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Two months ago we suggested that as part of the transition of austerity's center from Greece to Rome, we would soon see the launch of "The Piazza Navona Strike Cam." Close enough: as of this afternoon local time, Rome is literally burning, as expected yesterday when we covered the most recent events in Milan. From the Telegraph: "Demonstrators in Rome set fire to two cars and broke shop windows during a protest in the Italian capital, as activists organised a series of rallies in 82 countries. Inspired by the Occupy Wall St movement and Spain's "Indignants", demonstrators from Asia to Europe took to the streets. Riot police in Rome charged hundreds of protesters and fired water cannons, while a group of activists set alight a defence ministry annex nearby. Flames could be seen coming out of the roof and windows of the building on Via Labicana as firefighters struggled to tame the blaze. Dozens of masked protesters could be seen in the area, which had not been cordoned off. The violence was said to be caused by hooded militants known as "black blocks," who have infiltrated demonstrations in the past. There were no immediate reports of injuries. Television images showed one of the cars in flames and spewing thick black smoke over the route of the demonstration, which was otherwise peaceful." Whether due to a subversive group, or representative or broader pent up anger, increasingly more people are waking up to the fact that the current system does not work and needs a reset. Alas, for the "resistance movement" to be truly effective, things will have to deteriorate far more, and the welfare state structure will have to be truly on its last breath. As long as the status quo can dangle promises of (completely insolvent) pension benefits and retirement plans to the 99%, all of "this" is mostly for show. 

Watch the live feed below courtesy of Corriere della sera after the jump.


And some pictures from earlier:

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Sheikh Djibouti's picture

Spectaculaaaaaaaaarrrrrrrr ....

But they just voted to have confidence in Mussolini Berlusconi. I'm so surprised. It's as if this is some sort of contradiction.

dlmaniac's picture

Notice that across the Western world it's always the most socialistic and liberal place that riots the hardest.

luigi's picture

Because we know what we are loosing...

Zero Govt's picture

socialists and liberals only ever know how to lose.. lifes, and histories, genetic losers

The road to Hell is paved with good intentions... some people know it is on the way and forewarn, liberals and socialists never realise (or listen) until it's the end of the road (bankrupt again dreamers?) and find every excuse under the sun to re-write history it wasn't them

...just wait for Paul Krugmans bile in a few years when all is lost and socialism goes steaming broke for the 100th time in its forever repeating crash-test-dummy life cycle

dlmaniac's picture

Sane mind saw it coming long time ago, and had these to say:

"The American Republic will endure until the day Congress discovers that it can bribe the public with the public's money."

"A democracy cannot exist as a permanent form of government. It can only exist until the majority discovers it can vote itself largess out of the public treasury. After that, the majority always votes for the candidate promising the most benefits with the result the democracy collapses because of the loose fiscal policy ensuing, always to be followed by a dictatorship, then a monarchy."

Djirk's picture

Set fire to two cars...WOW, that is a slow Friday night in Paris, nothing to see here folks

Michael's picture

This is really what we need to see;

The Guillotine

dolly madison's picture

"The American Republic will endure until the day Congress discovers that it can bribe the public with the public's money."

Oh yeah, that's why this country is failing.  It has nothing to do with banksters bleeding us dry.  It also has nothing to do with us paying for the military exploits that the banksters and the corporate elite want.  The horrible state of this country is because of social security.

i-dog's picture

If you took your head out of your ass for a few seconds, you'd notice that the vast majority of Americans are both very proud of their military strength and fully in favour of using it against everyone from raghedz to Mexicanz. They'd just like it done a little more cheaply, but without reducing its size or strength in any way. All politicians are keenly aware of this and will borrow from the bankstaz to meet these demands from the sheeple "to keep them safe". It's been going on for centuries. :S

Rothschild didn't get rich by inventing war or inventing deficit spending ... he got rich simply by facilitating it and thereby encouraging more of it.

All roads lead to Rome.

knukles's picture

Thats because they're the happiest most contented people in the world, surpassed only by the happiness of Muslims in Muslim countries.

Skid Marks's picture

The first guy has on his back pack the flag of Cuba.

Ghordius's picture

This is not a riot, this is a mostly peaceful demonstration where a few kids burned two cars.

In Italy this is news but not BIG news.

The PM just received the 51st parliamentary vote of confidence in two years for his fourth elected government.

Could you imagine this in the US or in the UK? Not me.

During his third gov THREE MILLION demonstrated in Rome.

This a riot? Laughable.


Open your eyes and have a fresh look at the pictures.

Ghordius's picture

20'000 demonstrators - 200 hooligans
A few more cars burnt and 30 policemen injured

Sad. Not unprecedented. Not yet a sign of change.

