As A Reminder, Market-Wide Circuit Breakers Are Now Off And Only A 3,600 Drop In The DJIA Will Halt Trading

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Sometimes it is worth reminding our vacuum tube-based readers that after 2pm only a 3,600 point in the DJIA will force a market close for the day, unlike the FTSE MIB and the Liffe where a 4% drop is sufficient.

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Doyle Hargraves's picture

Still doesn't keep the PPT from coming in and shoring it up! Manipulation Bitchez!

edit: guess they got to spending money on hookers and decided to take the day off, you know early weekend!

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Its also worth reminding your readers that they make these rules up as they go along.

HUGE_Gamma's picture

why do i get more satisfaction making money on the short side of the market?

Alasdair's picture

Do you bet the Don't Come in craps, too?

Number 156's picture

You won't find any satisfaction on the long side because there isn't one anyway.

Grab yourself a phone book, and start shorting everything starting from the letter 'A'.

JLee2027's picture

Market crash possible? Hmmm

HungrySeagull's picture

How many cables left on that Elevator Motor?

Those damn things are good to the last drop for "Screaming" out loud.

franzpick's picture

Coffee and popcorn tomorrow at 530am pdt for sure. Watch 'em twist in their own hot air wind.

Number 156's picture

Lets see how many investors flee into Tresuries. I bet you the elfman timmy gets his feelings hurt today.

UPDATE: Nope, looks like plenty of sucke.. eh ur I mean investors fled into tresuries.


Deepskyy's picture

<---- Amusing, because we don't believe any of this shit we spout

<---- Sad, because we buy in to all this shit we spout.


Not sure how I feel about Blowhorn today, so I leave it up to you ZH.  Is the great digital cheerleader amusing, or really really sad?


Doyle Hargraves's picture


The Dow briefly fell more than 400 points Thursday before rallying somewhat. Fears about the global economy have investors dumping stocks. Do they know something we don't?

carlo's picture

Just think how many people must have bought this market with the debt ceiling drama. For 2+ years this strategy has worked 98%of the time. It certainly looks like the big boys have sold high and are short now. They gonna make a killin on the downside with all the mindless dip buyers they've created. They'll be halfway recapitalized after this chapter in "How To Recapitalize A Bank" is thru.


Damn ..... what a great country America is, ha

Transitory Disinflation's picture

ZH traffic TO THE MOON today...

chinaguy's picture

put my flash crash bid in on XOM @ 66.66 - LOL

alien-IQ's picture

I haven't laughed this hard since I was a teenager watching Animal House for the first time in a theater.

I love this shit!

?ES below 1200 baby!

chump666's picture

lets see if the dow can hit -500 last 8mins


BurningFuld's picture

Things are really looking ugly out there. Down into the close?  Is Ben trapped in an elevator with no cell service?

alien-IQ's picture

Today was a fuckin BLAST!


itsallajoke's picture

I'm hearing another "Black Friday" is a comin tomorrow. 

-512 today.. 

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Did they fire the entire PPT or are they just not being funded any more?

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Adjusted Monetary Base is parabolic, which is mostly M2. Leads one to imagine the FED is behind this, as they needed to offload some of their balance sheet to avoid being caught in an interest rate vortex. That said if the FED is in MM, no real reason that money can't be put to work in Mr Market. Their modus operandi is to wait for options expiration week. (In Re to the Fed parking money in MM, I only say this because BOJ did this in Japan several times during the lost decade(s), although no one will verify it, comments such as "BOJ is mopping up excess reserves in MM accounts.." )
But first they have to get all the investment banks on board, because you don't want to be throwing bad money after worse, you want a choreographed result.

Problem Is's picture

You Ain't Seen Nothing Yet

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prophet's picture

You might like to try that again. 

glenlloyd's picture

Tomorrow will be an interesting day, I can't wait to see the NFP numbers.

HungrySeagull's picture

It's already interesting tonight.

The Goddamn Metals have gone absolutely silent as I write this. Plat is burning, Pal is torched, Gold is badly dented and silver teeters on the abyss.

It's the damn silver that bothers me most. If the NFP is doomsday the market may drop more than it did today or it may rise to the moon.

Damned if I want to hold on to my ASE and damned if I dont need to hold ASE and ready to buy the sinkhole, not the dip via cash.


It's going to be a goddamn long night staring at the screen hitting F5 for a thousand miles.....


I am accustomed to 40's and 70's 100's etc. and now as I write this, I see nothing but one'sies and two'sies.... and every one of them can be simply a tripwire designed to alert whoever has massive positions to either buy or sell.

DAMN it....

Ghoaster's picture

Can't wait untill Hong Kong opens up.....


Zymurguy's picture

Of course, there are no circuit breakers for a +1200 day.

Circuit breakers are just another layer of manipulation.  The varying application of these breakers and the control of shorts is sort of like cheating at golf... you can't cheat consistently thus you will never know what your real handicap is.

Jovil's picture

George Carlin's words ring truer today, "They don't give a fu@k"

Grand Supercycle's picture

S&P500 head and shoulders target is 1,176 and further downside

As mentioned for some time - S&P500 monthly has been tracking sideways this year. This extensive distribution signified a bearish big picture and that a significant downtrend would follow.

Dr. Hannibal Lecter's picture

I think you mean 1148 which is also the 61.8 fib retrace from the March 09 low.

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