Is Ron Paul 2012's Black Swan?

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Courtesy of Bill Buckler of The Privateer

The Great Non Debate

For five years, the writing on the wall has been crystal clear. As 2007 began, the US Foreclosure Market Report for 2006 showed that foreclosures for the year had reached 1.2 million, an increase of 42 percent over the 2005 figure. In early February 2007, in the midst of a growing rash of bankruptcies among small US sub-prime mortgage issuers, New Century Financial announced that it was “recalculating” its “profits for the previous three quarters. New Century was one of the three biggest mortgage brokers in the US. In two days, its stock price dropped 40 percent. Six months later, President Bush was calling the now obvious collapse in the US real estate market a “blip” on the US economy. Two months after that, the stock market peaked. A year after that, in September/October 2008, the global economy froze solid and was only thawed by the biggest explosion of money creation in history. Now, here we are at the start of 2012. Nothing has changed. No positive steps have been made. The symptoms have been disguised under an avalanche of palliatives but the disease continues to eat away at the substance of the system on which it feeds. The major effort of government and “mainstream” analysts everywhere has been to avoid, deflect and actively silence any nascent discussion of the root of the problem.

The root of the problem is perfectly illustrated in the fact that since August 1971, the funded debt of the US government has risen from $US 400 Billion to $US 15,236 Billion. The severity of the problem is illustrated by the fact that with Mr Obama having yet to complete his third full year as President, he has presided over $US 4,600 Billion (or almost one-third) of that increase. The root of the problem is the abandonment of money - the final legal connection between Gold and the US Dollar was ended in August 1971. The severity of the problem is the grotesque expansion of what has taken its place.

None of this has been or is being discussed because the establishment in the US and everywhere else does not want it discussed. A REAL “black swan event” - an event that deviates by 180 degrees from what is “normally expected” - would be a political debate over root causes and basic principles. The great merit of Ron Paul - and the great service he is giving to his own and every other nation - is the fact that he is doing everything he can to raise the debate to that level. That makes Dr Paul a unique politician, a man who tells people what most of them DON’T want to hear or understand.

Or at least they don’t think they want to understand it. Dr Paul’s great and merited attractiveness to a growing number of admirers has a very simple source. He is that rarest of creatures - a FREE man. He is beholden to nobody. He has developed his ideas and his convictions over a long and fruitful life of independent thinking. He does not compromise. He homes in on the fundamental issue and principle of any political issue and serves it up without salt or other “seasoning”. He says what he means and he means what he says. He is the living embodiment of the “dream” that most Americans have long since given up on as they saw it slip further and further beyond their grasp. He is the only prominent person who is doing everything he can to turn the non-debate which masquerades as the “mainstream” in the US and global political economy into something of substance. That, far more than the presidency, is his goal.

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"He is the only prominent person who is doing everything he can to turn the non-debate which masquerades as the “mainstream” in the US and global political economy into something of substance"


dead on!

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This is the latest line of spin being pushed by the MSM: "Ron Paul adds some substance to the debate. He will move the overall conversation in the right direction."

Let it sink it a bit. What they are really doing is dismissing what he stands for in a very "pleasant" way. Ron Paul is complicit in this strategy. As he himself said this week, he doesn't envision himself in the White House.

Keep pretending slave. Keep believing in the steam vent candidate, you tool. No need to rise up and take your government back from the Barack O'Romney've got a real fighter in your corner with Ron Paul LOLOLOLOLOLOLOLOL

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I hate to say it, but I think you're right.  

So how about Buddy Roemer?

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He is that rarest of creatures - a FREE man. He is beholden to nobody. He has developed his ideas and his convictions over a long and fruitful life of independent thinking. He does not compromise. He homes in on the fundamental issue and principle of any political issue and serves it up without salt or other “seasoning”. He says what he means and he means what he says. He is the living embodiment of the “dream” that most Americans have long since given up on as they saw it slip further and further beyond their grasp.

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And what could be more dangerous to the current spate of piggish politicians, morally bankrupt bankers, and NWO architects than to have a man that (gasp) insists that the nation follows its own constitution and ... people are starting to listen!!