Freddie's picture

Canandians in libtard (leftist) cities like Vancouver cause a bigger riot when they lose a hockey match.   Oh so tolerant Toronto Police Dept are among the biggest thugs I ever saw on youtube.

Forza Italia.  Hoepfully normal Italians will rally and burn down Goldman Sachs.  The libtard idiot American leftist kids in NYC were too chicken to even go near Goldman because their boy afro-muslim Oba-a is a big GS puppet.  

Gully Foyle's picture

Servilia of the Junii: Gods of the Junii, with this offering I ask you to summon Tyche, Megaera, and Nemesis so that they may witness this curse. By the spirits of my ancestors I curse Gaius Julius Caesar. Let his penis shrink. Let his bones crack. Let him see his legionnaires drown in their own blood. Gods of the Junii, I offer to you his limbs, his mouth, his breath, his speech, his hands, his heart, his stomach. Gods of the Inferno, let me see him suffer deeply, and I will rejoice and sacrifice to you.

X.inf.capt's picture

dammit, this is going 'western'...

well, so much for wishin'

excuse me, ZH'ers, i think its time to go to home depot...

maybe theres a sale on barrier material...

Mike2756's picture

Not to worry, it's all "contained". lol

vast-dom's picture

Finally the sheeple are leaving their grazing coma fields......



X.inf.capt's picture



knukles's picture

Yoo hoo, it's me, Richard Simmons!

Freddie's picture

I idiots in America are more interested in watching college ball and other brainwashing on TV. Idiots watch TV.

arby63's picture

True, but only in the fascist state of USSA can one throw a rock at a window and do 10 years to life and be fined $250K and have your family thrown out on the street and life ruined.

FL_Conservative's picture

Anyone believing and/or supporting violence as an appropriate response to the inequities of our current crony-capitalist system is misguided.  That won't fix anything and will only lead to socialism (at best) and communism (at worst).  Makes you wonder why Soros ( and various labor unions are so actively involved in this "movement" and also why the Obama team and Congressional Liberals are in such support of this.  Just sayin'.

goat's picture

Wish I could give you a few more reds for posting that bankster-whore zionist-shill Beck.  The ultimate ass-clown...


As consolation, nice tits.

FL_Conservative's picture

The fact is that you never saw disrespect and violence from any tea party gatherings.  That's because OWS has more to do with getting EVEN than regaining personal liberty.  Wake up people!  The problem we have is that our capitalist system has been hijacked by an over-reaching government corrupted by special interest and too many career politicians that are willing to take a buck to do the bidding of their special interest "friends" rather than the people they are sent to DC to serve.  You only fix the system by drastically reducing the scope and power of the centralized government which will dilute the influence that special interest groups have on our politicians and then put term limits on ALL of our elected officials, getting rid of the "career" politicians.  This will also help to reduce the influence that the central government has in handpicking "winners and losers" of centralized policy and better level the playing field for all Americans.

dolly madison's picture

The problem with the Tea Party is that they were too easily usurped.  Look at what their candidates do in Washington.  I don't see cutting of war funding to stop the bankster's military.  I didn't even see them stop the funding for Libya, and that's totally for the banksters and corporate elite because Libya was trying to sell oil for gold instead of dollars and were trying to set up an African Union where the whole continent of Africa would be using gold as their currency.

Cutting military funding should have been priority number 1.  If the banks get bailed out, and the military keeps getting huge funding, but only cuts come to people at really bad times, the people will not accept it.  You gotta cut from the banksters and the military first.  It's the only way to do it morally.  It is immoral if those other things stay, but the people are kicked to the curb.  Based on what the Tea Party candidates did in Washington, it was easy to see that it wasn't going to fix our problems, just help us become serfs faster.

As far as I can see what is wrong with our country is not going to be fixed by electing someone new.  The OWS have it right.  We need to go after the wrist of the hand that is stuck up the puppet hole.  You need to go after the puppet too of course.  The right and left both need to fight this thing together, which is what is happening at OWS.  There is a large Libertarian presence there.

Also, it looks to me like the Tea Party doesn't much care for Ron Paul anymore despite him being the father of the movement.  The Tea Party movement appears to have a different ideology now than Ron Paul, who would bring the Military home from the middle east immediately. 

StychoKiller's picture

Here's what the latest plea for financial support for the Tea Party listed:

* prevent ANY future raising of the "debt ceiling."

* fully defund and repeal "Obamacare."

* freeze all new federal spending;

* halt federal raids on the Social Security Trust Fund;

* ban earmarks;

* outlaw federal bailouts of corporations;

* return unspent "stimulus funds" to the taxpayers;

* make ALL of the Bush tax cuts permanent;

* abolish the "Death Tax."

* utilize our own natural resources for our energy needs;

* fully secure our borders; and

* respect the original meaning and intent of the Founders.

Unfortunately, someone (perhaps all) in the Tea Party do not see the inherent contradiction in the two emphasized bullet points.

