Risk Of Bank Runs And Forcible FX Conversion of Savings Deepens

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Risk Of Bank Runs And Forcible FX Conversion Of Savings Deepens

Gold’s London AM fix this morning was USD 1,573.75, EUR 1,254.48, and GBP 1,003.67 per ounce. Yesterday's AM fix was USD 1,579.00, EUR 1,255.67, and GBP 1,006.63 per ounce.

Silver is trading at $28.36/oz, €22.71/oz and £18.16/oz. Platinum is trading at $1,440.75/oz, palladium at $603.60/oz and rhodium at $1,275/oz.

The New York Exchange was closed yesterday because of a national holiday. Gold has been trading erratically in Asia rising and falling and keeping within a range of just under $10 from $1,570/oz-$1579/oz.  Gold spiked higher soon after the open in Asia but determined selling at the $1,580/oz level has capped prices.

Cross Currency Table – (Bloomberg)

Spain’s debt issues are igniting worries about the eurozone financial stability again which has sent the euro to a 2 year low against the US dollar and is seeing euro gold consolidate over €1,200/oz at €1,257/oz.

Spain’s 10 year interest rates hit 6.53% today as the Spanish economy appears to be collapsing.

Spanish retail sales saw a massive fall in April, dropping 9.8% after March's downwardly revised 3.8% decline. This marked the 22nd straight month of falling retail sales.

Gold is consolidating over $1,500, €1,200 and £1,000 per ounce against the backdrop of spiralling Spanish debt costs and the growing chance markets are attaching to Greece exiting the single currency bloc. 

A further sign of China’s importance in the global financial system and in the gold market is seen in Chinese bank, Industrial and Commercial Bank of China Ltd (ICBC), seeking membership of overseas exchanges and endeavouring to become a major global bullion market maker. Shen Shisheng, vice-general manager of financial markets at ICBC told Reuters on the sidelines of a conference in Shanghai that this is exactly their intention.

Today, US consumer confidence data for May is published at 1400 GMT. 

The risk of stealth bank runs in periphery euro nations turning into full scale bank runs are deepening and this is likely supporting gold.

European policy makers have failed to build a shield robust enough to prevent a bank run in one country sending others in the bloc deeper into crisis. The risk of a Greek exit is leading policymakers to attempt to create such a shield or buffer according to Reuters.

XAU/EUR Currency 1 Year Chart – (Bloomberg)

A push by the ECB for the euro zone to stand behind banks suffering from bank runs is slowly gaining traction but the bloc has yet to build backstops to prevent, or cope with, a sudden collapse of confidence in banks and mass deposit withdrawals.

Last week, European leaders discussed pan European means of supporting banks, measures the ECB hopes will include a bank resolution fund to deal with the fallout from the wind up or restructuring of a failing bank.

But a wave of withdrawals by depositors - either for fear that their government is too weak to stand behind its banks or that their country will exit the euro and forcibly convert their savings into a vastly devalued national currency - would represent a crisis of completely new proportions.

Greece’s exit and reversion to their national currency, the drachma, could precipitate electronic bank runs in other periphery nations. The risk is that even savers who may trust their bank as being safe, come to the conclusion that there is a risk that their euro deposits may, in the event of a sovereign crisis, be forcibly converted to drachmas, pesetas, liras, punts and escudos. 


(Bloomberg) -- ETF Securities Gold ETPs Had Biggest Inflows Since December 

ETF Securities Ltd.’s long gold exchange-traded products had $240 million of inflows last week, the most since December, the company said in a report e-mailed today.

(Sydney Morning Herald) – Platinum: So Rare Total World Production To Date Would Fit Inside An Average Size Living Room
Mention precious metals and people's minds go immediately to gold. But platinum is even more valuable than the yellow metal and its value is driven by both decorative an industrial usage. Platinum is so rare total world production to date would fit inside an average size living room.

Tens of tonnes of ore must be mined and put through a five-month refining process to make one ounce of the metal. South Africa accounts for 80 per cent of world production followed by Russia and North America.