That is truly a black swan event worthy of putting the military on every street corner.

One saving grace in all this. God has wisely given America a man who is humble and meek as well as honest. The PTB know that if Ron Paul died of practically anything, he would become a rallying point for that part of America they fear the most - those who love their country and their freedom.

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Who will all be discounted as kooks and conspiracy theorists.  Too many examples to list.

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"First they ignore you, then they laugh at you, then they fight you, and then you win, bitchez."

-- Mohandas Karamchand Gandhi


It would apppear they're about to "fight" Ron Paul.

Bring it on, MSM Lame Ass Stream Proxy Pundits & Bitchez doing the bidding of their 6 (count them -  6 corporations own all U.S. media outlets, whether network, cable, newspaper, magazine, radio or otherwise) corporate masters who feed off the teet of the fractional reserve banking Ponzi.

Ron Paul has broken through to the rank and file of U.S. Military Members who have grown tired of being deployed 5, 10 or 15 times, slaves to the establishment, parted from their families, to fight for many interests that actually go against their own interests & those of their children, families & communities (I'm not saying that this is always the case, but I am saying it is often, and may actually be more often than not, the case), and they grow especially sickened when they see private mercs making 10 times (tax free) what they do, working for a large 'security contracting firm' that won a no-bid (of de facto no-bid) multibillion dollar 'security contract' (the new, richly paid Hessians of our times), getting better equipment, support and rewards all around than they do, as they're fed bullshit about the 'mission' they're on, which is often bred from a morally damned black hole.

'War is a Racket' by United States Marine Corps Major General Smedley Butler

The Crony Capitalistic Kleptocracy, on whose behalf nearly all wars are initiated, has ticker tape parades for veterans half blown apart on the battlefields, deem them heroes for a day in some small city or village, with a local reporter from some small town rag covering the beat, and then they toss them into the refuge pile, with some pills to dull them to their new reality, broken, muffled and without redress, for the rest of their lives, because after all, they're just grist for the immoral mill when the truth is told, and people dare to call a spade a spade.

The Greatest Speech Ever Made

*p.s. - Keep cutting out the live sat feeds of active duty soldiers, freshly back from the sandbox, speaking out emphatically in support of Ron Paul, CNN, visibly laughable parody of a 'news network' that you are.

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Damn fine post.  Geronimo would be proud.

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Just watched Town Hall on CSPAN. RP did a good job, and needs to make it clearer how he would create jobs. If it's making environment better for optimistic business development, then give examples. This needs to be clearer because so many out of work concerned they won't get unemployment benefits.

Also should talk more about getting the house and senate to work together to pass his policies. Corrupt politicians didn't vote for his bills because they served their corporate donors instead of the people. The only way to get house and senate to vote for Ron Paul's policies is for the people to push it, we have to push it. What he said at end was good, that his election sounds a powerful message.

Hasidic Jew vigourously shakes his hand, LOL.

Media flurry afterwards, great, great sign! Go Ron Paul! Thank you for representing us.

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good points about suggesting ron paul make the benefits of his economic policies more clear.  one of the most important, imo, is removing the too big to fail banks from insolvency by orderly reorganization which will bring back transparency and the reduction of (unknown) counterparty risk which is preventing an organic recovery worldwide (accounts for japan's "missing decades").

another possible point is making better known the apparently true but widely unknown fact that the president/attorney general alone can RADICALLY STOP THE FEDERAL DRUG WAR.  see this link from firedoglake, it's a mindblower.

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Ron Paul should invite Buddy Roemer & Lawrence Lessig to serve on his cabinet or somewhere in his administration.

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It's not his job to create jobs.  Can't we get past that idea?  And even without congress he can rein in the military and save us hundreds of billions.  (Unless he needs congress to undeclare the wars they never declared???)

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Ron Paul is the Grass Roots..

Purposefully (by the media) made to seem.. to be the ONLY! Hope for “We the People” AGAINST! The onslaught by the Rich!


