Romney Ratifies Ryan; Proscribes Pawlenty And Portman

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Mitt Romney is set to announce his choice for running mate tomorrow morning according to Bloomberg news. The wires are alive with multiple sources confirming it will be none other than Paul 'budget-bill' Ryan - which appears to be a more aggressive choice than the safer options as Rubio, Portman, and Pawlenty are all bridesmaids and not the bride. Ryan-ney? Rom-an? R-Squared? Ro-Ry?


Via NBC News:

Three different sources close to the Romney campaign indicate to NBC News that Mitt Romney will announce House Budget Committee Chairman Paul Ryan as his vice-presidential running mate at tomorrow's campaign event in Norfolk, VA.


The announcement will be in front of the U.S.S. Wisconsin -- which just happens to be Ryan's home state.

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malikai's picture

You know you would..

Don't lie.

GeezerGeek's picture

Barney Frank probably has big ones too. Nice of you to concentrate on the important stuff.

MillionDollarBoner_'s picture

Sorry...what's the important stuff again?

HardAssets's picture

"Sorry...what's the important stuff again?"

Oh, the 'important stuff' is all the promiises the lying politicians make to the voters while on the campaign trail - - - which they later break, of course.

Amazing that the sheep argue about 'their guys' lies, versus the 'other guys' lies.

Personally, IMO the demo-republicrats should run NFL cheerleaders for office. Their statements would have as much real substance as the current crowd - but at least you could stand to watch them.

"Go Tammy!"   "Missy's our choice !"

goldfish1's picture

choosing Palin gutsy?

smelled more like desperation

and more political theater

Titan Uranus's picture

Yeah, unlike styrofoam columns and promises of Nirvana.  How has that worked out so far?

Monedas's picture

Rush said it well:  "Palin was not the mistake on the Republican ticket !"   Amen !     McCain was a bad pilot, a bad POW, a bad Senator and a bad Presidential candidate !

Disenchanted's picture




"Rush said it"


Was that the hillbilly heroin talking?

toady's picture

Palin was/is insane. If McCain had just made the generic old white man pick he would have won.

Good to see Willard make a somewhat safe pick, although Ryan REALLY pissed off the AARP crowd a while back.

Hopefully Willard paid off AARP, and has Ryan's word that he won't talk about the 'ryan plan'. If not, expect a big push on how Ryan wants to 'take away my benefits '!

In fact, expect it anyway... How does Willard plan to spin it?

indygo55's picture

I thought it was gonna be Obama.

Harbanger's picture

He could have picked Obama's brother George.  You should check out his 1st interview and debut in the movie 2016.

roadlust's picture

Yeah, a guy who who has zero training or experience in Economics, never had a real job, and knows nothing about the subject other than what he "believes," is a perfect "economic policy" spokesman for the fantasyland now called the Republican Party.  "Belief" needs no formal training to master, it only requires "faith."  Facts and a grasp of numbers is unnecessary when you're an ideologue.  Like the hilarious "math" behind the religious dogma that "lowering revenues, increases revenues" attests.  Even my father-in-law is embarrassed by this guy.  Picking Ryan is not "ballsy," it's caving into the wingnuts at the Wall St Journal and National Review.  Because Romney has nothing he personally stands for other than winning the Presidency for the LDS church.  

Good luck in the general, Mitt.

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I agree with what you said. He is a "made up" conservative, built up by the media. His actions, voting for TARP for example, speak louder than his press coverage. He is a Decepti-Con, totally in the pocket of the central bankers.

I will be voting for Ron Paul.

GetZeeGold's picture



They know you won't check so they'll intercept your Ron Paul vote and change it for Obama.


If you want to give up please just commit suicide.....please use a 22 round so we don't have to clean up after you.


If Moe is good with four more years of am I. Yes we will!


GeezerGeek's picture

Use a .22? At least half of the voters from 2008 could put a .22 in one ear, have it come out the other, and be just as intelligent as before the shot. I vote for at least a .357.

GetZeeGold's picture



This board is already turning into a bloody away amigo.


GetZeeGold's picture



Turns out I didn't have too.


toady's picture

Nyuk nyuk nyuk!


Manipuflation's picture

It would be interesting to hear your ideas on why the GOP and DFL are different from each other.  Otherwise STFU.


Harbanger's picture

It would be interesting to hear what DFL means.