It is chemically inert, so it never loses its rich white lustre. As a result, it is highly sought after by the jewellery trade which accounts for 51 per cent of annual production. The remainder goes into various industrial uses.      Investors can get exposure to platinum on the US Nymex futures market or on the Australian Securities Exchange through an exchange-traded fund coded ETPMPT.

Spanish 10 Year Government Bond – 1 Year

Platinum trade was fairly subdued for the two decades leading up to 2003 with the precious metal locked in a tight trading range of $US268.60 and $US573.60 per troy ounce.      Mark Umansky, a certified financial technician and councillor with the Australian Technical Analysts Association, observes that the platinum market first attempted to break out of this long-term trading range in September 2000 at point 1 on the chart. However, the rally failed and the price fell back into its old range, finding support at the 50 per cent level, or mid point (point 2) of that range, a recognised support level in technical analysis.

Then late in 2002, international buyers went confidently into the market and pushed it through the old ceiling at point 3 on the chart.

Technical analysis theory says when prices convincingly break out from long-term trading range, the first target they should reach is a doubling of the magnitude of the old trading range, known as the 100 per cent line, point 4 on this chart.

When platinum achieved this early in 2004, it encountered some resistance then the climb continued to point 5, 200 per cent of the old trading range.

There again, resistance saw a brief fall but the bulls were well and truly in the market pushing platinum to record highs of $US2234.90 an ounce at point 6, or almost 500 per cent, in June 2008.

However, the sellers then entered the market pushing the price down over 66 per cent in six straight months of decline. When the price reached point A, close to the initial breakout signal at point 4, it stabilised at about $US752.10 and began to rise, this time a little more gradually.

The market went into a consolidation phase at the beginning of the ring on the chart and moved slowly to a distribution phase when informed investors started to sell, crystallising their trading profits just above the rising trend line at point B.

Now the market is poised delicately. Should the market fall through point B, the next support will be at the trend line. If that is broken a further support would be at point A. Conversely, Umansky says, strong support at point B could see platinum test its previous highs.

(Hong Kong Review) -- Gold price may rise further even without QE3, analysts say 
The price of gold is poised to rise further on limited supply and ample liquidity even without a third round of quantitative easing in the United States.

For breaking news and commentary on financial markets and gold, follow us on http://mobile.twitter.com/goldcore ">Twitter.

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HungrySeagull's picture

Didn't they quit making Plat 50 dollar eagles? I missed the chance to get a few.

As far as the bankruns and forcing repricing in other crap currencies the People will not accept that.

If they are smart, they will pull the funds and convert it into another stronger Currency before they are told/forced to eat changes overnight.

What the People are doing is NOT A BAD THING. It is simply a symptom that cannot, will not and must not be ignored of rotted, dead currencies.

Colombian Gringo's picture

Gotta keep the cattle trapped in the fiat currency game. Imagine if they ever figured out that they could survive without the central banksters.

sessinpo's picture

You can still get Canadian Maple Leaf Platinums. $1500 - $1600 oz.

WmMcK's picture

Below spot gold price.

LongSoupLine's picture

Obviously bullish looking at the futures.

This joke of a global "market", and more so it's "regulators", is simply disgusting.

thesecondslowestantelope's picture

I forgot....what is the upside of keeping your money at the bank or is that another unintended consequence of aero interest rate policy....

achmachat's picture

the upside:

people have been brainwashed into thinking that the best and only way of purchasing goods is by swiping a little plastic debit card.

cash is so barbaric!

falak pema's picture

Bank runs : when humans run faster than electronic money...you better get your bicycle ready 'cos your car is gonna get too expensive. 

falak pema's picture

proverbial fig leaf! You better run faster than Usain Bolt if you want to save you precious money, as the London Eye is going all yellow from bank run fever. Welcome to the Olympics of Greek feta collapse. I hope they have tons of strawberries and cream to pamper the Oligarchs as the sheeple can't afford even the french fries they will serve there! 

cherry picker's picture

Tyler I think I finally figured you and Zero Hedge out.  It is obvious you are no dummy, but something must have happened in your life to publish an expose, one that at times I questioned, of the maggots we allow to rule over us, those in Corporations and in Government.  And yes, the financial and social aspects are intertwined.

