In Response To Japanese "Antagonism" Over Senkaku Islands, China Dispatches Two Patrol Ships

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Yesterday, in a rather paradoxical development, the Japanese Cabinet formally announced that the government will purchase several disputed islands that China also claims — a move that Beijing said would bring "serious consequences." The issue at hand is that China and Taiwan also claim the islands, which are part of what Japan calls the Senkakus and China the Diaoyu group. It is paradoxical because the last thing Japan, and its statutory deflationary and demographic collapse needs right now is to "antagonize" the world's fastest growing economy, and its neighbor to the west with whom it had a rather violent give or take as recently as 1945. Japan spin was naive: Chief Cabinet Secretary Osamu Fujimura repeated that the islands are part of Japan's territory and should not cause any friction with other countries or regions. "We certainly do not wish the issue to affect our diplomatic relations with China and it is important to resolve any misunderstanding or miscommunication." Turns out quite a bit of friction was caused as a result, as well as a substantial amount of misunderstanding and miscommunication. As Globe and Mail reports, "China has dispatched two patrol ships to the East China Sea in a show of naval strength and antagonism toward Japan after Tokyo said it had purchased a group of disputed islands from their private owners. China’s aggressive response ratcheted up tensions in a long-standing conflict between the two countries over claims to the territory."

It is now Japan's turn to explain just why China has it all wrong when it says Japan "stole" these islands from China, or else send a few patrol ships of its own, as the most unexpected rivalry suddenly escalates to much needed distraction levels. After all recall that none other than PM Noda promised two days ago to achieve 1% inflation in 1 year. For a country which has been mired in deflation for over 30 years, there may be just one way to achieve this goal, and it may just involve China in one capacity or another.

From G&M:

Japan’s central government said it had purchased the islands for 2.05 billion yen ($26-million U.S.) from the Japanese family it recognizes as the owner. The acquisition was intended to calm China’s concerns after the nationalist governor of Tokyo had proposed buying the Senkaku Islands and developing them.


The Chinese Ministry of Foreign Affairs, in a statement, said the purchase “cannot alter the fact the Japanese side stole the islands from China.”


If Japan insists on going its own way, it will bear all the serious consequences that follow,” the ministry added.


Xinhua, China’s state-run news agency and mouthpiece for the ruling Communist Party, said the dispatching of ships by the China Marine Surveillance Agency was part of a broader plan to safeguard China’s sovereignty over the islands.


The nationalist fervour whipped up by Xinhua and other state media over the contested territory comes as the Chinese Communist Party is preparing for a once-in a-decade leadership transition in November. The fact that Chinese President Hu Jintao’s expected successor, Xi Jinping, has cancelled a series of diplomatic meetings and has not been seen in public for a week, has not been reported in the media in China. Regardless, some have questioned whether the Chinese government is engaging in “wag the dog” tactics and diverting attention from what now seems a wobbly leadership transition.

And since the foreplay between Israel and Iran is now entering its third year and everyone is bored out of their wits waiting for the inevitable strike to occur, perhaps it is only fitting that the next armed conflict will come, literally, out of the far left-field. Next, cue Hillary Clinton claiming that it was Syria's fault all along.

A brief history on the Senkaku conflict:

For those who need a refresh on the various geopolitical tensions in the far east, and relative military strenght, we present it again below.


Arms race brewing in Asia

Asian Navies vary broadly in size

China is gaining on US Navy

Americas forward deployed military

areas disputed in China, Japan, and Koreas

China's desruptive South China Sea

Areas disputed in China and India Mainland

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Conman's picture

Maybe  Xi Jinping is personally commanding those ships. Explains his disappearance. That or he's dead.

r00t61's picture

Put the two stories together, and it sounds like the prologue of a Splinter Cell game.

knukles's picture

Why Chinee upset when Ferengi buy it?

Precious's picture

Excellent theater for western consumption as Asian technosortia eat our lunch 6 ways to Sunday.

DeadFred's picture

The latest report are that this was all a misunderstand. The Japanese thought they were just buying some GREEK islands.

Parrotile's picture

Funny, I'd have thought all such hard assets would have been bought up by the Bundesbank . . . . .

chump666's picture

Next war will be a stand-up fight, and most likely starting as a navel battle in the South China sea.

BandGap's picture

I have thought this for quite some time. China is spoiling for some action.

azzhatter's picture

things must be falling apart fast in China, need an external enemy to divert attention

AldousHuxley's picture

this is subvert blockade of china's ports....


China's regional influence depends controlling her sea borders....

China is trapped by US

  • with Korea (owned by US military after receiving assistance in Korean War)
  • Japan (owned by US military after losing WWII)
  • Taiwan (hardcore anti-Chinese)
  • Phillipines (ex-US colony)

control the islands surrounding china's sea ...and oil...control China's trade.

AldousHuxley's picture

US knows that Chinese military weakness is in the navy.


basically Chinese do not have enough Aircraft Carriers in the navy...


on land, Chinese army has plenty of people they can throw around.





