Retail Investors Ignore "Generational" Opportunity To Buy Stocks One More Week

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The week ended April 11th is when equities finally rolled over. Which is why those curious how retail fund flows did in the past week will not be very surprised: if individual investors avoided stocks like Bernie Madoff Asset Management on the way up, there is no reason why they should change their mind on the way down. Sure enough, in the past week, $1.5 billion was withdrawn from domestic equities. Instead, cash, solely with the aim of capital preservation enter taxable bond funds, as it has for the past 3 years now. With the latest redemption, total 2012 flows to date are over $25 billion, or more than double the comparable amount in 2011. It appears that retail has seen right through the once in a lifetime opportunity, and is withdrawing money from stocks at the fastest pace ever, irrelevant of what the myth formerly known as the "market" actually does.

And something a tad odd: the orange arrows are of identical length, and are inclined at exactly the same angle.

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ACP's picture

Fool me once, shame on you, fool me twice...can't get fooled again! Bitchez!

Cdad's picture

Average Joe continues to kick ass and sell strength...leaving equity positons to the dumb money in the market...Wall Street serial liars!

Way to go Wall killed your own golden goose. <golf clap>

max2205's picture

Not to worry, Ben has you covered and is buying what they sell with electronic 0's and 1's

Mr Lennon Hendrix's picture

Bernanke will own the whole world!  THE WHOLE WORLD!!  MUAHAHAHAHAHA!!!!

ACP's picture

I wonder if Bernanke got his script from the movie "The International." It sure as shit seems like it.

Freddie's picture

Sadly stupid Americans do not turn off ALL TV, all newsmedia and all of Hollywood's shit.  They enable and empower the elites and the regime/matrix byswitching on their TV.  I am sure quite a few dumb f***ks posting here watch O TV.  

Americans traded their liberty for a clicker. 

Popo's picture

The only way to win is not to play.

Rainman's picture

yes...and Ted Nugent ain't playin'. He shitz all over the regime ..... and the SS is on his tail.


LawsofPhysics's picture

There you go. Yeah, Ted Nugent is a threat.  Your tax dollars hard at work.  You know the SS officiers will brag about interviewing Ted on their facebook pages afterwards.  Bloody pods.

Red Heeler's picture

Our Ted has grown up from the days when he shitzed all over himself.

"He claims that 30 days before his draft board physical, he disavowed personal hygiene. The last ten days he ingested nothing but junk food and Pepsi, and with a week to go until the physical, he stopped using the bathroom altogether. When the big day came, he had been living in excrement-caked and urine-stained pants."

lakecity55's picture

wasn't that Zappa?

I just read the article. Written by morons for other commie morons.

Nobody is forcing the metrosexual author to buy into any of Ted's shit.

Red Heeler's picture

No. It was Ted. It's well documented.

I didn't read the article and nobody forced you to. I just provided the link to the article I referenced so that the quote I provided could be verified so don't bitch to me like a whiney little woman (unless you are one, in which case, keep up the good work). Man up, and quit falling for the kleptocracy's divide-and-conquer strategery.

JW n FL's picture



Ted.. is Ted.. and as mentioned above.. our Tax Dollars pay for this interview!

and Ted doenst really give a shit.. he just wants to get some front page time.. so he can charge more to speak.. so he ca go on more hunting trips!

it is all about selling Uncle Ted!

and the fact that Huffington Post is here with this bullshit on full blast?

the sum fucking total of your fucking offering is something Ted? may of may not have done?

you werent there any more than I was so shut the fuck up before you start!

how about some fucking useful info?

just to be different?

Hot Shakedown's picture

Nugent may end up like Battapaglia, Haines, Breitbart, Carlin, etc.  The judge in the "no Limit Nigga" aka Trayvon martin case has found a way to recuse herself.  She is no dummey.

lakecity55's picture

Yeah, they're too scared to investigate the NBPanthers.

Besides, the NBP supply the hoes and blow!

icanhasbailout's picture

they would investigate NBP but they're not cleared to know

A Nanny Moose's picture

Apparently Columbian tail wasn't enough for them

HD's picture

Is there anything 80s movies can't teach us?

No. No there isn't.

neidermeyer's picture

... but you cannot win if you do not play

jus_lite_reading's picture

Truer words were never spoken!!

Back in early 2010 I suggested to my former clients to sell every paper they had and take physical delivery of PM... they are the most joyous people now.

Everybodys All American's picture

No problem you just make the bid ask spreads wider. No need for that crazy volume from said muppets.

devo's picture

I only had 2 grand left in long positions, but I did withdraw it.

Market is clearly overbought.

ACP's picture

I had grand theft in my short positions, until recently.

Popo's picture

The Fed will throw their weight behind it until oil makes them stop. It won't roll over completely until Benanke is taught a brutal public lesson. Every few generations the lessons of history must be relearned. Bernanke's lesson is coming -- although even when he is brought to his knees, he will never admit it. Such is the nature of zealotry.

john39's picture

he is doing exactly what his controllers want him to do.  destroy the U.S. economy so the banksters can loot anything of value. 

devo's picture

It'll be interesting to see if oil makes him stop. It might not...