1.     Austerity, is nothing more than another Tax Break for the Rich. It doesn’t matter if the Republicans and Democrats CONSPIRE! To shut down Government because of an imaginary Debt Ceiling or Ron Paul’s idea’s. There is no difference because the end result is the same.

2.     These Rich people who have sold the wanna be rich the idea that Starving one of the most well armed group of citizens in the World is a GREAT Idea! A Hellava Way to be able to save Tax Dollars! History is full of stories about Hungry Armed People

Now telling yourselves LIES! About how this is different than that.. because it makes YOU FEEL GOOD! Is what you have been taught to do.. by the 5th Ave. Media Machine since you were very young!


Austerity will make people hungry and thusly giver everyone the right to go Zombie Hunting! Right?

It doesn’t matter how the people are made hungry or how the language from one document to another varies! The end result is Hunger.


Ron Paul is a WET! DREAM!! COME!!! TRUE!!!! FOR THE RICH!

Why? Because the Taxes for the Rich will NEVER! Be Raised! (the Democrats Proved that already)

And the belt tightening / austerity will flow downhill like shit always does! Thusly hungry poor people with nothing to lose and the internet to find just enough erroneous information to make them dangerous! Like Blaming the Jews for doing the WASP’s bidding / dirty work and thusly being vilified!


Don’t get me wrong, anyone to blame should be hung for treason.. but dumb rednecks are not going to be able to tell the difference between Bernie Sanders (Jew) Independent and Joe Bidden ( ) thusly Good People get Blamed for what a Few Bad People have been set up to look bad for.. 400,000 Jewish Protesters! Who are trying to fight the Zionists! ( )


Jim-Bob in da woods is not going to give a rats ass about the difference.. and MOST! Of the information Provided by Google (Zionist owned) is that Jews (JOO’s) are BAD!

America is being Programmed to Hate America.. and when I say America I mean the majority of un-educated, ignorant Citizens of America are being Programmed (day and Night by Corporate Owned Media) to hate other segments and themselves. Good for Nothing! Government Assistance Receiving!! Sub 800 Credit Score Having!!! Wastes of Energy.


JW n FL's picture



Once Iran is under control and the Sweet Lite Crude Supply is as stabilized as it can be.. there will be no use for all this extra stupid. The extra stupid will have played its part and it will be time to trim the fat. There is more Energy Conservation in getting rid of American’s and other 3rd World Un-Educated Trash than there is in Matching Fund Grid Scale Green Tech.. too be sure!


But once again! All of these facts don’t make anyone feel good!

We want to be right!

We want someone else to come in and save the day.. so we can watch dancing with the stars or post here on zerohedge about how smart we are.. as compared to the sheep!


America has a population explosion going on.. America is already a 3rd World Country for the Majority of Americans! I am guessing at least some of you have read enough to understand what the plans are for 3rd World, Population Explosion, Energy Consumers are.


Let the Ignorant Poor kill each other off! That will get rid of most of the Gene Pool that is tough enough to fight! And leave the more docile, easily controlled to manage!


The Rich will step in after the Poor kill enough of the Poor! Take their guns from them.. for their own protection.. saving them from themselves in the future! Thusly being the Saviors! Doing God’s Work! Protecting the sheep from the sheep in wolves clothing that was amongst them!


FEMA Camps maybe for the trouble makers after the Great American Kill Off! They wont have guns to protect themselves.. so off to the Camps!


Thank God for Wall Street Doing God’s Work..

Privatizing Prisons!

Privatizing the Army!


Thank God for Washington DC passing Laws that make all of this Legal! You Terrorists are worth almost $100,000 dollars a Year to House! PLUS!! The Free Labor that You Terrorists will be providing! No Judge! No Jury!! And Slaves! Lifetime Sentences without the Cost of a Trail!


And for all of you that won’t work! Well let’s see how tuff you are when they water board your wife or kids! You Terrorists will work! One way or another!


And for all of you thinking the Liberal Democrats were going to save the Country! With ALL THAT HOPE AND CHANGE!! Surprise!! LULZ!