TwoShortPlanks's picture

Control the airspace around a Hornet's Nest and you control the ya thunk?!

Ba-Bow!!! Just like Hornets, all that will do is increase China's Military presence in the area as well as won't control shit.

China's limited (but sufficient) access to open ocean is only a detriment during war time, certainly not in peace time.

Any restrictive activity hindering China's access to international shipping (exports/imports) will more than likely be met with hostility from China, and I doubt very much that Japan nor Taiwan want to pick a fight with China, nor do they have the balls.

And don't expect Uncle Sam to do much; he's too busy printing food stamps and really, he needs China as much as China needs him. Trust me, the export shit that comes out of China actually suppresses the US public as consumers need shit to buy in order to be happy. No shit = no happy, it's that fucking simple. And I'll tell you this so it's no fucking surprise later; the US Government is a fucking bucket-load more shit scared of its own people than it is of China. 25% of US citizens have guns and more often than not it's the fucking crazies which have not one or two but an entire Army Base in their fucking basement. Look no further than the purchasing on 120-or-so thousand hollow point rounds...I spent 12 years in the Army and never saw a single hollow point, let alone 120, 000 of the fuckers! To protect what,,,Food Stamps?

Pretty soon, China will cut a deal with some other nation/s, Brazil, Indonesia, India, Vietnam, to host Military Bases and/or shared shipping port, creaping around the different than what the US did.

Hey, maybe even a Sub base in Cuba...won't that put a fucking fly in ya soup?!

The reality is, there's isn't going to be a war, not with China at any rate; China's been playng this card game way too well so far. Middle East, sure thing, why not?!

This thing with Japan and the islands...piss and vinegar...a distraction.

For most people, when they think of Chinese they think of China. When I think of Chinese I think that every western city has a China Town which does a roaring trade. I think about how much the Chinese work, everywhere, and what they spend their money on. As we speak, that cash is buying-up all the best property in all the best suburbs. I think of all the family back-chanels which Chinese people use to move money to and from family. extended family and associates in China. THAT'S the real China ZH bloggers, not the country on the map and a few piss-weak islands which China wants to have so as not to lose face internationally.

What is China?

AldousHuxley's picture

What is China?


the new kid on the block.


son of a European colonialism whore, ambition to become a world class pimp.



American pimp doesn't like Chinese pimp putting hands on American controlled whores. So American pimp tries to restrain young Chinese by binding feet together and putting under house arrest guarded by old whores.


Because once young Chinese pimp comes out, it will be hell on earth.



BandGap's picture

Not to mention buddying up with Vietnam, another Chinese nemasis.

AldousHuxley's picture

On June 21, 2012, Vietnam passed a law entitled the Law on the Sea which placed both the Spratly Islands and the Paracel Islands under Vietnamese jurisdiction, prompting China to label the move as "illegal and invalid"

lolmao500's picture

Taiwan (hardcore anti-Chinese)

LOL. About 30-40% (or even more) are pro-China, just look at who won the election. A lot of them might not like China but they are not ``hardcore anti-Chinese``.

It's like saying republicans are hardcore anti-democrats.

AldousHuxley's picture

you sure it wasn't anti first women president thing?

lolmao500's picture

I never considered this aspect... I think Taiwan has evolved ``enough`` to not think that this is an issue??

Who knows.

chump666's picture

I'd lock it in, probably soon.  If the Fed sends oil over 100 (they won't do QE3 this Friday for that reason), then India will step up the Vietnam joint gas venture in the south china sea, Philippines has the Spratly Islands dispute with China still kicking...then there is Japan building up it's navy

China is feeling squeezed, imported inflation from madmen central bankers, internal bizarreness (next PM disappears off the planet), now Japan is adding pressure.  Not looking good.

MrTouchdown's picture

Empire of the United States landwar in Asia GO!


What could possibly go wrong?

Parrotile's picture

Another US War? Whose going to pay for it?? You're going to sell more T Bills to . . . . CHINA??? You all might THINK they are stupid, but as someone whose worked "over there" you've got a LOT of catching up to do. Stupid they are NOT, and where there's potentially big money involved, the Chinese are VERY astute businesspeople.

China's not Afghanistan, nor Iraq, not Libya. China is currently VERY GOOD FRIENDS with Russia, and the US of A's planning to "intervene"??!!

Seems a good recipe for WW3 - the war that NO-ONE will win ('cause no-one will be alive once it's over). 

 "Beam me up Scotty, there's definitely NO intelligent life on THIS Planet!"

Parrotile's picture

Battle of the Navels - sounds very Sumo to me . ! (Or perhaps it'll be a Navel Orange throwing event!)

CrawdadMan's picture

So Japan will send their own patrol ship, and China sends more. Before you know it it'd be a Cold War for Patrol Ships.

Mr. President, we cannot allow a patrol ship gap!