I can't really support the Tea Party any longer until it realizes that they're just supporting their own version of the status quo (for senior citizens only, apparently!)

FL_Conservative's picture

I like Ron Paul if I ignore his foreign policy position.  Largely, I agree with the position that we spend too much of American blood and money offshore engaged in conflict.  But Ron Paul puts his blinders on and thinks that as long as we stay out of everyone else's business that somehow, magically, Americans won't be disliked and no one will want to attack us again.  That's just burying one's head in the sand, if you ask me.  I supported "W's" ware against the Taliban because of what OBL did on 9/11 and I was initially supportive of what he did in Iraq, until it was proven that the intelligence he was using was bad.  The world's a better place without Saddam Hussein, but it took our attention off of what we went to the middle east to do AND it took to long and cost too much.  I don't agree with what was done in Libya.  America is NOT the world's police force.  I do believe that Reagan had it right: the surest way to peace is to maintain a strong military.  But that doesn't mean that we need to maintain our military presence all over the world.  And when an ally needs our support, like Isreal could, we should be prepared to protect their back, not necessarily through military action but through active support and clear messaging first AND only military action as a last resort, if unavoidable.  If Ron Paul were to get the nomination, I'd have no issue voting for him.  But he's not my first choice for anything other than Treasury Secretary.

yabyum's picture

Glen Beck: Tool of the fucking elite.

dolly madison's picture

The funny thing about Beck is that I could watch him and turn the inspirational but wrong things he said into my own opinions in my mind and still feel moved.

Id fight Gandhi's picture

Yes, I was wonder the same thing, why did he get a CONfidence vote.

Oh yeah the corruption, silly me.

RMolineaux's picture

The fact that the rioters were hooded suggests that they may have been police provocateurs.  This has happened in other countries like Britain and Canada, and possibly Italy itself in the post war period.

RMolineaux's picture

The fact that the rioters were hooded suggests that they may have been police provocateurs.  This has happened in other countries like Britain and Canada, and possibly Italy itself in the post war period.

broke433's picture

What are they so pissed about?

Long-John-Silver's picture

Other people's money has run out so no more free goodies.

eureka's picture

WTF are you quipping about - the banksters and corporate fascist oligarchs have stolen the people's power, by leverage, creating a fiat bubble reserved for the rich, thus deflating real estate prices, thus enabling this mafia scum elite to increase their real estate holdings, while simultaneously outsourcing manufacturing (a.k.a. globalization) and offshoring all profits - thus decimating the working and lower middle class.

The one to two third zerohedgers who do NOT understand this satanic dynamic - and rather blames the poor, disenfranchised, unemployed, medicare and or social asecurity and or foodstamp recipients - are morons, who side with the oligarchs, the bankster scum and US empire - and consequently will rule with - of go down in flames with - this unholy alliance of egomaniacs.

"Free goodies" implies that the demonstrating masses are freeloaders, whereas the fact is that the chief freeloaders are the bankster-corporate kleptocrats, whi have conducted CLASS WARFARE against the working-middle class and the poor for the last two generations, since Nixon-Kissinger opened China and removed gold from backing the USD. 

30 years ago a CEO earned 30 times a worker - today 300, and some, 3,000 times.

Provincial me-for-myself-and-US-uber-alles pseudo libertarians need to wake up and get on the right side of history - or get fried with it. US collapses next 6 months.

css1971's picture

US collapses next 6 months.

Nah. Optimistic of you. These things take decades. There will be lots of excitement on the way though.

Oh regional Indian's picture

Wakey wakey css, those decades are already behind you. It's been an ongoing downhill slide since 1971 for sure. But for a long time before that. Like...... 1776ish?

You're there, in the thick of the final phase. Better do some research, look around, talk to elders. If you think it's decades away, you're nowhere near ready for what is stariing you in the face.

Over and done with.


Speechless Again...


DeadFred's picture

I'll be interested to see which of you are right. It sure feels like the crunch is right around the corner but I can no longer be surprised by how long they can play "kick-the-can-down-the-road". I'll wait and see.

RSloane's picture

There is no crunch. The sound you heard was you stepping on a ham bone.

Piranhanoia's picture

There will be lots of excrement on the way though.  Fixed that one for you.

cossack55's picture

6 months

Promises, promises.  Been waiting 5 years already, whats another 6 months.

dolly madison's picture

I'm thankful that I was too busy taking care of my 3 little kids, so I only woke up 7 months ago when they got old enough to give me some of my own time again.  5 years sounds like a long time to wait.  I think things are moving faster now.  I suspect the 6 months is closer to right than decades.  I surely hope so at least.