MalthusWasRight's picture

Democratic-Farmer-Labor...obviously you are not a Minnesotan.

sessinpo's picture

Minnesotan? Is that where they make Minestrone soup? Please excuse the rest of us on ZH that didn't realize that Minnesota was the center of the universe.

Disenchanted's picture



"center of the universe."


So where is it? Wash. DC, NYC, or the 'Square Mile' in London?

GMadScientist's picture

Ya that's true ya know. Love the cheese! Oh wait, that's Wisconsin.

What makes you better than a hold in the ground again? Something about a bunch of lakes?!


MillionDollarBoner_'s picture

"Things aren't looking so good
I'm looking California
And feeling Minnesota..."

aint no fortunate son's picture

take out the last 3 sentences and change "republican party" to "democrats" and you could've been talking about obama

knightowl77's picture

Obama and Biden never had "real jobs" and look how far they have gone....BTW he does have a degree in Econ which is more than Obumbler the disbarred lawyer

The Shootist's picture

I wanted Rand but Ryan will more than do. Better than Palin, and I like "Roman."  ;)

vast-dom's picture

how can anyone like any of this trash. actually no these people are all worse than trash. 

Lednbrass's picture

If you like a Romney/Ryan ticket it would seem that you like "Greek." ;-)

Harbanger's picture

Newsweek already declared the 1st gay Pres.

GetZeeGold's picture



They phoned the story in from Chick-fil-A.


Can't blame them.....that's some damn good chicken there.


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Romney has not much to gain and much to loose with this choice but I think it is a good principled call. NPR just did an analysis that said he would not be the pick because  his devotion to serious budget cuts could be used effectively against Romney. With this pick Romney would seem to be serious about the deficit...I still believe that it is too little too late but at least he acknowledges the severity of the problem with a Ryan pick.

JID's picture

That cracks me up.  My rule of thumb has always been to assume the opposite of the NPR opinion.

Harbanger's picture

"NPR just did an analysis that said he would not be the pick because his devotion to serious budget cuts could be used effectively against Romney."

ALERT: Picking him as VP is the opposite of NPR's opinion.  What's with all the ADD around here lately.

malikai's picture

What's with all the ADD around here lately.

Fucking Television. Kill it.

GMadScientist's picture

NPR is absolutely correct in their estimation that Ryan is a blessing and curse.

While he helps the Mormon from Mammon with his pathetic bonafides as a conservative, that move farther right can be used efectively by the blue team to scaremonger about the red team taking away those delicious food stamps.


nmewn's picture

Which is what they always do...heres another good example:

"Anthony Kusich, a spokesman for Patrick Murphy, West's Democratic challenger, emphasized that Murphy's camp "had nothing to do" with the creation of the ad, despite the fact that Murphy's father runs the PAC that released it. "

My daddy says, if you re-elect West he's gonna beat up old women and eat white elect me instead!!!

GMadScientist's picture

You should see the semaphore and smoke signal code they've worked out!

There should be an award for most vile attack ad with a little statue:

And the "Willie Horton" goes too...

nmewn's picture

lol...pretty impressive wasn't it?

Endorsed by the NAACP so it must be A-OK ;-)

sunaJ's picture

You say that Romney, in making his choice of Rand Paul, is taking budget items more seriously?  Or is it that he is appeasing a segment of his camp that he most needs based upon political calculation?  I bet the latter.  Republican Romney attempts to appeal to the most likely of his party to bolt. He will be a politician before a leader.  Don't forget the latest ideologically puzzling shifts made by Rand Paul the "libertarian."

NidStyles's picture

Rand Paul is not and never has been a Libertarian.

Moe Howard's picture

Please don't confuse the issue with facts.

GeezerGeek's picture

Please don't confuse the son with the father.

GMadScientist's picture

Name one thing either has actually accomplished that can differentiate them from each other.



NidStyles's picture

Other than different names, different parents and different physical bodies? Let's see one is a Libertarian borderline Anarchist, and the other is a Paleo-Conservative. What else needs to be explained beyond that? 

bdc63's picture

Bingo, sunaJ.

The Republican party knows they have a problem.  If you can't get the followers of Ron Paul and/or the Tea Party to vote for your republican puppet, then you lose. 

Paul Ryan will help them pull some of them in.  But, in my opinion, not enough.

And by no means does it mean that Romney has suddenly 'seen the light' ...