Romney Pays Less In Tax Than His Secretary

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First Buffet, now Mitt Romney. Via Bloomberg:


Next thing you know he too will offer all Republicans a one for one match on all US sovereign debt repayments, and will demand that all millionaires generously hand over their income. As for us, we quietly wonder whether the account clerks at Zurich banks are sweating already?

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Mittens Rmoney, baby!

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Used Car Salesman...


And the Idiot Simpletons are buyin' it...

If you want a GWBush X 2, then root for him.


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Sadly, more people are interested in style than substance.

That's why the glib politicians can get a vote.

Critical thinking has largely become relic of societal history.

We are living with the product of what our public education system has produced in the past 60 years.

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Feel free to reprint with your info and post in every newspaper in America.

Quarters and Dimes have ridges to alert you someone filed the edges and removed the valuable silver from the coin. Ridges protected our money back when our currency was based on silver...and gold. Why continue the ridges when the real money has been completely removed? If you remember the days of sound money you owe it to our youth to reply and tell them how it was we let this happen. Your silence made you complicit...much like the everyday German in 1938.


Sadly, after my last letter, many think I am fixed on a conspiracy. I do not need a conspiracy to tell you we have been robbed blind by the banksters. Republican or Democrat, Liberal or Conservative, we are poorer for our effort every day. The government used to protect us from thieves who wanted to steal the value of our money. Today government endorses the practice and debases our currency de’facto through inflation. Today it has no real value long before you earn it. The new “state” quarters are meant to “inspire” pride in our states, but the coin is just a stamped piece of near worthless metal. Even pennies are made of zinc these days.


If you have ever held a pre-1964 quarter or dime you know it felt and sounded different. 1964 was the last meaningful year America included silver in its coins. After that, the real value of our money was destroyed.



Banks do not want sound money. Sound money is the end of their insane profits, and power. Banks clearly have picked who they think will keep this from happening. Look at the top contributors of Mitt Romney:

Goldman Sachs $367,200

Credit Suisse $203,750

Morgan Stanley $199,800

HIG Capital $186,500

Barclays $157,750

Kirkland and Ellis $132,100

Bank of America $126,500


Mitt Romney may be able to beat President Obama, who took even more from the banks, but your money will be worthless. As Thomas Jefferson said of a nation with a central bank "...the banks and corporations that will grow up around them will deprive the people of all property until their children wake up homeless on the continent their Fathers conquered."


Why Bob? Why do you write such nonsense? Because I care. I care about the children of our city and state, including mine, who will know a much poorer and sadly less free world. It is for them I write these letters. So someday when our children look back and ask, "didn't anyone say anything?" someone will hopefully say, "Yeah, Bob tried to wake us up. We were too busy watching Snookie."

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Not to belittle the fact that campaign finance is embarrassing in this country but Mitt Romney has personal wealth in the 9 figures. He surely doesn't need the paltry 157k Barclays mustered up.  

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Just wait.  If he gets the nomination then he can start holding the $30k/plate dinner extravaganzas.  This list is just a down payment.

Romney's effective tax rate should be a wake up call to the folks who claim that eliminating income tax and replacing it with a national sales tax would be a boon for the rich; clearly it would not be.  Which do you think is more: 15% of Romney's "taxable income" or 20% of everything he buys?

The FairTax would fix this.


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If you consider his secretary's additional income from sexual favours that she doesn't report to the IRS, probably they are even.

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I misread the title and thought that was what this article was about. But you have a typo, 'she' should be 'he'.

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Well I reread what I wrote and I think it's right. She doesn't report the income tha she receives from him.  Maybe he also collect some from this line of business, but it is more common in politics the other way around.

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Hehe, no, his secretary is a man, man!

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I don't care what anybody says in the nomination race. The only thing that matters is that the disgusting putrid gay community is banished to hell. .

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Nah man. It wouldn't really make a difference to me if Ron Paul were gay. I just like calling shit eating politicians fags is all. Nothing against fags.

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Do you mean Buffet or Romney?  Romney's so stiff I don't think he's had a sexual favor since John Smith found those magical gold tablets.

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He surely doesn't need the paltry 157k Barclays mustered up

Yeah, but that's not the point... BARCLAY's needs it...

Now do you understand?