JR's picture

Michael McKay of refutes your claim that the primary victims of the on-going wealth re-distribution are the working and lower middle class: nearly half of American tax filers will pay no federal income taxes this year—and many of those will receive thousands of dollars in earned income tax credits just by filing. McKay says,When the money dies, the middle class is literally wiped out and violence between Neighbor and Neighbor becomes commonplace.”

Only value …not the non-producers or the third world or the welfare states…will save the bankers and their TBTFs. That value comes from the producers - the middle- and upper-middle classes, the small entrepreneurs… Thus, the productive American people - like Germany’s productive middle class - are the targeted victims of the bankers’ massive transfer of value.  Like parasites, the bankers have infested the politics of Western Civilization to use its developed nations as their paymasters for wealth extraction – this time for their planned political and fiscal global governance, with its economic companion, world socialism.

Just as Fidel Castro’s slogans were full of hate - Fatherland or Death, Death to the Worms (the propertied class), War Against Hunger, To the Firing Wall – so the policies and media propaganda of America’s occupiers, the international bankers, are filled with hate.

The axiom of all successful invaders intent upon tyranny is to first destroy the strong; in this case, the middle and upper middle classes…

Castro’s first assault was Cuban education…beginning with the 200-year-old University of Havana.  Using contrived elections, a purge of its 22,000 student body and faculty members, and the compulsory teaching of Marxism-Leninism, the Communists took over the university completely.  All non-Communist professors were fired…and the death of a country began...

eureka's picture

You are wrong on the following specific accounts:

1  primary value is created only by production of physical goods and assets -i.e. farming and   maufacturing - services are merely distributive - i.e. since most US entrepeneurs engaged in services rather physical production, they do not create primary value

2  the upper middle class is not, in particular and separate from all other persons, "strong", but rather on the contrary priviledged by wholy and partially inherited assets and knowledge of how to leverage wealth - i.e. enabled by fiat and banking paper leverage and redistribution of assets from the not so priviledged and cunning classes - not production of physical goods

3  world fascism - i.e. corporatism - is the bankster/elite agenda - the rich elite uses  corporations and their corrput politician serfs to leverage wealth from the lower classes - they will spare the upper middle class as they need their buy-in, just like they need the buy-in of the security-military apparatus

4  the poor working and lower middle classes will de completely disenfranchised when the republican party wins the next election and driven by teaparty pressure abandons the poor - ie.e no more foodstamps, extended unemployment insurance benefits, no more medicare and cuts in social security - all of which will drive the US empoverished masses into the streets

5  you don't need to look to Cuba and communism for systemic failure - US is dying right now, slowly and painfully - US denial is massive - empire is still cherished by about two thirds of the US masses from bottom to top, who must live vicariously, because they have no souls and worship matter in stead of spirit and themselves only rather than serving their fellow man and building community


For the upper middle to feel sorry for itself - and not demand immediate dismantlement of US bankster-corporate-military-security empire - is either disingenous or factually moronic - let the real cause of social inequity be known: EMPIRE - spurred by the elite and bought into by morons from bottom to top of the satanic pyramid of human hierachy. Serve yourself and or empire - and you serve satan.

It takes an atheist, like Ayn Rand, to glorify human-godlikeness, embellieshed by terms suchs as "producers" and "creators". To Wit: No ruler "built" his own monuments; thousands of workers did. The only thing a human owns and can give is his labor and his righteousness. The whining for mammon and villification of the poor is satanic - and it will reap as it sows. Wake up - serve God and your felloe man - not satan/mammon.


JR's picture

It’s the American free-enterprise system that created the production that created the middle class system in the world.  To use the concept of this middle class as a cover for the vast masses of the non-productive, the welfare recipients and illegal immigrants, i.e., to borrow this concept of the middle class when what you really mean is this vast army of takers, is to camouflage what you really mean so the socialists can continue to sap the nation.

To include businessmen and prosperity with these people is to create a bogey man; it is vintage Karl Marx. Marx, too, would say, look at the owners of these factories, these “petit bourgeois,” who are benefiting from your labor, Comrades. You need to seize their factories.

America’s wealth comes from the middle-class: her traders, small businessmen, professionals, highly-skilled craftsmen, innovators...  Destroy America’s middle-class—Marx's petit bourgeois--that employs 50%-70% of American workers, and you will destroy America.

America rapidly is morphing into fascism and socialism .The Federal Reserve isn't the solution. Big Government isn’t the solution. They are the problem. Small businessmen are the answer; they are the "canary in the coal mine" as to whether or not America will survive as a nation.

The plain fact is that human energy has operated more effectively in these United States, including all the innovations in agriculture you mention that now are capable of feeding the world, because of individual freedom, America’s patent system and her property rights.

In short: “Not raw materials, but the uses that human energy makes of raw materials, create this rich new world. That’s what happened when human energy was controlled, not by the State, but by the free individual in pursuit of his own happiness (property), protected by a representative government.” –Rose Wilder Lane