The last few days, watching it affect people on the streets, reading the posts and comments here, are starting to make my blood churn.

I am not a socialist or commie or a gold hoarder.

I am just a man with two hands and a mind who doesn't mind labor, physical or mental.  I watch what is happening and am predicting that many like me, will have their tolerances for abuse tested this year.  Whether we go down quietly or choose to stand our ground and implement a change that makes sense, not like the one the Noble Peace prize winner reads from his teleprompter.

I hope to God that Obama or Romney don't  win this year.  I want to see a fucking leader in the white house, not some parrot who jumps when JP or Goldman snaps a finger.

GeneMarchbanks's picture

Did you figure out the part where it says:

From GoldCore

Seems relevant.

Al Gorerhythm's picture

I think you'll find an alternative to the status quo is residing in America. He is losing his ninja skills as he ages because as of late he is being seen by more and more people. He's a guy who stands by the Constitution of the Republic and promotes Liberty. Go Ron Paul! Long live The Republic. Long live Liberty. She ain't dead yet.

De minimus's picture

They got her by the neck buddy and they're getting ready to shake.

JeffB's picture

I hope Ron Paul can really shake things up at the Republican convention. It's about our only hope.

If we had some big collapse like '08 I suppose there's some shot his ideas would at least have a decent impact on the platform or in any new administration.

I think it's a very long shot he'd be elected president, or even be asked onto the vice presidential ticket, though.

We'd have to be in some major chaos for him to get the Republican nod, though. The powers that be in the party don't like him at all and will be doing what they can to push him out of the way and marginilize him and his ideas.


Scalaris's picture


"..I want to see a fucking leader in the white house.."


Watch a movie.

marxist's picture

Nothing can curtail these natural tendencies in capitalism. After all and following decades of Thatcherite deregulation, these fundamental tendencies are increasingly amplified with each bubble. At some point in the future and following wave after wave of deregulation and "libertarian" tweaks, conditions will be optimal for a massive dislocation of capital's momentum.

battle axe's picture

To fix the Euro, one word: Eurobond. Never going to happen, see: Germany/Austria/Finland.

cnhedge's picture

The European Debt Redemption (ERF) Fund in a Nutshell New

PR Guy's picture



Forced currency conversions in European periphery countries? I wouldn't want to be a policeman in those countries. All leave cancelled. Lots of very hard and/or very flaming things coming at you on the streets every day? The police  certainly won't be suffering any wage cuts in the forseeable future. Maybe to keep them even sweeter, they'll arrange for them not to be paid in worthless new local currencies but in CHF/$/£/etc. Go whack a few heads of your fellow citizens boy. You know it makes sense. Fire live rounds if they get too restless.

You definitely have it better in the USA. You can buy guns and ammo to defend yourselves. We can't. I would imagine if US riot police ever threatened to open fire, it would be like a scene from a Tarantino movie.... they'd suddenly have a whole load of guns pointed at them and someone in the crowd saying "your move you SOB's - are you feeling lucky?". The biggest gun standoff in US history.

JeffB's picture

But then they'd bring in the big guns.

They won't let us buy tanks.


PMakoi's picture

Food, water, shelter, land, skill, tools/weapons, family, friends, community.  Barter economy.  Coming to a neighborhood near you soon!  That actually sounds good, but Big Brother will not be denied... WWIII will pre-empt the return to sanity. 

gwar5's picture

It is finally becoming obvious to people that lying and cheating has been the real CB strategy all along. No credibility left.  It's about time people wised up and got their cash out of banks. It would also be very wise of them to buy some PMs and start prepping. 


More words to the wise: India is reporting "Metal-detector burglars" -- they break into your house and then look for your PM stash with metal detectors, so cut up your sheetrock, your ceilings, walls, and floors are no longer safe.  Also, sightings of vehicles with parrot and zebra occupants are on the rise.




boa74520's picture

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