AND!! Just for shits and giggles.. lets say Ron Paul.. does MAN! UP!! And do the right thing for the People of America.


JFK came from a Billionaire Family back in then.. a Good Family, with all the right friends and ties.. and the Secret Service stood down, still! ( )


But for some reason.. if Ron Paul could get around the Votes of ALL the Congress / Senate Lobby Whores! And do the right thing.. that he would Survive the Secret Service Standing Down?


You really think he would be alive for any real amount of time? Or long enough to cause any real damage to the system?


The top 0.01% of America provide 80% of the Lobby Dollars for Washington DC. Like George Carlin said, they long ago bought and paid for everything and everyone.. and they OWN YOU!

Rob Paul can NOT! Beat Congress and the Senate.

Ron Paul wants AUSTERITY!

And if Ron Paul did for some reason start to do the right thing? Or! If Rob Paul was Helping the Majority of Americans.. the Working Class and the Poor! Ron Paul would have his brains blown out! Just Like Kennedy, Martin Luther, Malcolm X...




Now go ignore the facts and spew your feelings of grandeur’ all over each other.. until you forget about all the ugly facts I just reminded you of.. cause I have not said anything that MOST! Of you here don’t already know! Providing Hope to People is a Nobel thing.. but I am fresh out of Nobel this Year!


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Last nights debate was the first time that Paul looks presidential.

Of course Main Lame News reports his words out of context today. During the back and forth with Gingrich about serving in the war, Lame News reports Gingrich's lies about Paul, but not Paul's response.

WE NEED OTHER TV NEWS. Zero Hedge is doing a great job for us, but middle America, my wife's parents, don't get their news from the internet. Come on all you unemployed, raise money to start an accurate news station that will not be afraid to play Ron Paul's words. His response from the question in last nights debate of what he does on a regular Saturday night when he's not in a debate, 'Reading an economic textbook' was great.

bigkahuna's picture

Defeat is not an option. Everyone fights! No one quits!

erg's picture

I'd love to see a story this year where 3.5 million people have gathered in D.C. to do one thing and one thing only; shout Ron Paul, Ron Paul!

Legalize Freedom. Ron Paul 2012!

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Nice Post, it's almost as if I made it myself!  I use both of those links in my own discussions with others. 


Love the Ghandhi Quote.  Here is another one . . .


"Cultivate the part of your enemy which knows the Truth."

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R. (in) E. P. is a black swan with H5N1. 

Mensa rally(ing):

sessinpo's picture

RP is being set up as a potential face of the destruction of the Libertarian Party.

Most of us recognize there is a problem with the current system and that the system (financial and political) is going to crash). Both Republicrats and Democans want power but don't want the blame (left holding the blame).

From a conspiracy theorists point of view, a perfect situation is arising. A disasterous confrontation with Iran that leads to higher oil prices and a severe downturn in the U.S. economy and RP actually winning the Repub nomination. If he actually won the presidency, RP then has to deal with a depression with a non cooperative dem or repub congress. Libertarian party loses credibility.

I do not support RP. Ron Paul is just as hypocritical as the others. He puts pork in his bills and votes against it (after he knows it has enough votes to pass.  He supports term limits but does not lead by example). In fact I don't support anyone anymore. They are all corrupt because the system is corrupt.

The democrats govern from the left to center - the republicans govern from the right to center. In essence they both aim to govern from the center and both support big government that controls vast amounts of money (power). Who wants to take over a company (gov) to make it smaller and weaker against competitors?

mrgneiss's picture

WTF?  Ron Paul is just as hypocritical as the others?  Are you a Huff Po plant or just wallowing in the corporate media swill?  I'm going to call bullshit and need links on the "putting pork in his bills" because from what I"ve seen there is no evidence of that.

And as for term limits, you fucking retard, it is obvious he stays as a lone voice for making substantive changes to our country at personal sacrifice to himself, not just to enrich himself as most greedy others do, and if you can't see that you don't deserve your franchise.

Get a clue before you come back on here and embarrass yourself again!

