Research In Collapse

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(We used RIMBERRRRR as the title the last several times... trying to keep it fresh here people)

It's not the beginning of the end. That was a few quarters ago. So, the middle of the end for RIM? Or the end of the end?

Via Bloomberg:

  • RESEARCH IN MOTION 3Q REV. $5.17B, EST. $5.22B
  • RIMM SEES 4Q REVENUE OF $4600-4800bn, EST. $4854.30
  • RIMM SHIPPED 150,000 BLACKBERRY PLAYBOOK TABLETS IN 3Q - that would be the since cancelled Playbook yes?

Also, if you though churn was reserved for GM and for rehypothecation, you were wrong:


And so the once uber-popular Momo stocks dropping like flies.

Which begs the question: have all the StockTwits fly by night momentum chasing "traders" learned how to add and subtract yet, or are the planning on becoming farmers.

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Ill trade anyone straight up 1 for 1 my Nortel stock for your RIM???



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See Last Solar action yesterday ?

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I didn't have time to check.  I was too busy buying Greek bonds and Greek bank stocks.  My financial advisor, some guy named Leo Komalakamakis, or something like that, told me that we would be able to retire in a matter of months if I follow his advice.  He seems like a sharp guy.  I look forward to my retirement. 

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Stupid people need smart phones.

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I love Nortel stock.  I worked with a dipshit that watched $250,000 worth of Nortel stock options fall to $0.  Every time I think of that story I smile.  The guy was a real dumbass that fits right in with the majority of Americans in the 21st century. 

hannah's picture

thats nothing...i watched $4mil go to zip.....

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As long as we talking dipsticks...

RIMM is the new PALM: one-off products, management teams drunk on kool-aid.

Maybe Meg will buy them and add to HPQ's dinosaur wing.  

Almost Solvent's picture

They could relaunch it all under Compaq

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As if the eurotards or third world trash are any smarter. Count yourself among the stupid masses unless you're one of the ruling elites.

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Research in deMotion..........

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Collapse in Motion

I was very surprised at the initial after-hours ramp. It's like someone got the minus signs backwards.

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We used to have all Motorola routers at work.  Within a couple years we will think of Blackberry the same way we do those old Motorola routers.  Every time we mention them the conversation will start with, "remember when?".  

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Not disagreeing, as its just progress marching on once again- but I am feeling a little wistful, as I like my Blackberry, and am not interested in any of the current iCrap.  But it happens.

sun tzu's picture

Try any of the droid phones. I had a crapberry for years and when I upgraded it was like going from the dark ages to the enlightenment.

Dr. Kenneth Noisewater's picture

Remember 3Com hubs?

Remember USRobotics Courier modems?  (I got a sysop discount!)

Tijuana Donkey Show's picture

Bay Networks bitches! Dropin some LANtastic bombs on IPX/SPX over token ring, goin old school.

bankonthebust's picture

Short RIMM & NFLX = Swimming in Fiat

WestVillageIdiot's picture

Both are already down 80 percent from their 52-week highs.  Give me the name of the next stock that is destined to go down 80 percent, before it goes down.  Do that and I will send you a bottle of Johnny Walker Blue, attached to a hooker's neck. 

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CMG (chipotle)

I'll give you an address after they stop trading at 90x earnings.

EDIT -- My bad: 49x earnings (it was 90 last time I checked like 2 weeks ago)

...49x though? I'm shorting this bitch and besides their food blows. Even if I lose every penny I'll still be happy because their food sucks and I know I made the right decision to short it. It tastes like dog food. If I wanted rice in a tortilla I'd move to Mexico... or go to taco bell and get it for 49x less fiat than they charge. Dog food == dog food. The only difference is price.


walküre's picture

Much appreciated. I'm in. PNRA as well. 2012 shall be good!

Ahmeexnal's picture

As opposed to....KING'S FOOD AT BURGER KING????????


Almost Solvent's picture

But now they wrap all their burgers real fancy like

Prometheus418's picture

That's a hell of a promising call, actually.  Nice one.