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of course, but the dollar sums of the top contributors are meaningless IMO. The real action is behind the scenes with lobbying and private meetings etc. 

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Fool.  Don't you know.  Rich people never risk their own money.

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Exactly JPM and Deo...

Its hard to fathom but we - society - has been taken over by a satanic cult.

Their comes a point in time when a smart person starts to think hocus-pocus like... that time has now arrived for me.

No other logical explanation is available - therefore, its time to think outside the box.

I dont want to hear about it was because of bad planning, bad votes - bad decisions, bad Presidents, bad timing- bad what fucking ever. Im done with it. Its all perverted lies and manipulations worse than we think. When are more people going to snap out of it? IF ZH is around for another 100years we would still be arguing about surface stuff and same old shit...because nothing would have changed for the better.

We are not progressing - but rather digressing.

"The individual is handicapped by coming face-to-face with a conspiracy so monstrous he cannot believe it exists." J. Edgar Hoover


The world is in the malignant grip of a satanic cult.

People recoil at the suggestion but proof stares us in the face every day.

Occult symbols, astrology time table, same sacred geometric symbols over and over and over again...and stilll we are ignorant.

Come on and expand your minds...



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That's the beauty of it all.  Being hidden in plain sight provides the perfect cover.  The dumb sheeple always say, "Well if it's some secret criminal conspiracy why would they even let us know about it?"  Because they KNOW you're an idiot!  They KNOW you can't think for yourself and build your own beliefs and ideas on TV, movies, radio, etc. ALL OF WHICH ARE CONTROLLED BY THEM!

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7 Things Poor Voters Want Rich Candidates (and Their Rich Supporters) to Know. Really good article from HuffPo:

1) "If you were born wealthy, you have not earned everything you have through "hard work." The two primary ways someone like me is likely to have the greatest shot at joining Mitt Romney's tax bracket is if I A) win the lottery or B) marry one of Mitt Romney's sons."

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The Jefferson quote you have is not from Jefferson. See

He did say, in a letter dated 1816 to John Taylor, “And I sincerely believe, with you, that banking establishments are more dangerous than standing armies; and that the principle of spending money to be paid by posterity, under the name of funding, is but swindling futurity on a large scale.”

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Mitt is a worthy foil to Obama.

Mitt is not going to become President.  

The powers that be have spoken.   

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I just read an interesting article in The American Thinker of all places about Romney being GWB 2 and the last Republican president.


I personaly think they are overly optimistic. I don't think he will make it that far. If he is the nominee Obummer will wipe him out.

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Actually, BHO is GWB^2 in so many ways, and if you aren't for Ron Paul then you're part of the 'bigger problem.'

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I agree with part two of your statement but disagree with part one. I think BHO is much worse than GWB based on the fact that BHO is making a blatant power grab and the mainstream media is quicker to cover up for him. Irregardless the are both part of theproblem.

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It's just regardless broski.

Dr. Engali's picture

Thank goodness we have grammar nazis to watch over us. 

CvlDobd's picture

It's more of a vocabulary issue.

I'm just pointing that out bc if you type that word you most likely use it in day to day operations. It makes the person sound dumb to me when I hear it spoken. It's not like I called you out on comma placement.

Just trying to help.

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My apologies. Some people are just assholes about grammar and vocabulary issues. It gets under my skin when I am trying to make a quick point and my writing standards don't meet up to somebody elses expectations.

Thanks for the correction.

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Apparently you don't understand math symbols, either.

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If it comes down to Romney v. Obumma, I will vote for Romney.  I would rather the bartender at Bobby V.'s be president, but I would vote for ANYONE over Obumma.  (sigh)  Not that my vote will matter in NY anyway...  until then Ron Paul for President! 

SeverinSlade's picture about not being an idiot and simply writing in your vote for Ron Paul?

I'd sooner chop off my own dick than vote for Mittens or Obuma.

Remember, Mittens has been presented by the financial oligarchy as the perfect solution to Obuma (despite being a carbon copy WHITE version of him) just as Obuma was the perfect solution to Dubya.

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While I believe in the right to write in RP, (and when I was younger, I probably would too) I think it is important enough to actually have a chance at beating Obumma.  Without the nomination, RP  write in would equate to Ross Perot.  The thought of 4 more years of Obumma makes me almost insane.  I preach RP to everyone that will listen, and I will join his campaign on the ground here in NY.  I have donated to his efforts.  You? 