DeadFred's picture

Sorry for the off topic, but can anyone say if ZH gets paided extra for click-throughs on the ads? I'd be happy to click on the Obama campaign banners just to transfer from a bad cause to a good one. I can always wash my hands afterward.

jerry_theking_lawler's picture

All I know is that most MSM will not even mention Ron Paul's name. Most polls have Paul 2nd behind Romney in NH, however, there is no coverage or dialog about Paul......they actually FEAR this that is why I am supporting him. -theking

CPL's picture

There are ads on here?

Old Poor Richard's picture

There are Rick Santorum ads on the DAILY PAUL website.  I love it!  Click 'em every time!!!!!!!!


sessinpo's picture

Your wish is my command. And after I've reamed your ass enough that even a government waste such as Amtrak can run through it, I'd advise you to educate yourself.  Cut your imbecile insults as if shows you to be the fucktard.


Unfortunately, dumbasses like you doesn't realize that I support many of RP's ideas (which aren't his own). In my opinion the sole and only role of the President is Commander and Chief. I also believe most every Federal departments are unconstitutional which is more than even Ron Paul says.

So take you pussy ass shit and educate yourself. I did a simple google search you twat.

Sean7k's picture

Wow! great source (sarc)

Ron Paul gets a part of the funding for his district that he can. That is his job. 

Would he eliminate pork if he could? Absolutely.

There is a difference between coulda and shoulda. Would you prefer a complete sellout in his office instead? 

Politics is not black and white. A minimum of sophistication understands that you look to those leaders that do the most for the people versus those that do the least. You can pick apart anyone and any subject- without exception, but who offers the best opportunity? 


Temporalist's picture

Seriously people are so fooled by the true hypocrites they don't recognize the straw men they prop up as alternative hypocrites.

The choice Ron Paul has with "earmarks" is to either give them to his constituents or give it back to the federal gov.  He has likened it to tax refunds; you paid, they make it available to you so everybody take them and is silly not to.

Also he doesn't get votes for his bills because everyone else is a DC status quo political douche machine waiting to grab more and more to dole out benefits to friends and reap rewards from it.  So he creates a bill for term limits and nobody signs it, yet they all say they "agree" there should be term limits; and then when he plays by their rules they say "well you've been in office so you must not like term limits" and the story is put out there that he's the hypocrite it's fucking ridiculous.

It goes on and on and the trolls that show up to ZH are just that, sub-human trolls that want to propagate the lies and mistruths with half-facts lacking the intent behind them and their origination.

The same goes for the civil rights act and medicare and on and on.

sessinpo's picture


While Paul requested these earmarks, he can still claim to have voted against the spending. Here’s how he defended his earmarking habit when he was challenged during a Fox News interview in 2009:


Try again.

I can keep posting links after links but you cultist will ignore the facts. That is sad because I would rather have a true libertarian in the whitehouse.

sessinpo's picture

Here is just earmarks for 2009


Well over 300 million in earmarks alone including:


(oh yea, I forgot that the Fed is supposed to be responsible for education under RP)

$26 million for Washington, D.C. “Reading is Fundamental” program

• $10 million for Boston, Mass., “Reach Out and Read” national center

• $200,000 for Bay City MEHOP to recruit nurse practitioner

• $1.748 million for University of Houston-Victoria for DNA testing and genetic diagnostic lab

• $248,942 for UTMB for employee wellness program for small businesses

• $90,000 for Victoria Chamber of Commerce for business/career-related education for youth


Speaking of education, did you know that RP is the sole sponsor of an education bill, March 8, 2011.  (Fed gov - constitutionally authorized - hmm. LOL. I laugh because this thread flared up because I called RP a hypocrate),

House Bill : H.R.954.IH

112 congress

Here is the link for you diehard RP backers (not that it will do any good):

To amend the Internal Revenue Code of 1986 to allow individuals a credit against income tax for tuition and related expenses for public and nonpublic elementary and secondary education.


My argument would be that the Fed should not be involved with education and subsidizing tuition through taxation (a real libertarian view). How about we let tuition prices decline through real competition and free markets instead of subsidizing them. How about the fact that government maintains control over its citizens through taxation to pay for school.