NotApplicable's picture

But... but... they cook sustainably! (whatever that means)

I don't know about the two in the shopping areas locally, but the one next to campus has a line out of the door every day at lunch.

Of course, these are the kids I refer to as the 'stupids.' Myself, I just never saw the allure of spending $7 for a bunch of beans and rice.

walküre's picture

It's a fad and it doesn't have golden arches. They can't reinvent themselves and offer anything other than the Mexican shit fare of beans, tacos, cheap beef or chicken. Well, maybe they can stuff it in a blender and start offering rice and bean shakes or Mexican specialty coffees.

Who cares? Their P/E is 49 and they operate restaurants. P/E of MCD is 19 and MCD is able to reinvent themselves according to whatever the taste du jour is.


sun tzu's picture

Perhaps not everyone can afford lobster and filet mignon for lunch like you two turdbirds

Ahmeexnal's picture

I'd be inclined to wager a bet that walkure dines on .99 euros at the falafel stand at the entrance of the Kurfürstenstraße U-bahn station.  When he's lucky and has been able to attract a john who is not a deadbeat during his workday, he dines at the 1.49 euro sausage stand so he can relive the highligths of his workday.

I did it by Occident's picture

I have some OTM puts on this one.  i just hope it goes down like Netflix.  I knew I shoulda shorted netflix when Hastings was on the cover of Fortune back in July.  Chipotle I believ was on the cover about a month ago so....

Don Birnam's picture

+1 for this thesis.

...In addition to all you have outlined, CMG is a Cramer favorite. Short it with both hands.

distopiandreamboy's picture

AMZN is 90x earnings...just saying.

TruthInSunshine's picture

CMG is only down to 49x earnings in fantasty unicorns-munching-on-inexpensive-and-healthy-GMO-rice land.

In the real world, it's still a bloated turd of a burrito floating on the byproduct of sell-side researrch Montezuma's Revenge. It's McDonald's pig of a sister wearing lots of slutty lipstick.

Here's a generally reliable rule of thumb, as distasteful and demeaning as the process may be:   Any stock that's both been on Goldman's convict buy list and has had its own dedicated segment on James Jimmy Jam Cramer's Winners Of The New World-esque soundboard of bullshit is destined to lose 95%+ of its value given enough time, peak to trough.

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I know what you mean. I have the same opinion. I am sure that we will see improvements in the near future! yacht charter lefkas

Wannabee's picture


That will be GRPN. Do you ship UPS Red or limo?

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They are in trouble. But there was troubling data today and yesterday as well. Industrial production DOWN and Mortgage purchase applications DOWN.Don't buy the Austan Goolsbee "the economy is back!" garbage. Getting better, but there are still problems.

navy62802's picture

I'm interested to see how low those home purchase figures are revised down next week.

junkyardjack's picture

Salesforce has been on its steady move down as traders slowly head for the exits on that Momo, expect a 40% correction at some point soon when someone yells fire

tekhneek's picture

Google says their P/E is 5,110.63

...Is that... true?

Oh my god we're all going to be rich.

walküre's picture

GOOG p/e is 21. GOOG has cash coming out every orface of their collective employee bodies. GOOG could be a bank and have better ratings than most of the dilapitated retarded cousins.


tekhneek's picture

No no no, I mean Google Finance says that CRM (salesforce) has a P/E of over 5K.

That has to be the biggest momo stock ever if that's true.

Don Birnam's picture

Sorry, Tek. CRM is essentially an operating subsidiary of Fidelity Management and Research. As such, the stock will decline when -- and only when -- Fidelity allows it to ( and even then, Fido will be recycling new 401k funds back into the[ir] name ).

tekhneek's picture

I definitely don't pretend to know everything so thanks for pointing that out.

css1971's picture

Yahoo says: P/E (ttm): 7,114.00

Have you seen the bubble job on the stock since 2008?


WTF? That and Apple are the only things keeping the nasdaq up.

walküre's picture

2012 w/o QE will bleed the equity market down. Nothing else keeping it up. Hopium call options have expired.