Bernake is the guy [with his car] stuck in the sand convinced that flooring it will eventually get him out.

Muppet Pimp's picture

Keep hoping we can get 10% off of 1420 @ 1278 but seriously doubt we will see anything south of that anytime soon.  If 1360ish holds again, tough to see < unless Europe really breaks or economy really rolls over

Dis: Long european duct tape and chewing gum

schatzi's picture

but but have to play to win!

Eclipse89's picture

But the point is also: do retail investors still have some money saved to be put into stocks?

Central planners might argue, but people still needs food to survive.

Goldust's picture

I would argue that they largely do not, and that a big portion of the outflows are being used to cover household living expenses (like iPads).  It's no big deal to use up your savings now because that "recovery" is just around the corner.... and all will be well.

buzzsaw99's picture

stocks are a good value. LMFAO

devo's picture

But Warren Buffet said so!

Cdad's picture



Speaking of retail, if Amazon is "Amazoning" all brick and mortal retailers, why is SPG sitting at all time highs...while toting $18.4 billion in debt?

Yeah...strip mall properties are at all time high know, in of book instrument terms.

Caviar Emptor's picture

Using higher mathematics that the silly public simply wouldn't understand, strip malls are simultaneously at all time record highs AND a generational buy. 


Robslob's picture

Funny...I thought th term "market" by definition is where "individuals" met to "freely" exchange at "fair value" but what the fuck do I know?
Retail Trader

XtraBullish's picture

I promised a friend of mine that I would continue to own junior stocks until gold tops out above $10,000. Thus far, my bullion has advance 456% in 10 years while my junior stock portfolio is down 45% in 10 years. The value-per-ounce has dropped 70% in four years as fewer and fewer buyers are being chased by more and more companies with no cash and lots of gold. Bazaar is the only word for it. Paper is being jettisoned for physical and all turns. Interesting that silver open interest rose 2900 contracts last week while gold dropped 800. I think this means silver is going to have a BIG MOVE but if someone can tell me which direction, I'll give you my ex-wife's telephone number.

fonzannoon's picture

XTRA you bring up a good question. I am a big time Schiff follower. He is relentless with the miners. I believe his heart is in the right place but I am not a total idiot. He manages money. I want to ask him if there is a point where he will throw his hands up and say "FK it....these miners suck. Don't buy them, if you want to benefit from owning precious metals, this is not a good way to do it". It's fighting a losing battle with these things in my opinion. You may as well short treasuries too. It's like fighting a gorilla. Someone is playing games with them. No other way to explain it.

The Alarmist's picture

You know, I feel like an idiot for being heavy on bonds and light on equity, but every time the music has stopped playing the last several years, bonds have been the chairs.  Have some gold too, since gold is the floor.

fonzannoon's picture

Is it really that crazy to have a portfolio of some huge pharmacuticals, some pipeline companies, throw in some Utilities retail really that smart for not owning these and staying in bonds/cash? Leaving the precious metals out of it for the moment...

devo's picture

Yes, because earnings will tank before the dollar.

Cursive's picture

Young adults with tattoos haven't started the buying? /sarc

Caviar Emptor's picture

They're crushing beer cans against their heads and thinking about the stock market


God Bless The Virtuous's picture

Man you had me going for a minute...

I could be off, time wise here,

but man something is brewing!


Something wicked this way comes!


I have been saying,

for the past few years, there is no way this is going to end well!

S&P re test of 2009 low's?

I would make book on it!


May the good lord watch over this fragile little experiment in freedom we call America


God  bless  the  Virtuous

divedivedive's picture

For several of the DOW stocks I looked at tonight volume was (excluding 11/25,12/27,12/31) either the lowest or within the 10 lowest days of the last 52 weeks. And that is with market on close orders making up 10% of the volume.

fonzannoon's picture

Okay so I can only go by some of these cnbc pikers but their rebuttal to the volume argument is that it is more than being made up for in the dark pools. Do they have a point? Does it matter where these stocks are being bought/sold if they are being bought/sold?

Tyler Durden's picture

Big hedge funds and large prop desks have always traded solely on dark pools like Sigma X and Liquidnet. And courtesy of Reg ATS only they can pick who play in that sandbox. Oh, and nobody else has any idea what happens intraday volume and tradewise.

Leaking trade data on normal exchanges has always and only been a way to sucker retail in, by believing a certain stock has attracted the attention of a whale, when in reality every public trade is doctored, especially now that it is chopped up into millions of child orders to avoid being frontrun by HFTs.

Dark pool order flow is stable, but it is merely one fund/dealer flipping with another: a better name for dark pools would be closed pools.

Caviar Emptor's picture

Imagine playing against dark pool players: that would be like playing poker in Vegas and letting the pros mark your cards. That way even when your cards are killer, they still win by pulling their bets. 

Levadiakos's picture

No one is playing against them that you know dude. Your odd lot and dad's managed ETF a/c won't feel a thing. Sucide is painless. Let the dogs eat their oun