that will be the end of it.

Silver, so manipulated I'd be shocked if we didn't see sub $40s in the next couple months again.

For both of them, the control is slipping away, and once it's done, zoom!

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Troll Magnet,

You will when the price is fixed by EO, and or confiscation EO is in place.

The System must go on......................

Silver will be slower, much slower moving (thank you,add to positions), this time, a LOT of folks got burned badly due to the last fast run up(Worldwide).

Indians are steering clear of it in droves, and the Gold price will be the catalyst that drags it higher.

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Uh huh, and we know the majority is always right...  Slower moving?  From $34 to now near $43?  Yeah, I'll take that kind of slower.  :)

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In a few months everyone will be saying, "we'll never see $150 silver again."

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And in a few years, "we'll never see silver (or other precious metals on sale for fiat) again."

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The COMEX will soon feel like Gadhafi

Shut The Front Door's picture

Yeah, I'm optimistic but damn...  What do you base that on?

ManOfBliss's picture

>> What do you base that on?

Are you kidding? 500usd sillver is fucking LOW.


Shut The Front Door's picture

Okay; I believe that would be called "free-basing".  Damn...  But I like the way you think!

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Ill have what he's having.

IQ 145's picture

Supply and Demand. It'll take a few years; I think.

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You want to see my predictions?

Why I think silver is doing to $350 easily, and gold to $9000

But maybe it won't.  Time will tell.

HIstory is a good guide.  You can measure one commodity against another, but you can't measure against money.  I'm measuring against the commodity of US government debt.  Perhaps tough, this time, US debt will simply go into default.