Risk Leaking Off As EURUSD Loses Late Friday Lows And Spreads Decompress

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Never thought my silver would get so black and blue.

DarkestPhoenix's picture

I hope it gets a beatdown for a 50% discount so I can BTFD and back up the truck.  I have some buying to do to catch up.

silver4me's picture

I can't imagine physical silver ever under $30/oz again. Even if comex price broke $20 during the huge up coming panic.

gianakt's picture

Chinese spotted selling Euro's on heavy volume!!!

gangland's picture

buffet goes all in on IBM bought 10 billion 5.5% been buying for 7 months prolly got in at $153

SDRII's picture

Dow patriotism after the NYT jawboning fell flat

gangland's picture

buffet should just buy the entire dow 30 and be done with it