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The "voting for the lesser of two evils" idea is EXACTLY what TPTB want.  Mittens will do the EXACT same thing as Obuma.  He will continue shred the Constitution, run massive deficits, all while doing absolutely nothing about the Federal Reserve.

If you vote for Mitt Romney on the premise that "at least he's not Obuma" you're no better than an Obuma supporter.

And yes, I have donated to every Ron Paul repeatedly.  I've also participated in his internet phone calling campaign.  I try and spread the word to everyone I get a chance to talk to.  I've already converted pretty much my entire family (all of which have been life-long Democrats and voted for Obuma in 2008) into Ron Paul supporters by explaining to them how the Constitution applies to our situation today as well as explaining all of the stuff going on in the financial markets (thank you TD and ZH) and how it all applies to our government.

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Well, I am very glad to hear that you put your time and effort behind what you preach.  So we differ on what to do with our vote in the event that our man does not get the Repub nod.  Are you familiar with the "America Elects 2012" campaign?  I thiink that is what it is called.  It is a third party ticket, born via the internet, that will be on the ballot.  If RP could get that slot in lieu of the Rpub nomination, we might have a fighting chance as a third party, but only if he is on the ballot.  In the end, I think it would probably get Obumma re-elected..

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The only question you have to ask yourself is whether or not you're going to stand and resist the evil or join it.

ZH followers and defenders of liberty are of the minority in this world.  We are fighting an uphill battle...That doesn't mean we should just lay down and give up though.

That's how I view voting for Mittens instead of writing in RP.  Like another poster said, "A vote for the lesser of two evils is STILL a vote for evil."

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There are the lesser of three evils here.

I plan on resisting all three.  I like my government secular.

Ron Paul is nothing but a Christian Reconstructionist Theocratic nutjob.  His core followers have plans for this country.

Ron Paul touts endorsement of pastor who defends death penalty for gays, delinquent children & adultery

Ron Paul's campaign welcomes the endorsement of these idiots.  They think he is one of them.  For all anyone knows, he IS one of them.  He's never definitively said anything to the contrary...though apparently he's now trying to hide that. Note that the endorsement of of the Rev. Kayser has now disappeared from Paul's website.

...however, word is getting out--


>>>Though a committed Baptist, Paul writes on his website, “My faith is a deeply private issue to me, and I don’t speak on it in great detail during my speeches because I want to avoid any appearance of exploiting it for political gain.”

Nevertheless, Paul’s support among the country’s most committed theocrats is deep and longstanding, something that’s poorly understood among those who simply see him as a libertarian. That’s why it wasn’t surprising when the Paul campaign touted the endorsement of Phil Kayser, a Nebraska pastor with an Iowa following who calls for the execution of homosexuals. Nor was it shocking to learn that Mike Heath, Paul’s Iowa state director, is a former board chairman of “Americans for Truth About Homosexuality,” which the Southern Poverty Law Center classifies as a hate group. Should Paul win the Iowa caucuses, it will actually be a triumph for a fundamentalist faction that has until now been considered a fringe even on the Christian right.<<<


>>>>Ron Paul has long been a favorite politician of Christian Reconstructionists. North was a Paul staffer during the Texas congressman’s first term and has called him the “mahatma of self-government.” As Adele Stan reported on Alternet, in 2008, Howard Phillips, a Christian Reconstructionist who founded the Constitution Party, was the keynote speaker at the rally Paul convened in the shadow of the Republican convention. (That year, Paul endorsed the Constitution Party candidate for president over John McCain.) “The people who I know who are big Ron Paul guys are old school Reconstructionists,” says Paul supporter Brian D. Nolder, the pastor of Christ the Redeemer Church in Pella, Iowa.

It might seem that Paul’s libertarianism is the very opposite of theocracy, but that’s true only if you want to impose theocracy at the federal level. In general, Christian Reconstructionists favor a radically decentralized society, with communities ruled by male religious patriarchs. Freed from the power of the Supreme Court and the federal government, they believe that local governments could adopt official religions and enforce biblical law.<<<


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Let's look at the authors of the two attack articles...shall we?

Michelle Goldberg from The Beast is married to Matt Ipcar who was Design Director for the Obama-Biden Presidential Transition Team.