Transportation under RP (another department the Fed is constitutionally authorized?)

• $2.2 million for City of Bay City for improvements to electrical wiring in low and moderate income housing

• $3.6 million to construct inter-modal transit facility in Victoria

• $2 million to beautify Galveston Seawall and support Transit Access Program in Galveston

• $25,000 to install security cameras at Fox Run Apartments in Victoria (I really love for you guys to explain this one)

• $1.96 million to replace buses in and around Victoria

• $2 million to renovate transit maintenance facility in Galveston

• $5 million to reconfigure Texas Clipper training ship

Keep em coming LOL.

I was asked to present links and I did. I have provided links and numbers and so far I have only received insults (which is fine). Yet none of you have provided any links or numbers that refute what I say.


HoofHearted's picture

I'm only going to go after the one issue here that I know well, and that is your education BS.

We believe that we have had money confiscated from us for the purpose of educating children under the Federal auspices. Since our children are not getting such federal indoctrination, it only makes sense that we get refunded for that which we did not use.

Personally, I'm for ending all government education. Children were educated before government schools and before the Department of Education came along. Without the property taxes that go mostly toward paying for the local schools to babysit the progeny of the lazy dumb asses, I could buy more resources for my own children. Yes, we homeschool. And I'm a university professor so that I have the time to help teach my kids.

But, though I've argued here for the ability to stop paying for government schools, I'd also argue that there is no reason for me to get a $1000 per child refundable tax credit from the IRS each year. Yes, we go back to old school libertarianism in my neck of the woods.

sessinpo's picture

Well said in some respects. Again, my main point that no one has addressed is that all is not what you see regarding any politician, including RP. Notice I am not endorsing anyone because I am not, pure and simple. As for the BS comment - again continue with the insults as it shows YOUR nature, not mine.

Since your reply was tame and founded in some logic and reasonable, I will respond in kind and try to actually have a dialogue as opposed to throwing names around like meathead (other poster- please!!!)

We are unfortunately in a society of grab what you can. That is understandable. However, for opinion sake, I think we all know that the crap is about to hit the fan, when it is the issue as it has been for some time. It is only the last few years that more have gone to that thinking. I hate to see RP supporters be disappointed if he loses or if he wins and unable to deliver the promises. He is only one man in a corrupt system and that is one GREAT point that every single poster missed. I have also pointed out that he is not without fault which none of us are (myself included).

So I challenge you to throw out the BS statement. You can do better as you should understand that statement adds nothing to a productive discussion. BTW - congrats on homeschooling. That is commendable.

I have riled many of you up. In fact I have made you think.

whstlblwr's picture

You've made us think you're an idiot. Ron Paul talks all the time that if government sends money should be in earmarks. If voting is such a waste of time sounds like you should stay home. LOL.

JW n FL's picture



Or instead of stay home??

maybe vote with Bullets?

that would clear / clean up the field.. but quick!

watch how quick Kennedy got cleaned up or cleared off the field when the Secret Service stood down..

who needs 17 mother fuckers on a grassy knoll when the body gaurds are pulled out of the way of the shot?


Look at: the Non Verbal Communication (NVC) - the 3 (three) shrugs = asserting he is under DISTRESS!
[From US Secret Service Agent Henry J RYBKA after the Orders given by Emory P ROBERTS (US Secret Service Agent in Charge) Ordering the US Secret Service Agents to Stand Down from their Legal & Public Duty to protect the President Of The US!] - HIGH TREASON!

JFK - [the late] Dr CHARLES CRENSHAW INFORMS US OF THE FIGHT WITH US SECRET SERVICE MEN [The late Dr Earl ROSE (Pathologist at Parkland Hospital was NOT allowed to perform an Autopsy under Texas State Law)!]

JFK's body was taken from the PARKLAND Hospital to the BETHESDA Naval Hospital so it was under the Naval/Military Control of the C-in-C who was the President.