Calmyourself's picture

U.S has 71 Nuke subs that are in a class of their own in fact littoral waters are not safe havens anymore..  China can send all the patrol boats they like but if I were them I would pak them full of ping pong balls first, ala Mythbusters, love Carrie.. 

Vet4RonPaul's picture

agreed; China would learn that it isn't a good idea to bring a patrol boat with an inexperienced crew to a naval battle with the US and/or Japan.  Can you think of any great Chinese naval battles in say the last two thousand years?  didn't think so

Calmyourself's picture

Ummm no, their nuke boats suck not saying I want war just commenting on qualitative edge..

billsbest's picture


Bankers need wars to make enormous profits thru debt creation. We had been expecting the Rothschild syndicate to goad a China/India war for the greatest payoff. Instead, maybe we're wrong and it's someone else. Poor dears.


India Boring Border Tunnels to take on China, Pakistan
Cabreado's picture

"Bankers need wars to make enormous profits thru debt creation."

Bankers need corrupt politicians first.

AldousHuxley's picture

well that's a given wherever government exist.

Parrotile's picture

Pakistan and India - they really love each other don't they, AND they are both fully fledged Nuclear Powers.

All it needs is some local border disagreement, and a "trigger-happy" event, and this is where we could realistically see the start of a significant nuclear exchange.

Would it remain contained? No idea, but I'd not be betting the Family Heirlooms on effective containment, with or without outside intervention.

Mind you with recent events demonstrating the instability of the Indian Grid, all it needs is an EMP event to shut down all the Country, and wouldn't it be tempting to initiate such an event to coincide with a solar CME - to provide an "external reason" for a "natural disaster".

Unlikely scenario? Not according to the comments in the Times of India article on the big grid failure. Plenty of suspicion of "external involvement" in that too.

Far too many nuclear weapons around, and far too many crazy people looking after them.

q99x2's picture

How you goin to arrest a banker with the world exploding? This is not fair.

Things that go bump's picture

We aren't.  After the coming epic failure, the starving, ragged remnants are going to hunt them down and drag them out of their dens.  They will not die happy.

moonstears's picture

Blaaaack Swaaaaaaaannnnn!(?)

tsx500's picture

this event , just like everything else , is BUUUUULLISH  !!!          

akak's picture

That absurdly grapsing maritime border claimed by China is laughable on the face of it, and insulting to every one of China's southern neighbors.

Talk about blobbing-up!

Vlad Tepid's picture

It obvious.  I don't know why Tyler seems to be apologizing for naked Chinese aggression here.

LeisureSmith's picture

The famous words of one Charles Montgomery Burns comes to mind. And just a reminder folks, you can't hug someone with nuclear arms. You can do it with radioactive arms but you really shoulden't.

dryam's picture

Let's just get this US/China thing over with already.  China is the next superpower, and the U.S. is done.  The Chinese are so smart & patient.  They are so going to kick the world's ass over the long haul. 

moonstears's picture

Decades 'till your wet dream o' China supremacy comes true, methinks.

moonstears's picture

Done? Done...we have not yet begun to fight(or, uh, debase our currency), Sir!

The Watchman's picture

Central planning doesn't have a great track record. My guess is you're wrong. Liberty returns to the USA and the rest of the world is left for dead when we come roaring back. Globalism is dying. Nationalism with a focus on freedom and liberty are our destiny.

kridkrid's picture

Yeah... china is in the cat bird's seat.  One billion three hundred and forty four million mouths to feed and a net importer of food since the mid 1990's.  They provide a boatload of near slave labor that the global economy keeps marginally employed through the bubble that is the global economy... but that slave labor is going to become restless when the wheels stop turning.  The US is likely done, but we are taking everyone down with us... don't kid yourself. 

ElvisDog's picture

Not to mention that industrial production is moving to robot labor. Chinese worker-bee factories are fast becoming obsolete. What are those hundreds of millions of suddenly uncompetitive factory workers going to do then?

Plus, if China was on its way to taking over the world why are all the rich Chinese getting foreign passports and buying bug-out homes in U.S., Canada, and Australia?

AnAnonymous's picture

why are all the rich Chinese getting foreign passports and buying bug-out homes in U.S., Canada, and Australia?


Why should they not?

Contrary to the claims made in the article, the military is second, what matters the most is the access to resources and entrenched that access to resources is.

Germany learned once again that lesson during WW2.

Chinese could have the best army in the world, without the proper access to resources, they will do nothing.

Chinese going everywhere helps developing a much stronger structural access to the world resources.

And the efficiency is even better when the deployment is made of 'american' chineses...

nasa's picture

Where else were the Japanese going to establish New Tokyo after the Fuk goes boom...

Renewable Life's picture

It's about the oil stupid!!!!

Dr. Engali's picture

Everybody is so pissed off. Wasn't it just a few short years ago the world was singing kumbaya and issuing debt like it was candy to babies? What's with all the hate all of a sudden?