Reuters 3000, One Of Two Key Global FX Trading Platforms, Is Offline

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In the aftermath of its recent epic hacking, Reuters decided to take down its in house blogs. Few people noticed, and from what we hear they are still down. However, when Reuters' 3000 - the firm's FX trading platform: "one of the two key systems used by currency traders around the world, experienced an outage Tuesday, according to several market participants" goes down, and has yet to come up, we can only hope that someone has paid attention unless FX trading is also now thoroughly dominated by algos as well) to a market which transacts to the tune of several trillions in notional every day. But perhaps most interesting is that the "break" occurred at precisely 3:13 pm, at just the moment when the accelerating selloff in the EURUSD, and thus the broad market, could have caused quite a headache for those whose reelection chances are dependent on the S&P being as high as possible heading into November.

From Dow Jones:

Thomson Reuters Corp.'s electronic trading platform, one of the two key systems used by currency traders around the world, experienced an outage Tuesday, according to several market participants.


The trading system, named Reuters 3000, went out at 3:13 p.m. EDT (1913 GMT), said Michael Lavina, head of trading at Faros Trading, and has hadn't come back online as of 4:08 p.m EDT.


A representative for Thomson Reuters wasn't immediately available for comment.


During the outage, traders at Bank of New York Mellon Corp. said they were routing their trades through EBS, the other major currency platform.


In the most recent data available, the electronic currencies-dealing system run by Thomson Reuters consolidated its lead ahead over main rival EBS in July, with its average daily volume outstripping those of its main rival for the 10th straight month.


In July, Thomson Reuters said it had handled an average of $130 billion of trading volumes per day, a 10% fall from June and a 14% drop from the same time last year. But flows were still higher than those on EBS, which saw an average of $106.7 billion per day in the same month--22% below the previous month and some 41% lower on the year.

Now bear with us here - Reuters 3000 went offline at 3:13 pm Eastern. Spot at precisely what point the EURUSD, which as everyone knows, is the main driver for ES, for broad risk, and for the market in general, reverses its downward trend and starts creeping higher as if controlled by your run of the mill Knight Capital algos...

Going forward, do assorted markets literally have to break every single time broad risk needs a helping invisible hand higher?

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new muppets about to be corzined

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So... how many FX traders will get margined out of their positions with no recourse?

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Reuter's system isn't for Retail, it's for Brokers/Market Makers.

What I don't get is how a wordpress hacking can make them have to take down the FX platform. Sounds a bit strange to me. They are completely unrelated systems, unless Reuters' people are so stupid as to put passwords and the like on their internal blogs.

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"Reuters 3000 invisible hand ? Don't blame me."

- Adam Smith

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need to patch the system for Libor Fix 2.0



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Reuters 3000. Just sounds like the bad robot in the bad robot movies.

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Mystery Muppet-Slaying Theater 3000?

AldousHuxley's picture

sounds like new batch of whey powder from GNC.....



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...sent back in time to kill the free market. I'm sure it broke down out of confusion when it realized the job was already done. -portfolio tracker & analysis of gold and silver stocks

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Mystery Forex Theatre, at any rate..

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Why don't they just plug in Hal 9000?


"Open the print bay doors Hal."

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Isn't there a liborgate connection to Reuters?  Regardless, this will be blamed on computers, who just happen to act on their own with no human instruction.  Or maybe a faulty router or two...

NotApplicable's picture

AFAIK, they've yet to use the ole "passing neutrino flipped a bit" excuse (one of my personal favorites).

onelight's picture

UK banks have been knee-capped with the timing choice for the Libor scandal -- guess they had better behave and not drive wider the EU sov bond spreads -- not before the US elections anyway...

salvadordaly's picture

One little thing I learned early about computers, "It only does what you tell it to do!" It actually waits for your input. Odd isn't it?

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What will Peter say to Paul?

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Mary's preggers and it ain't mine as I'm shootin blanks?

max2205's picture

Smells like Knight

booboo's picture

Reuters 3000 is an updated version of Farmville.

Rainman's picture

I'll vote for a conspiracy. Some EBS agent obviously got inside machine 3000.

XitSam's picture

Just another component test for when "they" take the system down for real.

debtor of last resort's picture

Thou shall not trade, thou should consume.

Legolas's picture

Wow.  Thanks for the timely info, TD !  Anyone else reporting this?  I couldn't find it on Yahoo Finance ( <sarc> that bastion of independent financial journalism </sarc>).  Three cheers for ZeroHedge. 


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Luckily there is no such thing as leverage (or momentum) in FX

cassotto's picture

it's still well within the downward channel, let's see where it goes from here

mademesmile's picture

Oops, I misread you "it's still wet within the downward channel, let's see where it goes from here" and it didn't make sense. And then it did.

cougar_w's picture

Who needs foreign exchanges anyway? Damned French.

Never One Roach's picture

Rumor has it Corzine will be the next Treasury Secretary after Timmy steps down.

T or F ?

Nadaclue's picture

That would not be surprising since the Senate adbicated their (duty) right to confirm Cabinet Positions.

pragmatic hobo's picture

yeah? rumour has it that eric holder will be running the justice department. Top that.

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I wonder what this button does???

greensnacks's picture

Trading platforms make money from trades, not by damaging their reputation with outages to help invisible hands.

Pretorian's picture

WTF? 1 % strike again. The free market theory is just theory.


Pretorian's picture

After LIBOR manipulation it is FX spot next  in line to fire up Crime Syndicate or FED bitches. Just follow the money, the largest turnover is in FX Spot .  If China or Russia Central Banks have bitches like FED does(JP Morgan, BofA,Goldy....) who are rigging the market for FED than US would declare war.

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That is creepy that the bounce occured at the same time.

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The selloff will continue tomorrow.  Bernanke is getting married to his printer on Aug 31st and he wants gold under 1700, silver under 30, and US equity to be not too high or else his bride will not be able to perform on their honeymoon.

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practically no one of any relevance uses D3000 to trade eur/usd. that ccy pair is almost entirely traded on EBS.


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FX muppets algos!!!

chump666's picture

small coincidences...


hugovanderbubble's picture

Look GBPUSD inverted hammer in hourly

disabledvet's picture

Perhaps if Reuters got the 3000 to the point where it asked to play a game of Chess instead of "Global Financial Armageddon"...

gs_runsthiscountry's picture

Would this be a partial explanation of the correlation break today?  That was noticeable, however, long before the times stated in the above piece. Maybe others can weigh in.


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Well, Tyler, it was YOUR Botmasters who had the bright idea of letting seventh graders in Taiwan, gangsters in Bulgaria, terrorists in Somalia, Congressmen in the Heartland, currency traders in Singapore, and World of Warcraft aficionados everywhere in the cyber-universe all share the exact same platforms - and often, the same algorithms.

You should have known there would be some glitches.

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 Reuters bought FX Alliance back in early July. That is the only reason they have more trading volume than EBS. I wouldn't touch that shitbag trading system/platform anyways. FX trading isn't centralized, although the (algos), as Tyler said, like to do their magic in the last hour of trading in N.Y. ;-).

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I like fx trading but mostly i trade commodities using CFD's