Thus LBJ [as V-P] was determined to be sworn in BEFORE the return flight back to Washington. That way he would have total control of the Assassination Committee - the notorious WARREN Commission [with his friends on the Committee]!

JFK WARNED US OF ALL OF THE ILLUMINATI ON 11-12-1963 - ON 11-22-1963. JFK was killed by inter alia LBJ & JEH [who gave the Orders - Secret Service Personnel were withdrawn just before the Presidential entourage entered the symbolic pyramid on Elm Street - the plan to assassinate him - HIGH TREASON - at the apex of the symbolic Pyramid].

Look up the important video clips by inter alia Colonel Fletcher PROUTY who sets out the precautions always taken BEFORE & DURING any and every Presidential visit.

Note the actions of Henry RYBKA [Secret Serice Agent assigned to be next to the US Presidential limousine - Vehicle Identification Number: "GG 300" (symbolic numbers)] as he shrugs his arms clearly 3 (three) times as a clear Non Verbal Communication (NVC) sign that he asserts he was under "Distress" as he was ORDERED over the radio by Emory P. ROBERTS [the Secret Service Agent-In-Charge] of the US Presidential Detail in the Secret Service back-up car to withdraw [NOW!]... [to open up the line of fire]. [For James LINES; John ROSELLI & Charles NICOLETTI].
[Look at 00:57; 1:19; 1:42 - note the choice of funeral dirge music]

He knew that things were NOT RIGHT...

James Files Confesses in JFK Assassination

Interview with [the late] Dr. Charles Crenshaw

LBJ's Mistress Blows Whistle On JFK Assassination


LBJ was very close to those in charge of the FBI [J Edgar HOOVER] and the CIA [John McCONE - John McCone 1961-1965
Kennedy exercised greater supervision, and appointed a Republican with a general engineering background. McCone, despite a lack of intelligence background, is often considered one of the most competent DCIs and excellent managers. He directed the IC during the Cuban Missile Crisis. The agency stepped up its activity in Southeast Asia under President Lyndon B. Johnson. McCone resigned from his position of DCI in April 1965, believing himself unappreciated by Johnson. McCone's final policy memorandum to Johnson argued that expansion of the war in Vietnam would arouse national and world discontent over the war before it brought down the North Vietnamese regime] - whereas LBJ of Texas was close to the MAFIA (Chicago boss, Sam GIANCANA & Tampa boss, Santa TRAFFICANTE - linked very closely to the CIA, it was under the Mafia that James FILES, John ROSELLI & Charles NICOLETTI were deployed in the professional assassination of JFK - using the method of Triangulation (firing shots from 3 different angles) - James NILES admitted that he and his 2 Mafia gunmen were involved in shooting to death the US President) the Mafia had financially supported Jo KENNEDY Senior (who had been a Boot-legger during Prohibition - they expected JFK & RFK to deliver support to lay off organised crime due to their financial support of the Democratic Campaign) when this did not materialise the Mafia feeling let down over the non support over Cuba were very angry with JFK & RFK [RFK was the brother of JFK, the Attorney General, who wanted strict enforcement against Organised Crime - under the MAFIA which was very closely linked to the CIA]...

GHW BUSH was to become head of the CIA [he was working in Dallas, Texas on November 22,1963 - a good friend of LBJ]. GHWB was to be made President Of The US.

Sean7k's picture

What part of it's his job did you not understand? 

Ron Paul functions as a congressman- that is what his job entails. As a President, Paul would have greater latitude to influence policy. Here, he can put his political and economic phiolosophy to work in a way he can't as a congressman.

Thus, when you compare candidates, you look at the type of platforms they would offer. Ron Paul's platform would clearly be different from any other candidate. If he were fulfill his promises, the American people would benefit in ways the other candidates will not provide.

There is a reason people educate themselves- so they can identify the best possible outcomes. Try it, you'll like it.

sessinpo's picture

A rule or belief governing one's personal behavior


There, I hope you like it as you say

Sean7k's picture

Governing, not dictating behavior. That is the benefit of wisdom. Don't worry, with a little luck, you might acquire some eventually.

d_senti's picture

You know, as someone who's been accused of being a mole a half dozen times on this site...I'm starting to believe that there are moles on this site. You may have just made a convert out of me mr. 'po.