Warren Throckmorton is seen as a bit of a kook by his colleagues in the psychiatric profession. Throckmorton’s work to change gays and lesbians into “ex-gays” has been discredited by the likes of the American Psychological Association.

Do you think Ron Paul supports any of these kooks these articles refer to?

Who do you support for president?

flattrader's picture

Let's look at the facts presented in the articles...shall we?

>>>Do you think Ron Paul supports any of these kooks these articles refer to?<<<

Yes.  He supports them, hires them, appears at their meetings, touts their endoresements, etc...all documented by numerous sources...including one of the primary kooks himself--Gary North

Ron Paul's Inaugural Address, Written by His First (and Only) Speechwriter

You should get to know your candidate better.

RP has hired Christian Reconsturctionists to work in his congressional office, allowed them to author his newsletters and more recently manage/run his campaign for president.

His campaign touted the endorseement of Kayser and then tried to hide it.  The second article linked below has links to a screenshot of the disappeared endorsement on his official campaign website and the text retrived via Google.

I found this myself--

Not Found

Sorry, but you are looking for something that isn't here.

So, he can scrub website and hide bhend a "libertarian" facade all he wants.  The internet has a long memory.


5 Reasons Progressives Should Treat Ron Paul with Extreme Caution -- 'Cuddly' Libertarian Has Some Very Dark Politics

Major Ron Paul Supporter Favors Death Penalty for Gays

(and adulterers)

>>>The campaign issued a press release on Wednesday, lauding Kayser and trumpeting his endorsement, citing "the enlightening statements he makes on how Ron Paul's approach to government is consistent with Christian beliefs." Then came word of Kayser's "Christian belief" in applying the death penalty for gay male sex, and the Paulites got busy scrubbing their press release from the campaign Web site. (The text of the release and a screen shot can be seen on the Web site Outside the Beltway.)<<<

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I advocate hanging, drawing and quartering of gays to be done in public and to be televised.

I support Ron Paul. Therefore Ron Paul is evil.


edit: I should say that I too am secular but that ever happening in the US is as likely as American Christians being tolerant. 

flattrader's picture

RP is a theocratic nutball.  Don't pretend otherwise.

>>>At the John Birch Society 50th anniversary gala, Ron Paul spoke to another favorite theme of the Reconstructionists and others in the religious right: that of the "remnant" left behind after evil has swept the land. (Gary North's publication is called The Remnant Review.) In a dispatch on Paul's keynote address, The New American, the publication of the John Birch Society, explained, "He claimed that the important role the JBS has played was to nurture that remnant and added, 'The remnant holds the truth together, both the religious truth and the political truth.'"<<<

That's a direct quote in bold.  He speaks their language.  He is one of them.

His religious remnant holds the "political truth" together?  What crap.

I like my government secular and want to keep it that way.

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Stop tap dancing around our request for who you support in this next election. Write a fucking name and not 16 paragraphs.

flattrader's picture

I'll write-in my candidate as none of the lesser of the three evils--the two corporate clones and the third party (soon to be) religious nutcase masquerading as a libertarian--suit me...and it's none of your business.

In the meantime, any damage I can inflict on their separate campaigns will be a pleasure.

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And, I spoke to a guy the other day that had a different take on competing PTB:  that "they" are putting up Romney as the guaranteed loser v. Obumma on a split vote over RP, but ensuring that RP is heard and achieves some swelling of his ideas.  this is the plan to allow Obumma to F things up and be present for the grand collapse so that Americans are ready and willing to vote for Rand Paul in 2016.  That it has been about Rand from the beginning.

SeverinSlade's picture

The more logical scenario is RP is being allowed to speak so when the ponzi scheme finally collapses triggering war, massive social unrest, etc. any TRUE American Patriots will be branded as terrorists and blamed for all of the problems.  I mean just take a look at that new Rainbow 6 video game.

That's the hand they're already showing.  Ron Paul gets BOOED for wanting to bring the troops home.  He gets BOOED for advocating peace.  He gets labeled as a "weak isolationist" that wants to cripple our national defense when he wants to bring the troops home to STRENGTHEN our national defense (all while cutting spending).

We are living in the Orwellian nightmare.  This isn't 2012, this is 1984.

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So you are in favor of the status quo then? Sorry, integrity means something to me.  Ron Paul, period.  I will sleep at night.