I am ready an willing to believe every single thing you've posted as true. I am certain that, in his 30 years in politics, Ron Paul has sometimes done things against his own widely preached beliefs for the benefit of his constituents. And it doesn't change a single thing.

The man is not a saint, nor does any sane supporter of RP think he never engaged in politicking. It's not a good thing of course. But for you to demand ABSOLUTE ideological purity to back him is really, really stupid. Ron Paul has been consistent in his beliefs and wants to change the system. He wants to return to our founders' principles and reform the govt such that these kinds of things can't happen anymore. Name another politician (with more than just a local backing on the school board) who holds to that. Name one that even APPROACHES that.

If you expect absolute impeccability from an American politician on the national stage then you'll be waiting a long, long time, sir. Right here, right now, there is one guy, and THIS is the guy. No one else will do it; no one else has a chance to do it; no one else will even NOT make the overbearing statist system even WORSE. So it's back the guy who has been 99% consistent towards liberty, or back any other who has been 99% consistent towards tyranny.

I doubt there will be another chance before it's too late, and this is a real end-game struggle here. We need every man in the trenches. So if you're actually a libertarian, STOP working for the Statists. Otherwise shut the f*ck up and find somewhere else to troll for pay, maybe somewhere where the people are less informed.

Good day to you.

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...Unfortunately, dumbasses like you doesn't realize that I support many of RP's ideas (which aren't his own).

So they're RP's ideas... but they aren't his own? How does that work?

If you mean he didn't originate them, well, in the subject of economics and politics, how many people's ideas are 'their own'? Everyone builds on what has gone before. I'm sure even clever sessinpo's ideas came chiefly from sources outside himself.

It's called learning, meathead.

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sessinpo - well I agree with the above posters, I think you are chasing your tail and have no idea what you are talking about.  Don't they arm you paid trolls with even half decent arguments before sending you out to try and disinform the masses?

I think we all can agree that Ron Paul is not perfect, but comes closer than any candidate now or any we've had for a long time.

Trying to smear Ron Paul is like trying to smear Ghandi in a room full of popes from the middle ages........

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Well, to be fair, there WERE some great Popes in the middle ages (along with the monstrously immoral ones). And Ghandi did have that whole "sleeping naked with little girls and giving everyone enemas" thing.

But I digress, the point still stands. :)

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he's just regurgitating crap he probably absorbed from glen beck or that "truth has no agenda" garbage spewing from the Blaze.

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Do some research and look at his dealings with Red China in the State of Texas.  Ron Paul is in their back pocket, and thus that explains his insouciance in regards to Iran, which is one of Red China's proxies, the other being North Korea. 

Ron Paul is NOT who he appears to be, (to those with blinders on).

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Hello, Socket Puppet No. 590278326.

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People.........this is what happens when you go off your medication.......

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Ron Paul was talking about these issues before China was a turd in the pants of the economy. Also he's not running as a congressman again so either he's president or nothing and then what?  What big gains will they get from him?  None.  That is the worst troll argument yet you vile corrupt goon.

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If Ron Paul is a plant, then TPTB are WAY, WAY too good at their job, and have inadvertently set off a storm of anti-tyrannical movements. Plus if they're that good, then we never had a chance anyway, so it doesn't matter. Either way you should back Ron Paul.

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"I hate to say it, but I think you're right."

 While the MSM keep saying RP's "unelectable," it's only because of the relentless smear campaign of the powers that be, who are shitting in their britches over the genuine change that he represents.  And while I don't want RP to reach the White House (in which case the coming collapse would be blamed on him and surely made all the worse for this reason), I do want him to get so uncomfortably close that when the "Storm Surge" hits -- --people will have someone to turn to for genuine leadership.  

(In truth, the presidency that I want RP to assume is that of the once and future independent state of Texas, where RP will be able to use his position as a bully pulpit for the global "devolution revolution" -- -- that is implicit in that Storm Surge.)